If I don’t find you in this life, I will look for you in the next one.


One day I read someone’s article stating that in this lifetime she could not be happy with any men she had a relationship with, and that she knew perhaps he did not come to this lifetime this time to meet her. By the time I read the article I did not know the things I now know. I was not aware of the fact that we, as souls, can recognize each other with our energy. I know as a fact we all have souls that mean a world to us: an infinite love. It is not the love we feel for the rest of the souls, whom we also love very much. This is a much deeper love, so deep that it is difficult to explain with words.

Once we realize in any lifetime, that we are all connected, and our energies are capable of great things, we can see more clearly.

I have seen many people depressed and sad because they are on disturbed, unhappy, and disrespectful relationships, and they cannot understand why they are submerged into such unhealthy situations. For us who are on the other side of the line, it is counter intuitive that someone would live that way. However, for them it might be something they feel they have to live with. Perhaps, because society dictates it that way, or because they do not want to recognize they made a mistake in getting into the relationship on the first place. It is not an easy situation, and I am sure many of you have experienced it yourselves, or with friends and family.

People communicate to me that they feel as if they are paying for something bad committed in a previous lifetime, which is a very common way to see it. Subsequently, my question is always the same: “don’t you think you are just scared to let go and the right one is not there yet?”.


Relationships are tough. They are hard work requiring patience, understanding, trust, and communication. They require mutual, and unconditional love for them to succeed. The love that makes you feel there is no one else in the world you would like to be with. To find it? Well, unfortunately not everybody finds it, and some find it but let it go, or some are just scared to feel it. That love is scary, but all pays off when you have that person by your side.

Love is one of the main components of our energies. It is crucial to love ourselves and the people around us. If we do not find that love, we will definitely perish. And I do not mean if we do not find a partner. I mean a deeper kind of love. The one that makes you love everything around you and the lifetime you came to experience. If you do not find that love in this lifetime, it does not matter, because it is there waiting for you once you leave,and you will definitely feel it.lv2

Regarding children I say the same. One couple once told me that if they could not have the success of becoming parents in this lifetime, they will accept it because they knew their children were waiting for them in another lifetime. I found that to be remarkable, specially coming from patients that tried four times with in vitro fertilization.

I went to a medium reader once, named Desiree Dennis (http://www.spiritguidanceandhealing.com). It was my first time with a medium and I was not sure what to expect. She was so warm, cheerful, and wonderful; she made me feel comfortable and open. Her place is really nice, with lovely sofa-chairs where you can lay down and experience the adventure of listening to beings from the other side. It was a very good experience and I recommend people to do it someday if they have not done it. She told me the beings of my two kids were there with us. She even described what I always knew about them somehow. She described them physically, emotionally, and personally. Because she got to meet them and their personalities where exactly as I knew they were. It was a great feeling for me, especially when I have been challenged in the reproductive area myself.lv1

When I had my last fertility attempt, I decided to do the entire procedure by myself. By that I mean all the embryology procedure, of course the egg retrieval was going to be performed by another doctor (my very lovely colleague Dr. Navarro). I did trust all of my colleagues, and knew they did the best they could in my several last attempts. However, this time it was different for me, because I knew things I did not know before. It is a interesting story.

I started my stimulation protocol with hormones, and of course felt the side effects of it. Swelling, hot flushes, mood changes, well the whole package (and to note that just 30% of my patients feel those side effects, the others deny negative side effects altogether). I developed several follicles, over fifteen. It was a good number compared with the previous procedures. The day before my egg retrieval, I received a call from one of my colleagues from another clinic. He demanded me to allow him to perform the egg collection with the doctors, and promised he will leave the rest of the procedure to me once I woke up. His argument was very valid, since I had several follicles and there was a high probability they came with more blood than normal, and if they waited in the incubator for too long while I woke up, there was a high risk of not finding them at all. I accepted, and he helped me with the first part of the procedure. He is really a great person, and I will always thank him for his collaboration. The same as I appreciate the help of the other colleagues who helped during my other attempts. The procedure went well, and I woke up in perfect conditions.

After a few minutes I put on my embryologist clothing, and started getting all ready for the insemination of my eggs. It was amazing to see them there. I was seeing my own cells for the first time.


