Talking about ironies.



I am amazed of how ironic life can be. Anything happens without a cause or reason, there is no luck. Every person that crosses your life has a meaning. Either you play a role for them or they will play a role for you. No matter of small or fleeting your interactions, there are no chance encounters in this world. Each person in your life was sent your way to teach you a lesson.


Every day I meet new people they teach me new lessons. I feel profoundly grateful for the life I have lived and for each person who has crossed my life, either to play a positive or negative role on it. I appreciate the good things and also the bad ones because they have taught me lessons I can pass on to others.


Life can be an irony itself. Because it is filled with situations that sometimes would not be possible even if we try to plan them. They just happen when they need to happen. Why? Simply because we need to live our experiences and learn from them. Because we are souls in search of life and love, the pure love that exist in that other dimension where we will go someday again, just to go back home. It is an irony we need to come into this physical dimension to feel fear, frustration, anger, lost, abandonment, hate, doubt, insecurity and envy, in order to grow. It is the way our souls learn to overcome each one of those negative feelings and fill with light and pure love. It is difficult to love someone that hurts us deeply, but we do not need to feel anything negative, instead send that person light and love to grow someday, the same as we did. Hard? Crazy hard. Ironic? Amazingly ironic. But that is this dimension’s life purpose.


Today I am not the same person I was yesterday, nor 10 years ago. I have learnt to understand situations that were really difficult to understand before. To accept myself the way I am, to feel proud for every day I can breath and live healthy. Everyday I can see the light of the day with every detail and the beautiful colors of the forest and the sea, I am grateful for hearing my love one’s voices, their voices make me so happy and give me comfort. I am happy for being able to touch the flowers and my own skin. I appreciate the company of people and I can understand their feelings and needs. I have grown so much.


People die every second and leave this world, most of them with fears and unresolved issues, with hopes to accomplish things and with the need to send love to their loved ones. I learnt to say “I love you” even if there is no need but my own need to say it. I learned to hug every person that cross my life to feel their warmth and love. To communicate with dogs in a way I feel they can do anything for us, I love dogs, and birds, and turtles, whales, hippos, and almost every animal that inhabits this planet.

 image003                                                                               Sky. Courtesy of Katiuska Arenas.


Have you ever seen the drops of rain touching the leaves when is starting to rain? They touch softly until the water starts running down harder and fills the whole leave. It is a growing process and the leaves seem to enjoy being completely filled afterwards. I feel the same way, filled with love and joy for being alive. I know I inhabit a world occupied with many negative things right now, but that is the whole purpose of my life here now, to send love and light to anyone I can possibly can, and to create new humans that come into this world with the mission of changing it with pure love and light. The new era is coming and I hope I get to see the wonderful things this new generation will create in little time.


I believe it is an irony, a beautiful irony. To the Universe I am grateful for the knowledge. To the Creators I am happy for the life chosen. To my Masters I truly believe in the complex energy and its consequences. To my Loved Ones in this lifetime I wish we can continue to meet during our next visits in future lifetimes if possible. To You the person reading me today thanks for letting me in and for having an open mind. Life is simple, it was given to us with a purpose to experience what we are experiencing right now, nothing else.

 image005                                                                          Night. Courtesy of Eduardo Hernandez Mendoza.

Go outside and see the beauty of the sun and the light surrounding you. Go outside and see the beauty of the night and the enigmas of the starts in the sky, shining all the time, and the moon making us company sometimes. Hug people, tell them how you feel about them without fear of being judged or criticized, take care of the animals and look after them as you do with yourself. Go to that place you have been wanting to go to for a long time, visit that person you have been missing for so long, call the ones who would love to hear your voice at least for a few minutes, people like to be remembered. Watch that movie you love, eat whatever you feel like today (with moderation of course), look after yourself, wear the clothes you have been reserving for that special occasion, the occasion is today with yourself. My grandmother used to save her best clothes and say: – I will save this to wear it for a special occasion. Once she died we found clothes with the labels still on. Some of those clothes never saw the special occasion. It is today, not someday in the future. Help people in need, give something from yourself to others who might need it more. Be kind and courteous, a “good morning”, “good night”, “thank you” is needed all the time. Smile!! Your smile will be contagious, and you will make others release tension and fear. And the most important thing, you can do anything you want, you can be anyone you want to be, believe in yourself and your inner power and surround yourself by love and light, that way you will attract positive things into your life and the life of your love ones. You are special.

Enjoy my pictures as they were carefully chosen. They were taken by good friends who appreciate life and nature as it is, a gift. 

 11878983_10155684996326980_7474567580621670131_o                                                                             Caracas Sunset. Courtesy of Vicente Diez. V10

Finding Love.



It sounds simple, is not.


Find true love is something most human seek to get at least once in their lifetime. Some are even obsessed about it. Some loose it, some have it and take care of it for the rest of their lives. Some have not found it yet.


Most importantly is to define what Love is. Is a feeling, a desire, and an inspiration. Love can come in many forms and with different faces. There are different types of Love. Love for the parents, for bothers and sisters, for other family members, for your own children, for what you do or what you wish to do, for your pet. Love can come in many forms. The most important kind of Love we must have is Love for ourselves. There is where everything starts to be exciting. Once you acknowledge that is the first Love you should posses things can be seeing clearly and easier.



