Biological and Non-biological causes of Infertility



There is an extensive information regarding the main causes of infertility. There are biological physical causes related to our bodies and non-biological related to our energy and well-being.

Regarding to biological causes we can separate them in female and masculine causes.

The female causes are:

– Ovulation disorders: these ones can be related to hormonal disorders, which prevents the egg to be released from the follicle of the ovary. These hormonal disorders may be related to genetic predisposition, disorders in our diet, tumours, injuries. Causes of these disorders can be related to polycystic ovarian disease, hyperprolactinemia, hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism.

– Endometriosis: which is presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. This can be painful and affect the function of the ovaries.

– Fallopian tube damage or blockage: caused by pelvic inflammatory disease and damage of the cilia who are involved in the transport of the embryo from the tubes to the uterus, this can be a result of sexual transmitted diseases (most frequent Neisseria gonorrhoea and Chlamydia trachomatis), endometriosis or adhesions.

– Endometriosis: the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus can occasion anatomical damages that can produce limitation in the mobility of the cili in the fallopian tubes, also obstructions and adhesions. This can be very painful and its presence is related to infertility in 48% of patients.

– Anomalies in the cervix or uterus (or both): these anomalies might affect their shape and cause obstructions which can prevent the migration of the sperm into the uterus and alterations in the implantation of the embryo.

– Primary ovarian insufficiency: it happens when the ovaries start showing alterations on their function before the age of 40.

– Thyroid alterations: caused by problems with the thyroid hormone, hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone)or hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone), and this is caused by malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

– Medications: some medications can impair the functioning of the reproductive system.

– Immunological: this is a broad field, can be genetically related. They will cause several disturbances on the reproductive system.

– cancer treatments: most of the treatments used for cancer will affect the reproductive system. It depends on the duration and type of the treatment this can be reversible or irreversible.

– Genetics: some unexplained infertility causes can be related to genetic. Also, patients carrying mutations and deletions in certain genes may face a challenge to conceive.


The male causes of Infertility:

– Ejaculatory dysfunction: this occasion a problem for the delivery of sperm. It may be caused by trauma, surgery, medications, metabolic (diabetes) or psychologic.

– Varicocele: it is very frequent. It affects the sperm production, morphology and delivery. There are many publications relating it to the increase of temperature of the testis which occasion a damage in the area where the sperm forms and delivers. This cause a decreased number of sperm formed, morphological alterations and difficulty during delivery of the sperm because of their poor quality.

– Infections: sexual transmitted diseases or other infections.

– Overexposure to toxins and chemicals, such as pesticides, marihuana, tobacco smoke, alcohol, steroids and radiations like ionising and electromagnetic, radiologist are very exposed. Also people who work with cadmium, mercury, lead, anaesthetist gases, and exposure to heat.

– Cancer treatment: some therapies and treatments for cancer will impair the sperm quality, quantity and morphology. However, some new research have concluded that men have more change to recover their normal sperm functioning after exposure to cancer treatment, more than women.

– Immunological: some alterations in the immune system may affect the reproductive system, like the production of anti-sperm antibodies.

– Psychological: some psychologic alterations will occasions disturbances in the patient’s capability of ejaculate or even production and delivery of sperm.


Non-biological causes of infertility:

Medicine has been mostly focused on the diagnose and treatment of diseases that affect human bodies.

Infertility can have biological causes, but there are occasions I like to call “non-biological”.

There is a powerful source of energy that resides inside our physical bodies. That energy has the power of transform and provide all what is necessary to sustain life. Since we were embryos that energy (named soul/spirit) came to this physical universe to live life experiences. The energy is so powerful that gave our cells the chance to divide and grow. However, there is non-stopping clock from the moment of birth to the moment of death. It is important to live experiences, learn and grow in several ways.

The non-biological area I will explain with detail later in another article. However, I would like you to understand the fact that most of the unexplained infertility named in the biological area, it might not just be biological. There is a non-biological area worth to have a look at.

Scientists have dedicated their entire life to study this area. Some very credited professionals discovered there is something else than just look for physical causes, diagnosis or treatments. All futile in most cases.