The next day I observed the fertilization of the eggs, which went well, and later in the day witnessed their first division. And I have to tell you, witnessing the event was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed in my life. They communicated to me in ways I cannot explain easily. Their personalities, their energies, their souls were the same ones Desiree described to me with so much detail, and the same ones I somehow know from somewhere. I felt I have known them for many years. The energy in that laboratory was strong and powerful.

I knew I needed to freeze them because my endometrium (part of the uterus), was not prepared to receive them yet. The response to hormones was not adequate in the endometrium. So they needed to go to sleep for a while.


I felt when they communicated me: “It will all be OK. We will see you someday, even if not in this lifetime”. Even writing this I get goose bumps. They let me know it will all be OK, whatever happens it was going to be OK. And from that moment on I felt relieved. I always felt so guilty about my infertility, and saw the amazing way I was able to make other people happy becoming parents, and I could not achieve it. I love so much what I do, and I put all my passion into it. But not being able to do it for myself has been a bit difficult and depressing at times. Today, thanks to my children who are now sleeping in the cryo-containers I feel relieved. They made me realize it was not my fault, and if I cannot meet them physically in this lifetime it will be OK, because we will meet someday, somewhere else, in another lifetime.


Again, it is not easy for me to write this. But the purpose of communicating it is that we need to learn to accept and let go. When we do our best, and work hard to achieve a goal, and if that goal does not happen the way we would like it to happen, it may be time to let go. It was not easy for me, and I am sure it will not be easy for you either. For that reason, today I am working with patients in the counseling and guiding area, because I would like them to understand every single step they are facing. I lived it and know the feeling. Fortunately, I had the best team I could possibly have. They are all in Caracas, Venezuela. People who care and feel for every patient, and do their best to guide them through the difficult procedure of having a fertility treatment.

I was there with beings who came directly from another place, another dimension. And I understood what they needed to say, and the lesson they wanted to give me. The main lesson was: “if it not in this lifetime, it will be in another one for sure”. That is my message for you too.

I would like to thank Dr. Carmen Navarro, Nayleth Arguinzones, Randolfo Medina, Luisa Sayago, Dr. Richard Melean, Dr. Dainora Dambrava, Dorca Peña, Nancy Hurtado, Alejandro Rivera, my love Victor Torrealba and his parents Victor and Lili Torrealba, and my amazing mother Lucy Alejos for their amazing collaboration throughout my last procedure.

Yogis Relax with Yoga. A great new line of arnica salves for Yoga!

Yogis together


Honestly, with the range of products available everywhere to treat so many problems, I am loving these arnica salves now. They were specially created for yoga practitioners, although can be used for any other sport or any person looking to alleviate symptoms, side effects, muscle aches, etc.

I use these creams every single day for my yoga class. I can apply it before and provides me a comforting, nice feeling during the class; also prevents me to hurt any muscles and I have found to be more flexible when use the cream rather than when I don’t use it. If I use it after the class I can spend a great day moving around and I even apply it before going to be so my muscles can relax during my sleep.

The salves come in six different fragrances, each one of them designed with a different purpose. They have been made with pure essential oils, and they are 100% organic – natural without any preservatives on them; this is very important for me as I have decided not to use any more products containing chemical preservatives as I know my skin is an organ that absorbs everything I put on.

So it is a highly recommended product for me. Yoga practitioners love it because of the many benefits they get with the regular use of the salves, and also the relaxation and aromatherapy properties excellent during meditation before or after the yoga class.

Arnica Eucalyptus-peppermint salve, Arnica almond salve, arnica mango-papaya salve, arnica coconut salve, arnica lavender-strawberry salve, and arnica chocolate salve,; all delicious and yummy!

Try one and see the difference…

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Arnica coconut yogiss2 02 yogiss2 04 yogiss2 05 yogiss2 06yogiss2 01

De qué forma me puede ayudar Fertility Online con mis problemas?


Desde que comencé a escribir este blog he recibido muchísimas preguntas de pacientes que mas que todo se han encontrado desorientadas y perdidas en cuanto a que realmente hacer con su problema de infertilidad.