The path of finding this type of Love can be long, can even take years to find it. Most people live a life immersed into their own pseudo-reality, knowing they are living this present into their bodies, each day going to work, eating, doing their shopping, cooking, cleaning, reading, watching TV, they can even feel passion for something. But a high percentage of human in the world lack Self-Love. The daily life of doing things and keep the mind occupied can become a time bomb ready to explode without notice. We are capable of accumulating feelings and emotions and hide them somewhere we consider to be safe, ignoring we are adding more and more ingredients for the bomb to be perfectly made. Until any given day the catastrophe happens, and we find ourselves totally lost and disoriented. That is the case of so many. The fear of seeking Self-Love makes us lazy and careless about taking control of our own lives. But the good news is there is a system to get back on track and to find the treasure of Self-Love. The only way is to get inside, to the inner root of any feeling and emotion, inside of yourself.



To go inside of yourself can be scary, and once you pack your bags and start the journey there is not turning back. The person you will find over there would be someone different, you will be compelled to accept some difficult realities about yourself, accept the fact this is who you are, learn to compromise and listen to your own inner voice inside, and some other voices coming from your spiritual guides somewhere in the universe, and to come back from the journey facing the world with other eyes. This path is very exciting, and I have witnessed some very amazing changes of people willing to take the journey.


Meditation has a huge role on this journey. It is the easiest way to get there. If I can explain myself better I would say is the strongest connection with your highest self and the universe. There are several ways to meditate, you can do it yourself or using a guided meditation to help you get deep into the place you need to go to in order to complete the journey. This place can be hard to get to, it can take minutes, hours, days, weeks, even years to get there. Once you get there and become aware of the immense power of Love you are capable of then the return will be quick and unbelievably life changing.


Once you learn to Love yourself, Love will be all around you and the law of attraction will continue the rest of the job.



Believe me the most difficult part of it is to convince yourself of taking the first step and make the journey. This journey is filled with lots of surprises and adventures, because you will see things that did not know were even there. When I hear people complaining about their feelings of loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and frustration for not finding Love, or because they found the incorrect one, or because they found and lost it, or because they found it and were afraid of it; all of those people have a common factor: they have not found their inner Self-Love. They haven’t taken the journey of inner acceptance and seeking of Self-Love to attract it into their lives. As simple as that.


My Finding Love system works marvelous. It tunes Self-Love energy with universal energy to attract positive feelings. Some people have taken it just to find themselves, and they end up even finding True Love and a compassionate, respectful, loyal and caring partner to spend their lives with. Others have broken their toxic relationships because they learnt to evolve and to respect and care for themselves. Others have changed from a sick state into a healthy one, even curing from bad diseases. I have people who got the system for a month and found true happiness. They are now happy with their lives, with their surroundings, they have found better jobs, better opportunities, they have become fighters when they once were frightened of change. But in order for the system to accomplish its wonders we need to work together. I can’t do the work myself without you. I am the mediator through your journey, but you will the one getting there, deep inside where no man has gone before you. It will be your own personal accomplishment, and it will be amazing.



Once you come back you will be another completely different person. You will give lots of Love to others, and care for the world around you. Your life overall will be distinct than the one you used to live. I have not have one person being the same after the journey.


It is also interesting to hear the experiences and evolution of the people who I have guided through that journey.


The field I work as a fertility and Human Reproduction specialist  has had great accomplishments with patients taking the Finding Love system. It has reported an increase in success rates and the recovery time after egg retrieval (which can take days) has been reduced to minutes in patients doing guided meditations and fertility Reiki and holistic therapies. I also used this system with a few Cancer patient’s and their recovery time after combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy was shorter than for patients who did not received it. They used the combined Crystal Healing Grid and Finding Love system to increase the effectiveness of their therapy.


Any person interested in trying my systems is welcomed. I used it for myself first to be able to feel and describe the experience better, and I was reluctant and skeptical at the beginning, it took me years to open myself to this new things, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.



I mentioned before that hypnosis has become one of the best tools to change patient’s responses to any physical or emotional disease. It has been used for many years, and the benefits on the mind are exceptional.


After completing my hypnosis training I realized there are responses on patient’s I didn’t see before. Our success rates increased dramatically, and the recovery time after egg collection was remarkable.


The sessions I use for hypnofertility are based on a technique called Cellular Releasing®, and consist on a form of hypnosis where the roots of the problem is addressed and changed. It is based on the formal concept of our mind controlling our cells and our responses to any root of situation that affected our physical body. Using this form of hypnosis patient’s will discover many times that the real root(s) of the problem was the main cause of the infertility issue they are going through.



After finding the root using cellular release I use Cellular Command®, which is a form of complete release of the problem. It is kind of a “starting a new life” technique.


During the training it was interesting to learn that our DNA can be totally changed by our own mind, if we know exactly how to do it. And there are routes to accomplish this, however these techniques are not easy to master by ourselves. Meditation per example is one of them. Through self-meditation we can even get to do our own self-hypnosis. Yoga is a great ways to combine mind and body together, however requires lots of practice to master this control. Hypnosis is the easiest one because very quickly, and performed by a good practitioner who really knows what to do, can go directly into the person’s subconscious and guide the way to make the necessary changes.


We performed several hypnofertility sessions in our patient’s and the results showed this technique to be effective, reliable, low cost, and quick in the way to provide immediate results. The name comes from performing hypnosis sessions, directed specifically to address the fertility issues, and increasing the chances of success naturally or artificially through IVF, and providing the patient with a relaxed state during the procedures, which will make a huge difference when it comes to compare the end results.