Because of this, I have developed a system that will help the patients to prepare for their infertility procedure, during and after. Focusing on my “non-biological” infertility causes.


Finding Love.



It sounds simple, is not.


Find true love is something most human seek to get at least once in their lifetime. Some are even obsessed about it. Some loose it, some have it and take care of it for the rest of their lives. Some have not found it yet.


Most importantly is to define what Love is. Is a feeling, a desire, and an inspiration. Love can come in many forms and with different faces. There are different types of Love. Love for the parents, for bothers and sisters, for other family members, for your own children, for what you do or what you wish to do, for your pet. Love can come in many forms. The most important kind of Love we must have is Love for ourselves. There is where everything starts to be exciting. Once you acknowledge that is the first Love you should posses things can be seeing clearly and easier.



The path of finding this type of Love can be long, can even take years to find it. Most people live a life immersed into their own pseudo-reality, knowing they are living this present into their bodies, each day going to work, eating, doing their shopping, cooking, cleaning, reading, watching TV, they can even feel passion for something. But a high percentage of human in the world lack Self-Love. The daily life of doing things and keep the mind occupied can become a time bomb ready to explode without notice. We are capable of accumulating feelings and emotions and hide them somewhere we consider to be safe, ignoring we are adding more and more ingredients for the bomb to be perfectly made. Until any given day the catastrophe happens, and we find ourselves totally lost and disoriented. That is the case of so many. The fear of seeking Self-Love makes us lazy and careless about taking control of our own lives. But the good news is there is a system to get back on track and to find the treasure of Self-Love. The only way is to get inside, to the inner root of any feeling and emotion, inside of yourself.



To go inside of yourself can be scary, and once you pack your bags and start the journey there is not turning back. The person you will find over there would be someone different, you will be compelled to accept some difficult realities about yourself, accept the fact this is who you are, learn to compromise and listen to your own inner voice inside, and some other voices coming from your spiritual guides somewhere in the universe, and to come back from the journey facing the world with other eyes. This path is very exciting, and I have witnessed some very amazing changes of people willing to take the journey.


Meditation has a huge role on this journey. It is the easiest way to get there. If I can explain myself better I would say is the strongest connection with your highest self and the universe. There are several ways to meditate, you can do it yourself or using a guided meditation to help you get deep into the place you need to go to in order to complete the journey. This place can be hard to get to, it can take minutes, hours, days, weeks, even years to get there. Once you get there and become aware of the immense power of Love you are capable of then the return will be quick and unbelievably life changing.


Once you learn to Love yourself, Love will be all around you and the law of attraction will continue the rest of the job.



Believe me the most difficult part of it is to convince yourself of taking the first step and make the journey. This journey is filled with lots of surprises and adventures, because you will see things that did not know were even there. When I hear people complaining about their feelings of loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and frustration for not finding Love, or because they found the incorrect one, or because they found and lost it, or because they found it and were afraid of it; all of those people have a common factor: they have not found their inner Self-Love. They haven’t taken the journey of inner acceptance and seeking of Self-Love to attract it into their lives. As simple as that.


My Finding Love system works marvelous. It tunes Self-Love energy with universal energy to attract positive feelings. Some people have taken it just to find themselves, and they end up even finding True Love and a compassionate, respectful, loyal and caring partner to spend their lives with. Others have broken their toxic relationships because they learnt to evolve and to respect and care for themselves. Others have changed from a sick state into a healthy one, even curing from bad diseases. I have people who got the system for a month and found true happiness. They are now happy with their lives, with their surroundings, they have found better jobs, better opportunities, they have become fighters when they once were frightened of change. But in order for the system to accomplish its wonders we need to work together. I can’t do the work myself without you. I am the mediator through your journey, but you will the one getting there, deep inside where no man has gone before you. It will be your own personal accomplishment, and it will be amazing.



Once you come back you will be another completely different person. You will give lots of Love to others, and care for the world around you. Your life overall will be distinct than the one you used to live. I have not have one person being the same after the journey.