Poco a poco fui recopilando las preguntas mas frecuentes y los motivos de consulta mas comunes en cuanto a las consultas que recibía vía Skype o telefónicas. Todo fue en aumento hasta que hoy día consulto a muchísimos pacientes (y no solo de fertilidad) diariamente vía Skype, llamada telefónica ó en persona. Pero que hago realmente con ellos? He diseñado un programa que tiene toda una combinación de mis conocimientos científicos como médico, embriólogo e investigadora; conocimientos energéticos con mis estudios de Reiki y sanaciones; y conocimientos de la mente gracias a mis estudios de hipnosis avanzados. Como paciente de fertilidad que fui yo misma me di cuenta que existían muchos huecos vacíos en áreas que consideraba importantes. Nadie realmente sabía guiarme hacia lo que yo realmente necesitaba, que no solo era la parte médica.


Este programa involucra toda una gama de áreas interesantes, y por eso cada día mas disfruto el realizarlo con los pacientes, porque los avances son muy alentadores. El diseño consiste en una serie de sesiones de orientación acerca del procedimiento que los pacientes van a realizarse, sesiones de Reiki y meditaciones, y de hipnosis con liberación celular para realizar modificaciones celulares por medio del uso de la mente subconsciente. Lo mejor de todo es que funciona, y los pacientes han mostrado avances enormes en sus resultados, que antes no mostraban.


Por ello los invito a visitar la sección de citas, para que vivan la experiencia y se den cuenta de la diferencia de recibir un programa completo de preparación y orientación antes, durante y luego del procedimiento. Todo esto comenzó dirigido a pacientes de fertilidad. Hoy día en mi lista de pacientes también se encuentran de otras áreas, entre ellas la mas frecuente ahora es Oncología e Hipnosis para preparaciones para parto natural. Es realmente enriquecedor poder colaborar con todas estas personas que han necesitado mi ayuda y orientación.


Si es importante enfatizar que a pesar de ser médico no ofrezco asesorías médicas ya que esto es tarea del médico tratante. Soy bastante cuidadosa de no entrar en el área médica ya que puede ser delicado dependiendo del país donde el paciente se encuentre. Por ello mi asesoría es mas de coaching avanzado en diversas alteraciones y patologías. De igual forma, créanme que funciona y la diferencia es bastante prometedora.


Decidí comenzar a escribir a mis pacientes en español también ya que tuve muchos requerimientos. Voy a mantenerlos al día tanto en este blog, como en mi instagram @lu.coleman y Twitter @lucoleman


Sean bienvenidos y tanto yo como mi equipo de [email protected] estamos a su orden para cualquier requerimiento.



Oncofertility. When is the right time to do something?



Cancer. This difficult and complicated disease that has increased its onset of presentation, having affected millions of people worldwide, and it does not discriminates between age, race, religion, sex. It is simply a disease that we all come to live with, and our genetics predispose each one of us of having it active at any moment during our life, specially when we have a family history of this disease.


Oncofertility is a field that bridges fertility with oncology in a way to provide options for cancer survivors and giving them the chance of becoming parents in the future using their own gametes. It is known that treatments for cancer (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) can destroy completely the gametes of female and males, making them impossible for them to conceive children in their future. And the number of cancer survivors has increased with the onset of new technologies for diagnose and treatment of the disease. For this reason, having an increased number of cancer survivors and their desire of become parents, oncofertility was created as a perfect alternative to preserve gametes for future use.


It is known we do have technologies to cryopreserve human gametes and tissue. They can be frozen for many years and then being used in the future with no harm or possible complications. Every year, thousands of cryopreservations are made, providing patients with the opportunity to use their gametes in the future.




In case of a severe cancer that needs to start an immediate treatment, there are options of tissue cryopreservation. This technique was not possible 10 years ago with confidence. Today, we can use this technique which has provided good results with the later re-implantation of the healthy-thawed-cancer free tissue, and viable eggs can be obtained. If we do have enough time to perform a hormonal stimulation (which requires 10-15 days of hormonal treatment) it is possible to obtain eggs. These can be frozen or embryos can be created by using the partner’s sperm. 


In case of male cancer, there are even more chances of freezing the sperm, because the process os made through masturbation. It makes it easier to be obtained and stored for future use. Always before any cancer treatment is initiated, no later.


Each person signs a consent form to declare in writing what they wish to do with their samples in the case of absence, incapacity to make decisions or death.