Nothing better than “Sit, relax, and let’s change the outcomes”.


“The non-biological causes of Infertility”



To read this, I recommend you to have a look at some of my other articles, that way it will be easier to understand. I need you to have an open mind.

The article “Biological and non-biological causes of infertility” there contains explanations about all the biological causes. However, even though many patients present with biological causes, an increased majority are aware there is something else involved, and is not biological.

Once the non-biological causes are acknowledge, it will be easier to understand.
We humans are composed of matter. There is matter everywhere inside us. Matter is the connection with the physical world we live in. As we are submerged in our material or physical world there are ways to connect with the non-material world. It is possible to feel that connection with the non-physical world in several ways. Most people do not know this, or they prefer to ignore it because it makes it easier for their lives. I was one of them, one of the most skeptical of all, used to ignore there was another realm we can connect to in ways we are capable of receive Love and Light.

There are several non-biological causes of infertility, and they are related to our selfs and souls. Through them we can establish this connection with the rest of the Universe. They are difficult to understand at the beginning. It is hard to get the fact they affect us, because most times we are not even aware they are present.

We can summarise some of the reasons our selfs and souls get affected:

1. Parent issues: Issues with our parents, especially issues originated in this lifetime, will affect the balance in our lives. There should be a bond between parents and children. Parents make possible life through their need for reproduction, and souls choose them as parents before being born. It is important to feel respect and admiration for parents, as the lack of it creates frustration and feelings of abandonments. These negative feelings will affect our selfs and souls. the energy will suffer a blockage.

2. Traumas carried from another lifetimes: These are usually easy to eliminate. Today there are specialists in regressions and hypnosis. There are useful techniques to go back and resolve them. It is advisable to consult people specialised in resolving past traumas, as their removal will definitely clear the way for the person to respond better to any medical treatment.

3. Traumas generated in this lifetime: They will contaminate our selfs and souls with fears, obsessions, compulsions, doubt, difficulty to trust and several more symptoms, associated with the trauma. The energy generated by those negative feelings will affect our physical matter, and even create physical diseases.

4. Stress: It has been extensively studied, and the conclusions lead it to be one of the causes of infertility. Stress causes the body to manifest disease, any disease. Stress affects the cells in the body, the material/physical body. It causes cell malformation, abnormality, shrinkage, DNA alteration. The secondary effects can take years to manifest, and perhaps the disease will not even be linked to the stress itself. Thanks to research, is possible to understand the way stress affects our bodies. It has been given more respect and consideration for doctors’s recommendations to patients.

5. Frustration: Too many people in this physical world are frustrated. Some have felt frustration before and overcome it. Others are working to face it. This conditions makes people blind. They are not capable to see the big picture of life and the purpose, to live the experience. As I mentioned before, the life we came to live it was chosen for ourselves. If we are living a given situation is because is meant to be lived. The experience is to live it, and the purpose is to face it. Frustration can be a primordial component for anything in our bodies, the same as stress does. They can be related and present both at the same time. Frustration leads to anxiety and anger. It is necessary to work on those and the reasons related to the start of the feeling itself.

6. Anger: It is related to long term chronic diseases. Infertility can be one of them.

7. Ego: It lives inside each of us. It is the devil of our physical world. Some religions related the ego with satan itself, and its presence can cause devastation and chaos. There are several ways to work in our egos. Spiritual growth is recommended one.


Positive things to work with:

1. Consciousness: It has been studied and related to quantum fields. Unfortunately there are no scientific basis for this statement, as some scientists today are looking for ways to connect the pieces with patients with near-death experiences and no brain activity, relating details about their journeys and the experiences they had with beings from another dimensions. I have read a lot about it and know there is a line between the physical and non-physical world that might have some answers. Other respected scientists who have been studying atoms and matter for a long time, are now looking into the anti-matter and its relationship with this non-physical universe. We do not know yet. However, once something solid comes to light and lead to the conclusion of an afterlife and parallel universes with anti-matter and alien beings, it will be easier to understand the importance of combining logic with spirituality.

2. Respect for the Universe and its creations: being grateful for what we have in the present, had in the past and will have in the future. The immensity of the Universe still unmeasurable today. We have been discovering planets, solar systems, stars, which were before kind of science fiction. Today science has made possible to discover we might not be the only ones in the universe. If humans had the potential to suspect there are other beings in the universe, it might not be a matter of science fiction anymore if science makes it possible in the future.
3. Respect for our selfs: Our selfs exist because we needed to exist, in a way that our soul can connect to something inside us. It is like the cable connector from our souls present somewhere in our universe with our physical body present in the material place of the universe. It has a purpose. And the respect for that purpose and mission in life are very important. Once that connection is broken or disturbed for some reason, it will fight to establish the connection again and look for ways to show us the path again. If the message is not acknowledged the consequences can be catastrophic and affect everything in our self, because we are deviating from the purpose, from the mission in this lifetime.

4. Respect for others: As our should connect with us through our selfs, the same happens with the rest of souls, they all have a different purpose for coming into this lifetime. It is mandatory to appreciate their purpose and do not interfere with it. If we decide to interfiere that will affect their destiny and mission in this lifetime. As a consequence it will also affect us and create disturbances in the energy necessary for our cells to work properly.