It is also interesting to hear the experiences and evolution of the people who I have guided through that journey.


The field I work as a fertility and Human Reproduction specialist  has had great accomplishments with patients taking the Finding Love system. It has reported an increase in success rates and the recovery time after egg retrieval (which can take days) has been reduced to minutes in patients doing guided meditations and fertility Reiki and holistic therapies. I also used this system with a few Cancer patient’s and their recovery time after combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy was shorter than for patients who did not received it. They used the combined Crystal Healing Grid and Finding Love system to increase the effectiveness of their therapy.


Any person interested in trying my systems is welcomed. I used it for myself first to be able to feel and describe the experience better, and I was reluctant and skeptical at the beginning, it took me years to open myself to this new things, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

6 benefits of electrolyte supplements



Have you ever wonder why your body felt restless and tired with no apparent reason? Are there evident reasons  showing you signs and symptoms that your body needs hydration? Are you hangover?

There are many ways our body can show symptoms of hydration, and not all of them are shouting “Hydration please!”. Most times we don’t even notice that our body is dehydrated until the condition becomes severe.

Most diseases, medical treatments, drugs, and stress can cause an electrolyte imbalance. The symptoms related to lack of electrolytes include fatigue, lethargy, convulsions, nausea, hast or irregular heart beat, vomiting, cramps, irritability, headaches, numbness and tingling.

What are the benefits of electrolyte supplements?

  1. They can provide with the right amount of electrolytes the body is lacking of, and re-establish a balance
  2. They will prevent muscular cramps during exercise. So you can do your exercise routine knowing your electrolyte supply will prevent these
  3. They can be conveniently taken with you anywhere and it is just one single tablet away to get the positive effects
  4. Your resistance will increase with a body that feels rightly hydrated
  5. They will provide essential minerals if the body is going through a keto-diet
  6. The cost of electrolyte supplies is very low in comparison to visit the doctor with dehydration symptoms. Better to prevent, and their cost is small

If you wish to get the right amount of electrolytes CLICK HERE




Fertility Spa.

It will be the ultimate, luxurious relaxing experience.


As a fertility specialist I always though there was a gap in the field for patient’s wellbeing. I used to treat patients that underwent fertility procedures and asked me if there was a range of products dedicated to anxiety, stress-management and to help them prepare for the procedure, during the procedure and even after the procedure was performed. I decided to look for alternatives and none of them seemed to work well with the intention we had, which was offering the patient relaxation and wellbeing.

There is no need to buy expensive products with claims of increasing the chances of success, or to undergo stressful therapies for getting miraculous results.

The patient’s needs are specific and vary with each step of their fertility procedure. It is different a patient who is just coming to the clinic for consultation than one already being prepared for a procedure, and one that finished the procedure. The anxiety levels are different and their needs also are.


When patients come to the clinic they seem to have many questions waiting for the right answers. If they do not get the answers they wish, their anxiety and stress levels rocket. And 99% of patients feel the same way.

There are several interesting articles published online and serious magazines regarding this topic. Web MD says: “While doctors may not know the exact links between stress and fertility, a series of studies shows the impact is hard to ignore”. Also Human Reproduction’s magazine has good articles like this one: The impact of lifestyle factors on reproductive performance in the general population and those undergoing infertility treatment. It’s conclusion is: “Physiological stress may reduce female reproductive performance in various ways. Given that infertility and assisted reproductive techniques treatments are associated with stress, determination of whether stress contributes to or is a consequence of infertility and assisted reproductive techniques is problematic”. Also “decreased conception was associated with women who reported being most stressed”. In the journal Fertility and Sterility there is an interesting article: Infertility-related stress in men and women predicts treatment outcome 1 year later; it’s conclusions: “ Fertility problem stress was associated with a poorer treatment outcome in women and men”.image007


According to Web MD “body massage therapy may hold a key to reduce infertility stress”. This is also supported by an article in the Journal of Neuroscience: Cortisol decreases and serotonin and dopamine increase following massage therapy. There is also an interesting article about this in Massage therapy aids fertility treatments.