Because cancer does not discriminates between age, we do know more than 20% of patients fighting this disease are on their reproductive years, most of them less than 40 years old.


The main problem today is the cost of these treatments. Unfortunately they are not accessible to everyone. The techniques used are in their starting onset and most countries do not provide coverage for cost in the oncofertility field, being this one of the major disadvantages of this area.


Much more needs to be accomplished for patients to receive the right guidance and advice throughout their disease, to know exactly what the right steps are, and the fact that an impulsive response when diagnosed from cancer can alter the course of their future if they do not take the right measures before starting their treatment. Not many oncologists advice their patients about this area of oncofertility, and most of them discover, after having survived their cancer, that their fertility has been severely compromised. Most of them were not informed of the secondary effects of their cancer treatments before they underwent the procedure.




The right time to do something is immediately when the cancer has been diagnosed, not later, not even when the first treatments have started, because it might be too late.


I know this because of the increased number of patients we receive, cancer survivors, wanting to become parents using their own gametes. It has not been an easy task to inform them the fact they can not longer have their own genetic inheritance.


Oncofertility is a reality today, exists for a right purpose and it is to provide cancer patients with the hope of having their descendants safely preserved.



6 benefits of electrolyte supplements



Have you ever wonder why your body felt restless and tired with no apparent reason? Are there evident reasons  showing you signs and symptoms that your body needs hydration? Are you hangover?

There are many ways our body can show symptoms of hydration, and not all of them are shouting “Hydration please!”. Most times we don’t even notice that our body is dehydrated until the condition becomes severe.

Most diseases, medical treatments, drugs, and stress can cause an electrolyte imbalance. The symptoms related to lack of electrolytes include fatigue, lethargy, convulsions, nausea, hast or irregular heart beat, vomiting, cramps, irritability, headaches, numbness and tingling.

What are the benefits of electrolyte supplements?

  1. They can provide with the right amount of electrolytes the body is lacking of, and re-establish a balance
  2. They will prevent muscular cramps during exercise. So you can do your exercise routine knowing your electrolyte supply will prevent these
  3. They can be conveniently taken with you anywhere and it is just one single tablet away to get the positive effects
  4. Your resistance will increase with a body that feels rightly hydrated
  5. They will provide essential minerals if the body is going through a keto-diet
  6. The cost of electrolyte supplies is very low in comparison to visit the doctor with dehydration symptoms. Better to prevent, and their cost is small

If you wish to get the right amount of electrolytes CLICK HERE





The following video is courtesy of UFO Disclosure Group.

Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked by a reader of TIME magazine, “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?” This is his answer.


El gran poder de la mente sobre nuestro cuerpo


Existen historias de curaciones llamadas milagrosas. Personas que decidieron curarse de enfermedades y lo lograron. Pacientes que vencieron el miedo al fracaso y pudieron demostrar a la ciencia que no es absoluta ni totalmente lógica y demostrable como muchos piensan. Personas que han llegado a ser dueñas de sus propias decisiones, y que toman el control total y absoluto de sus organismos y de su salud. Personas que comandan a sus células que se regeneren para que logren nuevamente el estado de salud inicial, y aquellos que no se enferman porque cuidan su estilo de vida, alimentación, realizan ejercicios y nutren sus mentes de una forma diaria.


También están los enfermizos constantes, aquellos que siempre tienen algo, que no encuentran un estado de salud que se mantenga por mas de algunas semanas o meses, y que su actitud de pesimismo demuestra muchos de los motivos por los que se les hace tan difícil curarse y mantenerse saludables, consumen excesos de medicamentos y drogas, no se ejercitan, y se niegan a cultivar la relación mente-cuerpo.


Cuando este es el caso, vemos a pacientes que se encuentran constantemente bajo los cuidados médicos, bajo supervisión de especialistas que en muchas ocasiones tampoco comprenden por qué a pesar de que el paciente recibe el tratamiento adecuado no muestran mejoría, por el contrarío parecen mas enfermos.


La mente humana tiene poderes inigualables, tiene capacidades curativas enormes, y posee señales de comandos celulares capaces de regenerar tejidos, curar enfermedades, y mantener un estado de salud óptimo. El gran problema de todo esto es que no lo creemos. Pensamos que todo se resuelve con medicamentos o drogas, y no tenemos confianza en esta máquina operacional tan maravillosa que es la mente humana.