Having explained this, it is important to work in our selfs and use the knowledge to respect the strange way the universe works. It might still a mystery today, but is starting to give us some explanations working with ourselves and others. Finding guidance and learning from people who achieved success of working within themselves. Non-biological causes might even be a bigger percentage of the cause of several diseases in the human body. For that, there is nothing to loose at working on a more spiritual level, rather than just focus on the biological causes and not getting the expected results.

Biological and Non-biological causes of Infertility



There is an extensive information regarding the main causes of infertility. There are biological physical causes related to our bodies and non-biological related to our energy and well-being.

Regarding to biological causes we can separate them in female and masculine causes.

The female causes are:

– Ovulation disorders: these ones can be related to hormonal disorders, which prevents the egg to be released from the follicle of the ovary. These hormonal disorders may be related to genetic predisposition, disorders in our diet, tumours, injuries. Causes of these disorders can be related to polycystic ovarian disease, hyperprolactinemia, hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism.

– Endometriosis: which is presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. This can be painful and affect the function of the ovaries.

– Fallopian tube damage or blockage: caused by pelvic inflammatory disease and damage of the cilia who are involved in the transport of the embryo from the tubes to the uterus, this can be a result of sexual transmitted diseases (most frequent Neisseria gonorrhoea and Chlamydia trachomatis), endometriosis or adhesions.

– Endometriosis: the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus can occasion anatomical damages that can produce limitation in the mobility of the cili in the fallopian tubes, also obstructions and adhesions. This can be very painful and its presence is related to infertility in 48% of patients.

– Anomalies in the cervix or uterus (or both): these anomalies might affect their shape and cause obstructions which can prevent the migration of the sperm into the uterus and alterations in the implantation of the embryo.

– Primary ovarian insufficiency: it happens when the ovaries start showing alterations on their function before the age of 40.

– Thyroid alterations: caused by problems with the thyroid hormone, hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone)or hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone), and this is caused by malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

– Medications: some medications can impair the functioning of the reproductive system.

– Immunological: this is a broad field, can be genetically related. They will cause several disturbances on the reproductive system.

– cancer treatments: most of the treatments used for cancer will affect the reproductive system. It depends on the duration and type of the treatment this can be reversible or irreversible.

– Genetics: some unexplained infertility causes can be related to genetic. Also, patients carrying mutations and deletions in certain genes may face a challenge to conceive.


The male causes of Infertility:

– Ejaculatory dysfunction: this occasion a problem for the delivery of sperm. It may be caused by trauma, surgery, medications, metabolic (diabetes) or psychologic.

– Varicocele: it is very frequent. It affects the sperm production, morphology and delivery. There are many publications relating it to the increase of temperature of the testis which occasion a damage in the area where the sperm forms and delivers. This cause a decreased number of sperm formed, morphological alterations and difficulty during delivery of the sperm because of their poor quality.

– Infections: sexual transmitted diseases or other infections.

– Overexposure to toxins and chemicals, such as pesticides, marihuana, tobacco smoke, alcohol, steroids and radiations like ionising and electromagnetic, radiologist are very exposed. Also people who work with cadmium, mercury, lead, anaesthetist gases, and exposure to heat.

– Cancer treatment: some therapies and treatments for cancer will impair the sperm quality, quantity and morphology. However, some new research have concluded that men have more change to recover their normal sperm functioning after exposure to cancer treatment, more than women.

– Immunological: some alterations in the immune system may affect the reproductive system, like the production of anti-sperm antibodies.

– Psychological: some psychologic alterations will occasions disturbances in the patient’s capability of ejaculate or even production and delivery of sperm.


Non-biological causes of infertility:

Medicine has been mostly focused on the diagnose and treatment of diseases that affect human bodies.

Infertility can have biological causes, but there are occasions I like to call “non-biological”.

There is a powerful source of energy that resides inside our physical bodies. That energy has the power of transform and provide all what is necessary to sustain life. Since we were embryos that energy (named soul/spirit) came to this physical universe to live life experiences. The energy is so powerful that gave our cells the chance to divide and grow. However, there is non-stopping clock from the moment of birth to the moment of death. It is important to live experiences, learn and grow in several ways.

The non-biological area I will explain with detail later in another article. However, I would like you to understand the fact that most of the unexplained infertility named in the biological area, it might not just be biological. There is a non-biological area worth to have a look at.

Scientists have dedicated their entire life to study this area. Some very credited professionals discovered there is something else than just look for physical causes, diagnosis or treatments. All futile in most cases.

Because of this, I have developed a system that will help the patients to prepare for their infertility procedure, during and after. Focusing on my “non-biological” infertility causes.


How to start a fertility clinic from scratch?

I am writing this article because it has been one of the common questions patients, colleagues and friends ask me frequently. How did I start a fertility business from scratch? Especially in a country where the political and financial situation is getting worse every day.

The idea came to me one day sitting with my mum on a bench just opposite my apartment in London. Everyday my mum used to wait for me to come home, with a piece of cake to share and her knitting kit to keep her entertained while waiting for me. I was working on a prestigious fertility clinic in London and needed to work long hours because of the high workload. When I arrived home it was pleasant to find mum waiting for me, looking at her was the best part of my day, she is also of the biggest loves of my life. I was usually tired and with very low energies from the amount of work and things to do every day. The lake was great, located just besides the river Thames and with lovely birds and ducks that enjoyed the casual visitor with cakes to share with them. It was relaxing just to sit there for a while, looking at the blue sky (which is not very usual in a city like London) and overlooking at the river. However, I was not very happy with my life.


