How to start a fertility clinic from scratch?

I am writing this article because it has been one of the common questions patients, colleagues and friends ask me frequently. How did I start a fertility business from scratch? Especially in a country where the political and financial situation is getting worse every day.

The idea came to me one day sitting with my mum on a bench just opposite my apartment in London. Everyday my mum used to wait for me to come home, with a piece of cake to share and her knitting kit to keep her entertained while waiting for me. I was working on a prestigious fertility clinic in London and needed to work long hours because of the high workload. When I arrived home it was pleasant to find mum waiting for me, looking at her was the best part of my day, she is also of the biggest loves of my life. I was usually tired and with very low energies from the amount of work and things to do every day. The lake was great, located just besides the river Thames and with lovely birds and ducks that enjoyed the casual visitor with cakes to share with them. It was relaxing just to sit there for a while, looking at the blue sky (which is not very usual in a city like London) and overlooking at the river. However, I was not very happy with my life.


I started having this crazy idea of me having my own fertility clinic, which by the time seemed almost impossible. I did not have that much money to start and I did not wanted to continue living in the UK. I wanted a change. As much as I love UK a part of me still in Venezuela, which was my home country. I lived in the UK for many years and was used to stare on the Internet looking at videos and photos to keep me updated about Venezuela.

It is a beautiful, with lots of potential. I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a group of doctors who needed my advice regarding them starting a new fertility clinic. It was exciting helping them. A nice project with lots of potential. After a few years, they decided that could not continue with the project because they were in need of someone with the knowledge in human reproduction to manage the clinic. They were busy and working in another areas.

I thought that was the opportunity for me. I asked them to give me a price and they negotiated it. I sold almost everything I owned. Got loans and even friends helped me to complete the money needed. It was crazy. Then moved to Venezuela.

One of the key elements in starting a company it is to find the right partner. I was very lucky to find it.

We started the company from scratch, with nothing more than our knowledge in the fertility field. In a country with a huge inflation rate, with lots of poverty, with a constant instability with the political situation, with increasing crime rates, and crazy prices. To fill an oil tank cost 0.5 dollars, and water cost 2 dollars. Oil is cheaper than water!

The directive of the clinic is composed of serious and capable people who really know what they are doing. The company is running on a day-to-day basis in a very smooth way. We work hard everyday to guarantee a higher chance of success to patients and we really love what we do. It is a great, familiar, friendly environment. I am very happy there.


We decided to create different areas in the clinic for research, gamete vitrification, consultations, endoscopy, and we keep growing every year. Our patients have been the biggest testimony of our success. The success of hard working people with lots of potential for improving the human reproduction’s system.

I do still work in another places around the world and do lots of travelling, but when I go to Caracas it is a pleasant experience to treat with lovely and great patients.

My dream came true, and I am thankful for that. I am also very thankful for the knowledge and experience I gained during these last years with all the fertility patients I have encountered. I am not sure if will continue doing the same work for a long time, but I am sure I am enjoying it very much. It is great to bring life and to make things possible in a country that gave me so much when I was born.

The key elements of running a fertility business are:

1. Be truthful to your customers (in this case your patients)
2. Love what you do. That way you will enjoy solving the day-to-day situations encountered in a business.
3. You need to know all the details of the company from scratch. I mean, you need to know everything, from changing the water of the incubators to fixing the most difficult parts of a microscope. That way you will know exactly what is happening in the organization.
4. Find successful, intelligent people with lots of potential to give to the company. Driven people will always impulse the business.
5. Create warmth, familiar, comfortable environment for your patients. They like to feel relaxed.
6. Don’t be greedy. You don’t need to lie to patients to get more income into your business.
7. Keep everything in order. Coordinate and manage the administration, human resources, and accounts, in a way that allows you to know how well the company is doing.
8. Pay your taxes! Avoiding them will cause you trouble in the future.
9. Be up to date with new techniques and equipment.
10. If you are lucky, find the right partners to work with. A good relationship with your partners will allow you to accomplish more things, teamwork is essential.
11. Have a good support system from family and friends. Surround yourself by positive and great people it is a good and healthy way to run a business.
12. One of the key points for a great business is to get professional people who really love what they do, instead of going to work just because they need the money.

I thank everybody who was and still being part of my many accomplishments.

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The grey unknown area of quantum physics, and my theory.




For the last couple of years I have developed this interesting theory. Many of you might think is a very improbable theory, and perhaps that it might not make good sense in terms of science and objectivity as for some it might be going deep into philosophy. However, my theory I am sure it will be demonstrated in a few years. I know this fact because science, technology, and knowledge still guiding people to study and become more interested in quantum physics.

Quantum physics is a very difficult field for many. Some others prefer to avoid the many conundrums involved in the study of this field; because of the many complexities and incoherent results they might get with their experiments.

Many more geniuses minds keep coming into this physical life, most of them with decisions to keep some of the capacities to remember their inmense knowledge they had acquired in another dimensions where we all come from.




If we just focus on the scientific, objective, pragmatic version of this, it is kind of a grey area that today quantum physicists are facing, but still looking for paths to prove it in a way that makes it more believable. We do not find many well-known scientists starting a conference with: “Well, accepting the fact that we all live in a physical dimension, and that we all come from another dimension, that by the way we still do not know much about, then we can explain our findings easier” – I am sure many people will leave the room in surprise.