Personalmente he visto a pacientes lograr sus objetivos de curación total, así como he visto aquellos que no logran esta curación, y hasta mueren sin aceptar que pueden trabajar con su mente.


Hace unos meses me encontré con un caso muy particular de unos pacientes de fertilidad que tenían 9 años intentando concebir sin éxito. Ya habían agotado casi todas las vías posibles, habían incluso gastado todo su dinero en procedimientos costosos dentro y fuera del país, pero todo parecía imposible por cualquier vía. Decidí sentarme a conversar con ambos en un ambiente no de consultorio sino de compartir en las instalaciones informales de la clínica de fertilidad. Comenzamos a hablar acerca de sus vidas, de sus sueños, de todos los obstáculos que ellos habían pasado para llegar hasta donde se encontraban, y llegamos a un tema de que la madre de mi paciente padecía cáncer desde hace ya años. Esto había sido un tema difícil para ambos por la relación familiar tan estrecha que compartían con ella. El esposo de la paciente padecía de migrañas persistentes que no mejoraban con el uso de ningún tipo de medicamento, incluso de los mas fuertes y en grandes cantidades. Finalmente luego de conversar tomamos una decisión, de suspender todo posible tratamiento, enfocarse en mama y dedicarle tiempo, y regresar en unos meses a continuar sus evaluaciones. Su mamá murió a los días de tomar esta decisión. Ellos empacaron sus maletas y se fueron de viaje, comenzaron a practicar Yoga, a meditar, decidieron cuidar sus cuerpos y hacer ejercicios, a cambiar su alimentación. Al cabo de unos meses regresaron a la clínica diciéndome lo siguiente: “Venimos a realizarnos el procedimiento porque esta vez lo vamos a lograr, estamos preparados tanto mentalmente como físicamente”. Y lo lograron!



Su actitud ante toda esta situación, ante todo lo que les estaba sucediendo cambio radicalmente. Entendieron que todo sucede por algo, que es una reacción de causa y efecto, y que la mejor manera de enfocar las dificultades de la vida es buscando nuestras fallas y trabajar en base a ello. Comprendieron que su negatividad constante y miedos (adquiridos por médicos que ofrecían diagnósticos desesperanzadores), no les aportaban nada a su favor. Decidieron cambiar en ser mas positivos, usando Yoga y meditaciones diarias, y pudieron lograrlo, solo con su mente. Una vez que lograron esta conexión tan poderosa con la mente, comandaron a sus células en comenzar a regenerarse y trabajar para funcionar de forma saludable. Las migrañas del paciente desaparecieron por completo, y ambos poseían una energía maravillosa de positivismo y seguridad que no había visto en ellos anteriormente.


Existen programas que estudian el efecto placebo, y se ha demostrado que incluso pacientes que solo recibían el placebo han evidenciado resultados de mejorías incluso muy por encima de los que si recibían el medicamento o droga. Estos estudios se han realizado en diversas áreas médicas, y en todas han mostrado beneficios interesantes en lo que respecta al poder de la mente sobre el cuerpo.


La hipnosis es otra técnica maravillosa y mucho mas rápida para lograr efectos interesantes, ya que se logra un acceso directo hacía la mente subconsciente la cual tiene almacenados datos de suma importancia que pueden estar influyendo negativamente en nuestros organismos y nuestras reacciones emocionales. Esta técnica pasa por encima de la mente consciente que es quien se encarga de evaluar toda la información y filtrarla, pero no se necesita aprobación del consciente ya que este se deja en período de reposo mientras se trabaja con el subconsciente y desde allí se realizan los cambios necesarios una vez encontradas las raíces principales de los problemas, alteraciones, patologías, etc., que el paciente esté viviendo en ese momento.



Por esto me encuentro manejando estas técnicas de hipnosis, meditaciones, Reiki y Yoga para mis pacientes actualmente. La cantidad de personas interesadas es enorme y estoy procurando atenderlo a todos si es posible, sobre todo aquellos que están por comenzar sus procedimientos de alta complejidad. Los resultados han sido impresionantes. Y es una forma de aprender que sus propias mentes son las únicas creadoras de las situaciones que viven. Nadie mas toma esas decisiones por ustedes. Por ello pueden ser cambiadas una vez que tomen la firme decisión de hacerlo, y de buscar ayuda profesional para lograrlo.