I started having this crazy idea of me having my own fertility clinic, which by the time seemed almost impossible. I did not have that much money to start and I did not wanted to continue living in the UK. I wanted a change. As much as I love UK a part of me still in Venezuela, which was my home country. I lived in the UK for many years and was used to stare on the Internet looking at videos and photos to keep me updated about Venezuela.

It is a beautiful, with lots of potential. I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a group of doctors who needed my advice regarding them starting a new fertility clinic. It was exciting helping them. A nice project with lots of potential. After a few years, they decided that could not continue with the project because they were in need of someone with the knowledge in human reproduction to manage the clinic. They were busy and working in another areas.

I thought that was the opportunity for me. I asked them to give me a price and they negotiated it. I sold almost everything I owned. Got loans and even friends helped me to complete the money needed. It was crazy. Then moved to Venezuela.

One of the key elements in starting a company it is to find the right partner. I was very lucky to find it.

We started the company from scratch, with nothing more than our knowledge in the fertility field. In a country with a huge inflation rate, with lots of poverty, with a constant instability with the political situation, with increasing crime rates, and crazy prices. To fill an oil tank cost 0.5 dollars, and water cost 2 dollars. Oil is cheaper than water!

The directive of the clinic is composed of serious and capable people who really know what they are doing. The company is running on a day-to-day basis in a very smooth way. We work hard everyday to guarantee a higher chance of success to patients and we really love what we do. It is a great, familiar, friendly environment. I am very happy there.


We decided to create different areas in the clinic for research, gamete vitrification, consultations, endoscopy, and we keep growing every year. Our patients have been the biggest testimony of our success. The success of hard working people with lots of potential for improving the human reproduction’s system.

I do still work in another places around the world and do lots of travelling, but when I go to Caracas it is a pleasant experience to treat with lovely and great patients.

My dream came true, and I am thankful for that. I am also very thankful for the knowledge and experience I gained during these last years with all the fertility patients I have encountered. I am not sure if will continue doing the same work for a long time, but I am sure I am enjoying it very much. It is great to bring life and to make things possible in a country that gave me so much when I was born.

The key elements of running a fertility business are:

1. Be truthful to your customers (in this case your patients)
2. Love what you do. That way you will enjoy solving the day-to-day situations encountered in a business.
3. You need to know all the details of the company from scratch. I mean, you need to know everything, from changing the water of the incubators to fixing the most difficult parts of a microscope. That way you will know exactly what is happening in the organization.
4. Find successful, intelligent people with lots of potential to give to the company. Driven people will always impulse the business.
5. Create warmth, familiar, comfortable environment for your patients. They like to feel relaxed.
6. Don’t be greedy. You don’t need to lie to patients to get more income into your business.
7. Keep everything in order. Coordinate and manage the administration, human resources, and accounts, in a way that allows you to know how well the company is doing.
8. Pay your taxes! Avoiding them will cause you trouble in the future.
9. Be up to date with new techniques and equipment.
10. If you are lucky, find the right partners to work with. A good relationship with your partners will allow you to accomplish more things, teamwork is essential.
11. Have a good support system from family and friends. Surround yourself by positive and great people it is a good and healthy way to run a business.
12. One of the key points for a great business is to get professional people who really love what they do, instead of going to work just because they need the money.

I thank everybody who was and still being part of my many accomplishments.

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La historia de Adam (Un adelanto del libro de Adam)


Si pudiera manifestar todos los sentimientos que me producen el escribir este artículo en especial no sería posible describirlos todos porque la mayoría son realmente indescriptibles. Por lo que deseo comenzar con una historia que comenzó siendo triste y que se transformó en una de las historias mas hermosas que haya conocido.


Durante muchos años de mi vida luché arduamente para llegar a donde llegué finalmente, con mucho esfuerzo y dedicación logré realizar mis sueños de convertirme en una profesional de calidad. Los años pasaban y yo cada vez me enfocaba mas y mas en llegar a mis metas, y una vez logradas me establecía una próxima meta. Así pasaron mis años, y créanme que pasan rápido y no nos damos cuenta. El tiempo realmente volaba. Jamás sentí la necesidad de tomar el camino de ser madre o de intentar establecer una relación seria porque la verdad no creía que era posible tenerlo todo. Me parecían cuentos de hadas en los que yo soñaba y cundo veía la realidad a mi alrededor sentía que no era posible que existiera el tenerlo todo.


Sufrí realmente, y hago énfasis en la palabra “sufrir” porque es la palabra que realmente caracteriza el sentimiento que sentía cuando era engañada, usada y manipulada por personas y situaciones que en nada me favorecían. Era realmente una tras otra decepción. Incluso mis propios amigos llegaron a traicionarme en ocasiones.


Puede decirse que “aprendí a vivir” una vida fría, vacía y sin un verdadero sentido mas que el de tener la infinita gratitud de contar con una hermosa familia unida como la que tengo. Sin ellos realmente no hubiese llegado adonde he llegado.


Luego de todos estos sentimientos de tristeza y vacío vino una ventana de oportunidad que sé que de no haberla cruzado probablemente se hubiese cerrado para abrirse de otra forma, en otro lugar o en otro tiempo quizás. Victor llegó a mi vida y me enseño que el amor de pareja existe, que el respeto mutuo existe, y que la comunicación y la tolerancia son pilares fundamentales en una relación. El es mi razón de ser y mi impulso diario para seguir adelante. Y estoy segura que vinimos juntos a esta vida, nos iremos juntos, y seguiremos viniendo juntos en muchas otras vidas.