Being a fertility patient myself, I decided to test this technique of relaxation when I had my last fertility treatment (I’ve had several and reported poor outcomes). I designed my own oils and creams and had professional massages with my products several weeks before the fertility treatment, during and even after. I also combined this with a good nutrition and exercise. The results were astonishing.image003

Some patients decided to test my home made organic products and they showed a difference in their outcome. I chose patients who reported being anxious and stressed during their first attempt. This way I could compare the results before and after. There was a definitive improvement. Of course I am not claiming these products will definitely give you success in your fertility treatment, but you will feel more relaxed and calm for sure.


As requested by patients and infertility specialist colleagues I will launch Fertility Spa. The brand will have a range of natural based products dedicated to every specific needs prior, during and after the fertility procedure.

The products will contain Arnica, Lavender, Chamomile, Roses, Cinnamon, and Peppermint, with Argan, Olive, Coconut and essential oils. Every product will perform a role in every each step of the procedure.

The products will be available soon. I am intending to make them available for everyone out there in need of relaxation and stress-reducing tension. I am sure they will enhance your wellbeing and the results will improve. Your body will feel calmer and balanced, and will definitely be grateful for the feeling.image005

The products can also be used for non-fertility patients, as they will be very natural and contribute with several problems. Their properties will be described for each.

Stay tuned to participate in the brand opening!


Bibliography (in order of appearance):

1. Web MD:
2. The impact of lifestyle factors on reproductive performance in the general population and those undergoing infertility treatment. Human Reproduction. Volume 3, issue 3.
3. Infertility-related stress in men and women predicts treatment outcome 1 year later. Fertility and Sterility, 2005, Jun; 83(6).
4. Cortisol decreases and serotonin and dopamine increase following massage therapy. Int. Journal of Neuroscience, 2005 Oct; 115 (10).

Es muy necesario nutrir nuestro espíritu para poder mantenerse sano.


Hace unos años mi vida se encontraba inmersa en un mundo donde la prioridad era el hacer dinero y trabajar en función al éxito. Todo parecía ir de maravilla ya que afortunadamente pude lograr todo lo que me propuse. Sin embargo, vivía una vida que de hecho se sentía vacía e incompleta. Siempre sentía que faltaba algo, y por supuesto cuando esos vacíos se presentan es cuando uno busca llenarlos con mas cosas materiales que traen mucha mas insatisfacción y vacío.


Es una larga historia que puedo resumir diciendo que culminó el día que realmente tomé la decisión de trabajar en función a mi sanidad mental y espiritual (a pesar de no haber sido jamás una persona espiritual). Esa conexión se fue estableciendo poco a poco luego de muchas investigaciones y búsquedas. Finalmente llegué a donde realmente necesitaba llegar que era el convertirme en una profesora certificada de Yoga. Ha sido uno de los caminos mas enriquecedores de mi vida, y realmente la ha cambiado por completo, en un giro de 180 grados.


Es importante mencionar que casi siempre me encontraba enferma, sin energías. Era de las personas que todos los años esperaba la famosa gripe anual, y el famoso malestar de indigestión por alguna comida al menos una vez a la semana. Siempre anticipaba eventos relacionados con mi salud porque mi cuerpo estaba constantemente agotado por el ritmo de vida que llevaba. Comía en horas desordenadas y el tipo de alimentos que consumía era terrible.



Cuando comencé a practicar yoga todo fue cambiando radicalmente sin siquiera darme cuenta. Esa conexión mente-cuerpo que la práctica diaria de esta técnica te ofrece es invaluable, te hace darte cuenta de que tu cuerpo es un templo que debes cuidar y mantener porque es el único vehículo con el que cuentas en esta vida para evolucionar, aprender y cumplir cualquiera que sea la misión que viniste a cumplir. El solo hecho de darte cuenta de esto es un enorme avance. Te hace quererte realmente y cuidarte desde tu alimentación hasta tu ritmo de vida y la práctica frecuente de ejercicios. La práctica de yoga para mi es una forma diaria de mantenerme nutriendo mi espíritu y eleva mi sistema de defensa contra enfermedades al punto que no se lo que es una gripe en muchísimo tiempo, me siento perfecta y mis células tienen la capacidad de regenerarse solas sin necesidad de medicamentos. Me siento sana.