Los programas ofrecidos en FertilityOnline (www.fertilityonline.net) son muy completos e incluyen sesiones especiales dedicadas para pacientes de fertilidad, y pacientes fuera del área de la fertilidad que se encuentran padeciendo de otras enfermedades como cáncer por ejemplo. Han sido muchos los avances en el manejo de enfermedades con la mente, y realizando estos programas los pacientes verán mejorías enormes en sus efectos secundarios a medicamentos, malestares generales, molestias, avance de las enfermedades, reincidencia, actitud, resultados, y conexión mente-cuerpo en general. Los invito a conocer las herramientas posibles para una mejor calidad de vida.





10 things patients undergoing fertility treatments should not listen to.



It is already hard to decide to undergo a fertility procedure. Long waits at the clinic, facing difficult tests, questioning your lifestyle, making assumptions of the percentage of success, giving personal details about your sex life, etc. There are so many things that we can mention here and the list is endless. However, there are recommendations I provide based on experience with other patients, and based on my own experience as a fertility doctor. There are things that you need to avoid listening to once you become a fertility patient. It is highly recommended you follow my advice.


  1. What is your diagnose? this is a very common one when patients wait at the clinic. The room is filled with patients undergoing fertility procedures, filled with doubts and questions, and a good form of validation is to listen they have been given the same diagnose or treatment as the others. Remember, every patient is different and you might not receive the same treatment as your colleague patient waiting. You can ask politely not to make comments about your fertility procedure during a conversation.


  1. In case you do not have a positive result you can always adopt: This is a very difficult one to face, especially because in most cases comes from family and friends looking to alleviate the suffering.


  1. I think you should change the clinic and go somewhere else: If a patient has already established a good relationship and communication with their doctor it will be hurtful and difficult for him/her to listen to this recommendation. This has to be a decision that just the patient should consider, not anyone else.


  1. Let’s start a group chat so we can all be in touch and follow each other’s procedure: Please do not become part of a group chat to listen to everybody’s problems, treatments and results; this will definitely interfere with your own treatment and the results might be not satisfactory after all. The same applies with reading other stories in fertility blogs.


  1. You should get pregnant now because you are having IVF: who said that undergoing IVF is 100% guaranteed you will get pregnant?



  1. If you do not get pregnant then you should not keep trying: that is again a very personal decision that needs to be made by the couple only, not suggested by any other person. Remember every case is totally different.


  1. Your medication is different than mine, perhaps one of us is not getting the right treatment: this situation is also very common. You need to remember every patient’s response to hormonal replacement is different so the dose that every patient will get.


  1. You might get cancer after all these hormones you are receiving: the only person that can explain you better the consequences and implications of your treatment is your doctor. Do not listen to others relating this or any other disease with your current treatment.


  1. I do not understand why you are going through all this, there are plenty of couples conceiving naturally and having healthy babies: Every case is different. It is a fact that infertility has been increasing worldwide, and many couples have been affected by this condition. You are one of these couples, so now you need to deal with it.


  1. I got pregnant! Well, good for them if your case was negative, better if you got pregnant too. But if you did not get pregnant please try not to get too frustrated with your result and speak to your specialist to find out what the causes might be. Remember your doctor is the best person to ask those questions to.

Talking about ironies.



I am amazed of how ironic life can be. Anything happens without a cause or reason, there is no luck. Every person that crosses your life has a meaning. Either you play a role for them or they will play a role for you. No matter of small or fleeting your interactions, there are no chance encounters in this world. Each person in your life was sent your way to teach you a lesson.


Every day I meet new people they teach me new lessons. I feel profoundly grateful for the life I have lived and for each person who has crossed my life, either to play a positive or negative role on it. I appreciate the good things and also the bad ones because they have taught me lessons I can pass on to others.