A pesar de toda esa felicidad yo tenía un serio problema de infertilidad. Siendo yo misma una especialista en medicina reproductiva fue bastante difícil el aceptar y afrontar la situación con la valentía que tuve que producir. Victor y yo pasamos por 4 intentos de in vitro de alta complejidad, sin mencionar los incontables de baja complejidad, y cada vez el panorama empeoraba. Desarrollé envejecimiento ovárico prematuro, resistencias inmunológicas, perdí ambas trompas de Falopio, presenté alergias a las hormonas usadas en las estimulaciones ováricas, y desarrollé una muy extraña forma de alergia a la hormona del embarazo. Mi caso era lo que a veces llamamos un caso perdido. Al final logramos crear 4 embriones no de muy buena calidad, ya no podía realizarme mas intentos, y necesitaría un vientre en alquiler porque mi condición podía convertirse en un embarazo de muy alto riesgo.


Todo eso sucedía en mi vida y yo seguí adelante, no me rendí ni tampoco me dejé vencer por la tristeza porque el tener a Victor en mi vida era realmente suficiente para ser feliz. Y Victor me enseño que existen otros tipos de amor que, aunque jamás compensen el vacío del amor de ser padres, pueden aliviar las tristezas y vacíos. Recuerdo cuando Victor me dijo un día: “Quizás en otra vida fuimos muy pobres y vivíamos en la India y teníamos 7 hijos y juramos que en la próxima vida nos quedaríamos solos”. Sus ocurrencias realmente me hacían reír.


Por años aprendimos a vivir solos y a procurar llenar ese vacío evidente con mucho amor. A eso nos dedicamos. El amor fue siempre un componente primordial en nuestras vidas, y yo decidí trabajar menos y dedicarle mas tiempo a mi relación personal conmigo misma y con Victor. Decidí emprender un viaje muy largo de auto-conocimiento y búsqueda de mi propia identidad que tanto sufrió durante años por tantas tempestades, y mi viaje comenzó un día en que me propuse no terminarlo hasta sentirme totalmente satisfecha de que ya me había encontrado, que había evolucionado mucho mas como ser humano, y que aprendería a respetar la vida y a la Madre Naturaleza con todo lo que implica vivir una vida como un Ser de Luz.



Durante mi viaje conocí a seres maravillosos, vi lugares increíbles llenos de mucho amor y paz, sentí cosas que nunca antes había sentido y ni siquiera sabía que existían, me llené de paz, de amor, de entendimiento, y aprendí que las cosas materiales jamás llenan lo que verdaderamente se necesita para crecer como ser humano, que el ego es nuestro enemigo con el que nacemos para recordarnos que venimos con una misión en la vida, y que nuestra mente es el comandante supremo de todo lo que sucede en nuestro organismo. Realicé mis certificaciones de Reiki, de Yoga y de Hipnosis, con la plena confianza de que ese era el camino correcto a seguir, y lo fue. El nivel de crecimiento fue enorme.


En el mes de Enero 2016 comencé a sufrir de un problema estomacal que terminó siendo ocasionado por la vesícula biliar. Requerí de muchos exámenes y evaluaciones, incluyendo valoraciones de Rx que tomaban horas; al final el diagnóstico de la medicina moderna indicó que necesitaba operarme y removerme la vesícula. Sin embargo, mi ser interno decidió auto-curarse usando Reiki y técnicas de Yoga. En días maravillosamente todos los síntomas se esfumaron, y dentro de mi estaban sucediendo eventos maravillosos que mas tarde me mostrarían que la Madre Naturaleza es sabia y sabe exactamente como trabajar sin la interferencia de nadie ni de nada.


En dos meses llegaría a descubrir que dentro de mi se gestaba un maravilloso Ser de Luz que decidió venir a este mundo gracias a la genialidad de mi cuerpo humano (la historia es mas extendida en la versión del libro de Adam-próximo en salir). Cuando por primera vez descubrí que dentro de mi se creaba un Ser tan perfecto y con la meticulosidad genética que requiere, mis conocimientos de la ciencia y de la medicina moderna siguieron cayendo en picada ya que, era científica y médicamente imposible que esto sucediera y de la forma en que sucedió.


Durante las 41 semanas y media de mi embarazo no necesité medicamentos, ni hormonas, ni vitaminas, absolutamente nada. Mi alimentación fue perfecta sin ningún tipo de deseos de comidas procesadas o grasosas. Siempre me alimenté muy bien, me mantenía haciendo ejercicios (corría, Yoga, natación, pilates). No dejé de trabajar ni de mantenerme activa y Adam crecía fuerte y sano cada día mas. Decidí olvidarme de mitos, ni dejar de escuchar a cualquier persona que me dijera que debía cuidarme porque algo podría sucederme. Me alejé de todo lo negativo y me rodeaba de personas positivas y que apoyaran todas mis actividades. Mi mama (mi pilar mas fundamental en mi vida) se mantuvo conmigo en cada paso de mi viaje y me aseguraba que todo iba a salir bien cuando, en ocasiones, me asustaba un poco por todo lo que estaba viviendo. De alguna manera me parecía mentira el ser tan feliz y haber logrado un embarazo sano y que nada malo sucediera. Ella me hizo ver que yo me merecía eso y mucho mas aún.