Esta conexión espiritual con nuestra mente y cuerpo es vital para mantener un estado de salud óptimo. Es parte de mi sistema diario de trabajo y de mis recomendaciones para pacientes. Comenzamos con un cambio de estilo de vida autónomo, no dirigido ni obligatorio. Cuando esta conexión se establece realmente desde dentro es cuando la voluntad de hacerlo esta vigente y a flor de piel para realmente hacerlo con consciencia.




432 Hz tuning as a pleasant experience in fertility.

image001Today I was invited by my good friend Melanie Harrell to an event called Crystal bowl meditation…flight 432 with Daniel Brower. It was a great experience. I enjoyed every single moment from the lovely store named Body, Mind and Soul, to the great opportunity to spend time with very nice and interesting people.
I was curious to hear the sound of singing silica bowls tuned on that specific frequency. These days is not frequent to be able to hear it, although it has become increasingly popular.

Let me tell you why do I think 432 Hz tuning is important for this blog and why has it got relevance with fertility. We need to have a look at some of its history first. And is important to know that today, all of the music we hear is played using 440 Hz tune.


Several international scientists, researchers and musicians have found that archaic Egyptian instruments were tuned to 432 Hz, even Ancient Greeks and Tibetan monks. This musical tuning can be found throughout several religions and cultures of the ancient world. However, it has been said that around 1885 it was decided that 440 Hz had to be the standard tuning. Musicians like Giuseppe Verdi were against the decision, but they were not successful with their attempts to maintain the same 432 Hz tune, even when it reported positive effects such a better audience response and increase in performance level. Some even still argue that the change was caused by Nazi propaganda made by minister Joseph Goebbels. Although this is a interesting theory, the true reason of the change it has not been fully explained yet.


432 Hz unites you with universal harmony. Is connected to the numbers used in the construction of several ancient works and sacred places, like the pyramids in Egypt. It is also softer, bright and nicer to the ears. 432 Hz is based in nature and generates healthy effects among listeners. It brings natural harmony and balance of the 3rd dimension, and connects you with a higher consciousness. The pure and clean energy of 432 Hz removes mental block and opens a way to a more fulfilling life. It has been said that ancients used this tune because is closely related to the universe around us.



Playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432 Hz would make your body resonate in a natural way. It would fill you with a sense of peace and wellbeing. On the contrary, music tuned to 440 Hz is disharmonic, as a consequence does harm causing stress, negative behavior and unstable emotions.


In my own experience today, listening to this bowls, delicately tuned to 432 Hz by Daniel, gave me a pleasant sensation of complete peace and relaxation. I could enjoy the state of having absolutely nothing inside of my mind bothering me, and giving me stress. My mind had the chance to be completely blank. I really enjoyed it, and my body definitely did. I suffer from constants headaches almost daily, and sometimes the day to day stress of several patients and clinics make my stomach to misbehave against me, which ends in bad stomach pains and difficulty to digest any meal. Today my body is really healthy, happy and balanced. I have the feeling it will be like this for a long time now.



As a fertility specialist, and spiritual guide to my patients I always recommend to relax, and let your bodies rest in harmony. Today I just discovered there is a very good way of doing it. I find it interesting that we can meditate, relax and heal at the same time. Daniel has a list of recorded sounds for several diseases and problems, fertility issues among them. His music is pleasant, and Daniel himself is a lovely humble person. 


This was a great opportunity for me to also establish some kind of communication with my highest self, and to get more messages from those beings that are about to come to earth to become humans. I am asking Daniel to help me find the right tune for the embryos when they are inside the laboratory. That way we can play it to them while they are dividing and placed into culture media. It would be interesting to see the results.


Thanks again to Melanie for such a lovely invitation. Thanks to Daniel for his dedication to music. And thanks to the staff of Body, Mind and Soul for they great attention and care.