Life can be an irony itself. Because it is filled with situations that sometimes would not be possible even if we try to plan them. They just happen when they need to happen. Why? Simply because we need to live our experiences and learn from them. Because we are souls in search of life and love, the pure love that exist in that other dimension where we will go someday again, just to go back home. It is an irony we need to come into this physical dimension to feel fear, frustration, anger, lost, abandonment, hate, doubt, insecurity and envy, in order to grow. It is the way our souls learn to overcome each one of those negative feelings and fill with light and pure love. It is difficult to love someone that hurts us deeply, but we do not need to feel anything negative, instead send that person light and love to grow someday, the same as we did. Hard? Crazy hard. Ironic? Amazingly ironic. But that is this dimension’s life purpose.


Today I am not the same person I was yesterday, nor 10 years ago. I have learnt to understand situations that were really difficult to understand before. To accept myself the way I am, to feel proud for every day I can breath and live healthy. Everyday I can see the light of the day with every detail and the beautiful colors of the forest and the sea, I am grateful for hearing my love one’s voices, their voices make me so happy and give me comfort. I am happy for being able to touch the flowers and my own skin. I appreciate the company of people and I can understand their feelings and needs. I have grown so much.


People die every second and leave this world, most of them with fears and unresolved issues, with hopes to accomplish things and with the need to send love to their loved ones. I learnt to say “I love you” even if there is no need but my own need to say it. I learned to hug every person that cross my life to feel their warmth and love. To communicate with dogs in a way I feel they can do anything for us, I love dogs, and birds, and turtles, whales, hippos, and almost every animal that inhabits this planet.

 image003                                                                               Sky. Courtesy of Katiuska Arenas.


Have you ever seen the drops of rain touching the leaves when is starting to rain? They touch softly until the water starts running down harder and fills the whole leave. It is a growing process and the leaves seem to enjoy being completely filled afterwards. I feel the same way, filled with love and joy for being alive. I know I inhabit a world occupied with many negative things right now, but that is the whole purpose of my life here now, to send love and light to anyone I can possibly can, and to create new humans that come into this world with the mission of changing it with pure love and light. The new era is coming and I hope I get to see the wonderful things this new generation will create in little time.


I believe it is an irony, a beautiful irony. To the Universe I am grateful for the knowledge. To the Creators I am happy for the life chosen. To my Masters I truly believe in the complex energy and its consequences. To my Loved Ones in this lifetime I wish we can continue to meet during our next visits in future lifetimes if possible. To You the person reading me today thanks for letting me in and for having an open mind. Life is simple, it was given to us with a purpose to experience what we are experiencing right now, nothing else.

 image005                                                                          Night. Courtesy of Eduardo Hernandez Mendoza.

Go outside and see the beauty of the sun and the light surrounding you. Go outside and see the beauty of the night and the enigmas of the starts in the sky, shining all the time, and the moon making us company sometimes. Hug people, tell them how you feel about them without fear of being judged or criticized, take care of the animals and look after them as you do with yourself. Go to that place you have been wanting to go to for a long time, visit that person you have been missing for so long, call the ones who would love to hear your voice at least for a few minutes, people like to be remembered. Watch that movie you love, eat whatever you feel like today (with moderation of course), look after yourself, wear the clothes you have been reserving for that special occasion, the occasion is today with yourself. My grandmother used to save her best clothes and say: – I will save this to wear it for a special occasion. Once she died we found clothes with the labels still on. Some of those clothes never saw the special occasion. It is today, not someday in the future. Help people in need, give something from yourself to others who might need it more. Be kind and courteous, a “good morning”, “good night”, “thank you” is needed all the time. Smile!! Your smile will be contagious, and you will make others release tension and fear. And the most important thing, you can do anything you want, you can be anyone you want to be, believe in yourself and your inner power and surround yourself by love and light, that way you will attract positive things into your life and the life of your love ones. You are special.

Enjoy my pictures as they were carefully chosen. They were taken by good friends who appreciate life and nature as it is, a gift. 

 11878983_10155684996326980_7474567580621670131_o                                                                             Caracas Sunset. Courtesy of Vicente Diez. V10

Finding Love.



It sounds simple, is not.


Find true love is something most human seek to get at least once in their lifetime. Some are even obsessed about it. Some loose it, some have it and take care of it for the rest of their lives. Some have not found it yet.