Adam nació muy sano, es un hermoso bebe feliz, activo, y con los sentimientos mas nobles que haya conocido en un ser tan pequeño y tan nuevo en el mundo.


Quiero compartir este pedacito de mi historia para todas aquellas mujeres que estén viviendo momentos difíciles en sus vidas y que sientan que todo está perdido. No todo está perdido, siempre hay una forma de lograrlo, pero la forma no es fácil y el camino puede tornarse difícil y complejo, pero por eso es el camino correcto, porque es complejo y difícil. Cada una de ustedes puede lograrlo, hay formas y personas en su camino que pueden ayudarlas si realmente confían. Entiendan que si creen en su ser interior, en su inagotable fuente de energía y en su mente que es capaz de crear y destruir, van a lograr lo que tanto desean. Esta es una larga historia en mi vida que he querido condensar para mostrarles que esa Luz al final del túnel es maravillosa y que estos seres de Luz que están viniendo al mundo vienen cargados con puro amor y vienen con una misión que impactará nuestras vidas.


El es Adam Lucas, el amor mas grande que he tenido en mi vida, aún cuando pensaba que el amor hacia mi familia, mi mama, mi esposo Victor, mis amigos era suficiente. Este es un amor como ningún otro, y todas tenemos el derecho de vivirlo.



How to talk to your fertility specialist?


Once you acknowledge something is not working properly in the fertility area, it is advisable to find a fertility specialist. This way you will get a proper guidance and the next steps to diagnose the possible causes.

The first important thing to do is to select the right fertility specialist. This is not easy as many specialists are available, most of them with impressive curriculums and studies, however once you get to know them it might be disappointing to find out they are not the person you were looking for. Others are very difficult to get appointments with, because they are so good that the waiting list is very long. It seems like a matter of luck to find the right one. I make emphasis in this because the relationship you establish with your specialist needs to be based in trust, otherwise you will not get the expected results.

Once you select the right fertility specialist, then comes the appointment. Most fertility clinics have a nice warm environment to promote relaxation and tranquility to patients.

If possible try to write notes with the questions you would like to ask. The meeting with the infertility specialist might be overwhelming and condensed with lot of information that will make you leave with even more questions. If you make notes it will be possible to address the previous questions before getting any new information that will result in even more questions accumulated.

Ask all your questions to your specialist.

While there, evaluate how you are feeling with that person, with the clinical team and the environment. It is important you feel confident, secure and safe with the medical team. Even better if you have references from other patients. They can be a rich source of information.

If the clinic offers counseling and guidance try to get it. This way you will get orientated with questions your specialist might not address.

It is important to tell your doctor everything relevant to your infertility, even things you might consider not to be important like the number of partners you have had, and the use of contraceptives. If someone else in the family had problems to conceive, or if someone had problems with the pregnancy.


Try to go with your partner. Four ears will be better than two. He might have more questions. Give him/her the time to ask them properly. Communication between both of you is important to make the best decision based in the final result. Both of you will be tested, and you will have the time to discuss the results together and with the specialist. Try not to be too anxious or stressed.

The fertility specialist should treat your case with respect and consideration. Remember, you made the decision to see a fertility specialist to get help with a problem, not to find another problem. Your doctor should treat you with respect and understanding. After all, you are doing your best to get the best results.Your feelings are important.

Once the diagnosis is made it is necessary to do everything exactly as the doctor says. Do not compare your case with other patients, as every case is different. What you have been given it might not be the same for another patient. And your results will not be the same. Internet can be a rich source of information and guidance, but also a “time bomb”, because the information might be misinterpreted and misunderstood. You might end up comparing yourself with another different case and feel anxious because you are not having the same treatment. Every case is different and might not be treated the same way like others.


Feel confident with your medical team. They are there to help and to make you feel comfortable while the treatment is been made.

Keep asking all the necessary questions. You need to undergo the treatment knowing what is happening and what the next steps will be and why. This way you will be involved and collaborate more with the process. Also the anxiety and doubts will decrease once you know what is happening, why is happening, what are the measures taken to correct it, and the expected results. Better if you do not ask for probabilities as they vary very much from patient to patient, remember every case is different.

Your fertility doctor will be there for you to guide you through the whole process. Trust him/her but most importantly trust yourself. You need to feel deep inside that your relationship with the doctor and team is comfortable. If not, then look for another place, because the results will not be good.

Remember, you are the patient looking for help. The help needs to come from someone you feel compromised with your case and respectful with your feelings. You are looking for a good result, and is necessary to do the best possible to get it.


Thanks for the knowledge and Thanks for letting me see into your cells.


“When I see into the stars, it gets easier for me to understand most of the answers still out there, in the universe around us”.

I wake up everyday early in the morning, drink a large glass of water, watch some news, run for 10 minutes, get my breakfast, and head on to the clinic. I get there, get changed with clean clothes and it takes me around 5 minutes to get ready; I need to be as clean as possible. I do not wear a watch so do not need to be concerned about the time. Once I am ready, with my hair and shoes covered, and clean hands and face, I start my favorite part of the day: to go inside my embryology laboratory.

To be part of that, the place where amazing things happen, it makes me feel grateful for the opportunity of being there.

It was hard work though. Several years on the medical school, several years specializing in human reproduction, long working hours at fertility clinics in several places around the world, many hours of studying and reading new advances and research. Although I have not been a researcher publisher myself, it has been a pleasure to read new developments and achievements in the reproductive field. Everyone takes different paths. Mine was something else. To have spent long hours inside the embryology laboratories amazed by the perfection of life. I mean any life.