Daniel’s email: [email protected]




How to start a fertility clinic from scratch?

I am writing this article because it has been one of the common questions patients, colleagues and friends ask me frequently. How did I start a fertility business from scratch? Especially in a country where the political and financial situation is getting worse every day.

The idea came to me one day sitting with my mum on a bench just opposite my apartment in London. Everyday my mum used to wait for me to come home, with a piece of cake to share and her knitting kit to keep her entertained while waiting for me. I was working on a prestigious fertility clinic in London and needed to work long hours because of the high workload. When I arrived home it was pleasant to find mum waiting for me, looking at her was the best part of my day, she is also of the biggest loves of my life. I was usually tired and with very low energies from the amount of work and things to do every day. The lake was great, located just besides the river Thames and with lovely birds and ducks that enjoyed the casual visitor with cakes to share with them. It was relaxing just to sit there for a while, looking at the blue sky (which is not very usual in a city like London) and overlooking at the river. However, I was not very happy with my life.


I started having this crazy idea of me having my own fertility clinic, which by the time seemed almost impossible. I did not have that much money to start and I did not wanted to continue living in the UK. I wanted a change. As much as I love UK a part of me still in Venezuela, which was my home country. I lived in the UK for many years and was used to stare on the Internet looking at videos and photos to keep me updated about Venezuela.

It is a beautiful, with lots of potential. I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a group of doctors who needed my advice regarding them starting a new fertility clinic. It was exciting helping them. A nice project with lots of potential. After a few years, they decided that could not continue with the project because they were in need of someone with the knowledge in human reproduction to manage the clinic. They were busy and working in another areas.

I thought that was the opportunity for me. I asked them to give me a price and they negotiated it. I sold almost everything I owned. Got loans and even friends helped me to complete the money needed. It was crazy. Then moved to Venezuela.

One of the key elements in starting a company it is to find the right partner. I was very lucky to find it.

We started the company from scratch, with nothing more than our knowledge in the fertility field. In a country with a huge inflation rate, with lots of poverty, with a constant instability with the political situation, with increasing crime rates, and crazy prices. To fill an oil tank cost 0.5 dollars, and water cost 2 dollars. Oil is cheaper than water!

The directive of the clinic is composed of serious and capable people who really know what they are doing. The company is running on a day-to-day basis in a very smooth way. We work hard everyday to guarantee a higher chance of success to patients and we really love what we do. It is a great, familiar, friendly environment. I am very happy there.


We decided to create different areas in the clinic for research, gamete vitrification, consultations, endoscopy, and we keep growing every year. Our patients have been the biggest testimony of our success. The success of hard working people with lots of potential for improving the human reproduction’s system.

I do still work in another places around the world and do lots of travelling, but when I go to Caracas it is a pleasant experience to treat with lovely and great patients.

My dream came true, and I am thankful for that. I am also very thankful for the knowledge and experience I gained during these last years with all the fertility patients I have encountered. I am not sure if will continue doing the same work for a long time, but I am sure I am enjoying it very much. It is great to bring life and to make things possible in a country that gave me so much when I was born.

The key elements of running a fertility business are:

1. Be truthful to your customers (in this case your patients)
2. Love what you do. That way you will enjoy solving the day-to-day situations encountered in a business.
3. You need to know all the details of the company from scratch. I mean, you need to know everything, from changing the water of the incubators to fixing the most difficult parts of a microscope. That way you will know exactly what is happening in the organization.
4. Find successful, intelligent people with lots of potential to give to the company. Driven people will always impulse the business.
5. Create warmth, familiar, comfortable environment for your patients. They like to feel relaxed.
6. Don’t be greedy. You don’t need to lie to patients to get more income into your business.
7. Keep everything in order. Coordinate and manage the administration, human resources, and accounts, in a way that allows you to know how well the company is doing.
8. Pay your taxes! Avoiding them will cause you trouble in the future.
9. Be up to date with new techniques and equipment.
10. If you are lucky, find the right partners to work with. A good relationship with your partners will allow you to accomplish more things, teamwork is essential.
11. Have a good support system from family and friends. Surround yourself by positive and great people it is a good and healthy way to run a business.
12. One of the key points for a great business is to get professional people who really love what they do, instead of going to work just because they need the money.