Most importantly is to define what Love is. Is a feeling, a desire, and an inspiration. Love can come in many forms and with different faces. There are different types of Love. Love for the parents, for bothers and sisters, for other family members, for your own children, for what you do or what you wish to do, for your pet. Love can come in many forms. The most important kind of Love we must have is Love for ourselves. There is where everything starts to be exciting. Once you acknowledge that is the first Love you should posses things can be seeing clearly and easier.



The path of finding this type of Love can be long, can even take years to find it. Most people live a life immersed into their own pseudo-reality, knowing they are living this present into their bodies, each day going to work, eating, doing their shopping, cooking, cleaning, reading, watching TV, they can even feel passion for something. But a high percentage of human in the world lack Self-Love. The daily life of doing things and keep the mind occupied can become a time bomb ready to explode without notice. We are capable of accumulating feelings and emotions and hide them somewhere we consider to be safe, ignoring we are adding more and more ingredients for the bomb to be perfectly made. Until any given day the catastrophe happens, and we find ourselves totally lost and disoriented. That is the case of so many. The fear of seeking Self-Love makes us lazy and careless about taking control of our own lives. But the good news is there is a system to get back on track and to find the treasure of Self-Love. The only way is to get inside, to the inner root of any feeling and emotion, inside of yourself.



To go inside of yourself can be scary, and once you pack your bags and start the journey there is not turning back. The person you will find over there would be someone different, you will be compelled to accept some difficult realities about yourself, accept the fact this is who you are, learn to compromise and listen to your own inner voice inside, and some other voices coming from your spiritual guides somewhere in the universe, and to come back from the journey facing the world with other eyes. This path is very exciting, and I have witnessed some very amazing changes of people willing to take the journey.


Meditation has a huge role on this journey. It is the easiest way to get there. If I can explain myself better I would say is the strongest connection with your highest self and the universe. There are several ways to meditate, you can do it yourself or using a guided meditation to help you get deep into the place you need to go to in order to complete the journey. This place can be hard to get to, it can take minutes, hours, days, weeks, even years to get there. Once you get there and become aware of the immense power of Love you are capable of then the return will be quick and unbelievably life changing.


Once you learn to Love yourself, Love will be all around you and the law of attraction will continue the rest of the job.



Believe me the most difficult part of it is to convince yourself of taking the first step and make the journey. This journey is filled with lots of surprises and adventures, because you will see things that did not know were even there. When I hear people complaining about their feelings of loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and frustration for not finding Love, or because they found the incorrect one, or because they found and lost it, or because they found it and were afraid of it; all of those people have a common factor: they have not found their inner Self-Love. They haven’t taken the journey of inner acceptance and seeking of Self-Love to attract it into their lives. As simple as that.


My Finding Love system works marvelous. It tunes Self-Love energy with universal energy to attract positive feelings. Some people have taken it just to find themselves, and they end up even finding True Love and a compassionate, respectful, loyal and caring partner to spend their lives with. Others have broken their toxic relationships because they learnt to evolve and to respect and care for themselves. Others have changed from a sick state into a healthy one, even curing from bad diseases. I have people who got the system for a month and found true happiness. They are now happy with their lives, with their surroundings, they have found better jobs, better opportunities, they have become fighters when they once were frightened of change. But in order for the system to accomplish its wonders we need to work together. I can’t do the work myself without you. I am the mediator through your journey, but you will the one getting there, deep inside where no man has gone before you. It will be your own personal accomplishment, and it will be amazing.



Once you come back you will be another completely different person. You will give lots of Love to others, and care for the world around you. Your life overall will be distinct than the one you used to live. I have not have one person being the same after the journey.


It is also interesting to hear the experiences and evolution of the people who I have guided through that journey.


The field I work as a fertility and Human Reproduction specialist  has had great accomplishments with patients taking the Finding Love system. It has reported an increase in success rates and the recovery time after egg retrieval (which can take days) has been reduced to minutes in patients doing guided meditations and fertility Reiki and holistic therapies. I also used this system with a few Cancer patient’s and their recovery time after combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy was shorter than for patients who did not received it. They used the combined Crystal Healing Grid and Finding Love system to increase the effectiveness of their therapy.


Any person interested in trying my systems is welcomed. I used it for myself first to be able to feel and describe the experience better, and I was reluctant and skeptical at the beginning, it took me years to open myself to this new things, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.