My mother has told me I used to be the curious one. Always admiring at things not many people were admired by. I loved nature, the sky and stars. I loved spending long hours contemplating at the night sky with my brothers. We used to ask ourselves how would it be to go out there, into the universe?.

What I did not know is that I was going to have part of the universe with me inside a laboratory where life starts at its most delicate and subtle way. When I see the embryos, which I like to call my embryos, I see the universe in its own expression of beauty and delicacy. It is possible to feel the enormous amount of energy located in one single place. The single expression of another universe we are not allowed to see while in the physical universe. I would like you to see that.

For those reasons, that is my favorite part of the day, to be inside that place.

When embryos are present they allowed me to see their beauty and perfection. Even when they are not that pretty, they look really pretty to me. We have a very strong connection and they let me appreciate their life, even for a single moment. My respect for them is huge. They deserve it. I know the place where they came from it must be pleasant and unique. For them to make the decision to come to this physical world, where they might suffer, feel pain, diseases, rejection, sadness; it is a hard and admirable decision. For that, I admire them. However, when I look into their future parents, and all the joy and happiness they will bring into their lives, I feel comforted. I know they will definitely be loved. Patients undergoing these treatments do so because they really want to have a child, and most of them will love them infinitely.


Today a lovely couple told me: “when we take our embryos after the embryo transfer, we would like you to know they are also yours” I told them: “yes, I know they are also mine. I was the first person they trusted”. I had them with me, and that is a huge responsibility. The universe allowed me to accomplish that, and do so with my almost utterly respect and gratitude.

I appreciate every moment of my day. I see them come and leave. I see them coming into this world for the first time, and also see some of them leaving back to that place in the universe where they came from. I do not know where, but it must be incredible. Because when they leave they are all right, even if they were in this physical universe for minutes, hours or days.

Thanks for letting me see, and thanks for allowing me to be part of it. For that I will always be grateful.

La gran conexión entre el stress y la infertilidad.


Diariamente en nuestra consulta de medicina reproductiva nos encontramos con pacientes que se encuentran con un grado de stress enorme con tan sólo acudir a la consulta por problemas de infertilidad. La tasa de infertilidad a nivel mundial sigue en aumento, así como la tasa de abortos.


El stress ha sido diagnosticado como una enfermedad, y por ende interfiere con el área reproductiva ocasionando alteraciones en nuestro funcionamiento normal del organismo. Uno de los motivos de esto es la disminución de progesterona, veamos que sucede.


La progesterona es una hormona esencial durante la gestación del bebé, y es una hormona esencial para poder embarazarse y mantener el embarazo. La progesterona alimenta al útero para su preparación antes de la implantación del embrión, y se mantiene preparando al útero durante el embarazo. Pero un stress constante ocasionará un descenso de los niveles de progesterona en nuestro organismo y con ello todas las alteraciones.



Cuando las mujeres nos encontramos en una situación de stress nuestras glándulas adrenales van a producir mas cortisol y adrenalina. Pero para producir cortisol es necesario que la glándula use progesterona. Esto ocasiona que la progesterona sea usada para producir adrenalina durante el stress, y no para lo que debería usarse que es para mantener el embarazo.


Las glándulas adrenales no pueden producir cortisol sin usar progesterona. Por ello, cualquier situación de stress ocasionará este uso de progesterona y disminución en sus niveles, consecuentemente habrá alteraciones en todo el sistema que debería estar implicado en la preparación del útero para el embarazo.


Cada vez que estemos en situaciones de stress debemos pensar que estamos consumiendo progesterona para producir el cortisol. De igual forma existirá un desbalance en la producción de estrógeno y testosterona que son hormonas relacionadas con la progesterona. Algunas mujeres usan suplementos de progesterona para ayudar con los síntomas que se producen cuando ésta se encuentra en bajos niveles (calores, dolores menstruales, insomnio, cambios de humor, malestar general, etc). Pero la mejor forma es disminuir los niveles de stress, de esta forma nuestras glándulas adrenales trabajarán de forma correcta, produciendo las cantidades normales de hormonas.




Si eres una paciente que se encuentra buscando concebir un bebé o ya en tratamiento para lograrlo, es necesario que converses con tu médico acerca de tu estado general de tranquilidad ó de stress. De esta forma es posible realizar una conexión entre los niveles hormonales medidos periódicamente durante el ciclo hormonal y comprender las razones por las que probablemente dichas hormonas se encuentren alteradas.


Las hormonas que se miden durante el ciclo son FHS, LH, estradiol y progesterona. Estas nos van a indicar acerca de la reserva ovárica de la paciente, su respuesta hormonal durante el ciclo, y cualquier anormalidad en el mismo. La función adrenal es determinada de igual forma con mediciones hormonales de cortisol, insulina y DHEA. Si estas hormonas se encuentran elevadas esto es una señal de que el organismo se encuentra expuesto a situaciones de stress.


Los niveles elevados de cortisol también incrementan la insulina, la cual está asociada con obesidad, diabetes, presión arterial elevada y enfermedad cardíaca.


El proceso de curación comienza por decidir restaurar la función normal del organismo. Cuando nuestras glándulas adrenales trabajan de forma armoniosa y saludable es posible que hayamos logrado controlar nuestras emociones y el stress diario, y por lo tanto nos encontremos mas cerca de nuestra meta final de ser padres.