I thank everybody who was and still being part of my many accomplishments.

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The grey unknown area of quantum physics, and my theory.




For the last couple of years I have developed this interesting theory. Many of you might think is a very improbable theory, and perhaps that it might not make good sense in terms of science and objectivity as for some it might be going deep into philosophy. However, my theory I am sure it will be demonstrated in a few years. I know this fact because science, technology, and knowledge still guiding people to study and become more interested in quantum physics.

Quantum physics is a very difficult field for many. Some others prefer to avoid the many conundrums involved in the study of this field; because of the many complexities and incoherent results they might get with their experiments.

Many more geniuses minds keep coming into this physical life, most of them with decisions to keep some of the capacities to remember their inmense knowledge they had acquired in another dimensions where we all come from.




If we just focus on the scientific, objective, pragmatic version of this, it is kind of a grey area that today quantum physicists are facing, but still looking for paths to prove it in a way that makes it more believable. We do not find many well-known scientists starting a conference with: “Well, accepting the fact that we all live in a physical dimension, and that we all come from another dimension, that by the way we still do not know much about, then we can explain our findings easier” – I am sure many people will leave the room in surprise.

Quantum physics is demonstrating there is the possibility that one molecule can travel faster than light speed and be in two places at almost the same time, phenomena called quantum entanglement. This phenomenon allows particles that were once together to remain in instant, almost magical, communication with each other, being separated by huge distances (like in opposite sides of the universe).




Gravitational fields moves anything that has a mass, and electric or magnetic fields move electrically charged or magnetic particles such as the ions. According to Maxwell electricity and magnetism are the same (EM fields). Einstein’s equation (E=MC2) with energy on one side and mass on the other, demonstrated that mass and energy are interchangeable. What if with this equation in mind we extrapolate matter as a physical being composed of molecules and cells, and energy as the deep level of energy that can travel from any place in the universe, any dimension, through different holes created into the different layers of dimensions (quantum tunneling), using black holes (as vehicles) to get to the place where the molecules (physical matter) are located. I know it sounds complex; however that is my theory. I think there are micro-black holes in certain places that allow energy beings with consciousness to travel everywhere in the universe to posses the physical body they chose to have. In a few more hundred years humans will discover this amazing phenomena, and I hope they believe what they discover is the path of higher consciousness. Electromagnetism can become a good tool in this case.

Life appears to have one foot in the classical world of everyday objects and the other planted in the strange and peculiar depths of the quantum world. Life lives on the quantum edge. My theory, as unbelievable as it might sound today should be explored.



Resources: Life on the edge. Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjose McFadden.

How to do research about infertility issues? (For patients)


You are sitting there in front of the computer, trying to understand all the gibberish written there regarding possible causes of infertility, male causes, female causes, so many medical terms, it is so difficult to read. Although getting online is easier than trying to read it in a book, because books seemed to be dedicated to fertility experts no patients.


For some time you have been trying to get information about the reasons you and your partner are having problems to conceive, and nobody knows exactly what is happening. Some of your friends and family recommend you to see a doctor, but you prefer to wait and make your own research about the subject. For sure is something fixable, perhaps you are not doing something right. There are so many theories going inside your head now, and this infertility name sounds too complicated.


You either talk to your partner or not, but the doubt still inside of your head, and at night is very hard to sleep with so many questions going around.


The best thing to do in this case is to calm down first. Look for literature dedicated to patients, go online and do your research in blogs that are written from doctors dedicated to patients. Please avoid questionable sources of information like websites that are not endorsed by fertility specialists, magazines written by speculative people, or blogs with stories about other’s patients stories because those will definitely be confusing. Remember every patient is different, every fertility case is completely unique.


If you get too overwhelmed with information, and the fertility issue remains please make an appointment with a fertility specialist. There you will get all the needed information.


It is advisable to do your research together with your partner, both need to be integrated into the situation to find the best solution.