Quantum physics is demonstrating there is the possibility that one molecule can travel faster than light speed and be in two places at almost the same time, phenomena called quantum entanglement. This phenomenon allows particles that were once together to remain in instant, almost magical, communication with each other, being separated by huge distances (like in opposite sides of the universe).




Gravitational fields moves anything that has a mass, and electric or magnetic fields move electrically charged or magnetic particles such as the ions. According to Maxwell electricity and magnetism are the same (EM fields). Einstein’s equation (E=MC2) with energy on one side and mass on the other, demonstrated that mass and energy are interchangeable. What if with this equation in mind we extrapolate matter as a physical being composed of molecules and cells, and energy as the deep level of energy that can travel from any place in the universe, any dimension, through different holes created into the different layers of dimensions (quantum tunneling), using black holes (as vehicles) to get to the place where the molecules (physical matter) are located. I know it sounds complex; however that is my theory. I think there are micro-black holes in certain places that allow energy beings with consciousness to travel everywhere in the universe to posses the physical body they chose to have. In a few more hundred years humans will discover this amazing phenomena, and I hope they believe what they discover is the path of higher consciousness. Electromagnetism can become a good tool in this case.

Life appears to have one foot in the classical world of everyday objects and the other planted in the strange and peculiar depths of the quantum world. Life lives on the quantum edge. My theory, as unbelievable as it might sound today should be explored.



Resources: Life on the edge. Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjose McFadden.

How to do research about infertility issues? (For patients)


You are sitting there in front of the computer, trying to understand all the gibberish written there regarding possible causes of infertility, male causes, female causes, so many medical terms, it is so difficult to read. Although getting online is easier than trying to read it in a book, because books seemed to be dedicated to fertility experts no patients.


For some time you have been trying to get information about the reasons you and your partner are having problems to conceive, and nobody knows exactly what is happening. Some of your friends and family recommend you to see a doctor, but you prefer to wait and make your own research about the subject. For sure is something fixable, perhaps you are not doing something right. There are so many theories going inside your head now, and this infertility name sounds too complicated.


You either talk to your partner or not, but the doubt still inside of your head, and at night is very hard to sleep with so many questions going around.


The best thing to do in this case is to calm down first. Look for literature dedicated to patients, go online and do your research in blogs that are written from doctors dedicated to patients. Please avoid questionable sources of information like websites that are not endorsed by fertility specialists, magazines written by speculative people, or blogs with stories about other’s patients stories because those will definitely be confusing. Remember every patient is different, every fertility case is completely unique.


If you get too overwhelmed with information, and the fertility issue remains please make an appointment with a fertility specialist. There you will get all the needed information.


It is advisable to do your research together with your partner, both need to be integrated into the situation to find the best solution.


The era of the Back-ups. Fertility cryopreservation.

eggs too

As we all know, this is an era of a staggering increase of people looking to back-up their gametes in order to preserve their genetics and future fertility.

We see advertisements offering women the opportunity to save their eggs, in places called Cryobanks. Their offer is focused in women as well as men. We know men freeze their sperm for future use. Couples freeze their embryos, because most fertility procedures get remaining embryos that might end in future babies named back-up babies. This information sounds quite overwhelming when we put it together, but let’s simplify things.

Today more women freeze their eggs for several reasons. Most women are simply not prepared to become mothers during their best fertile years, and once they are finally prepared, their reserve of eggs has depleted considerably and the risk of genetic diseases increases. Having this panorama, it is a great idea to have a back-up plan, which was not available a few years ago, and freeze the eggs when their fertility is at its best. It is difficult to argue this is a clever plan. There is a huge number of successful women who are not prepared to give up their jobs and careers to become mothers; for them this is a great alternative, a win-win situation.

Another important reason to freeze eggs is when a woman has not found the right partner yet. Once she finds it in the future, it will be possible to create healthy embryos using her partner sperm. Those embryos will have the age she had when she froze them. The chances of genetic diseases will be reduced as youngest the age of the egg freeze.

One of the most remarkable situations to use egg freeze it it for women facing cancer. These women should freeze their eggs before any cancer treatment if performed, otherwise the chances of getting a healthy egg or any egg will be dramatically reduced. Thanks to this alternative, they will be able to use their stored gametes in the future. Cancer will not become a future problem for fertility.cryo

Most oncologist do not mention the alternatives of fertility back-ups with cryopreservation. An approximate 75% of oncologists do not mention it during the consultation, prior to the cancer treatment; another 15% of oncologist mention it but do not wait for the freezing to be done prior the cancer treatment. Another 10% of oncologists recommend gamete freezing before the cancer treatment and find alternatives to wait for the freezing to be done. Ovarian tissue cryopreservation is a very useful technique in case of cancer treatments that need to start very quick, and do not have the time to wait for hormonal stimulation and egg retrieval to happen.


Men also have the need to preserve their fertility for several reasons. Many men today are aware that anything can change and affect their fertility capacity at any moment. Another reason it is a fertility procedure that requires to have back-up samples frozen as a precaution (30% of men decreased the quality of their sperm sample the day of the fertility treatment, because of stress and the feeling of pressure). Male cancer is another reason to freeze their gametes, because the same as for women, their fertility chances will decrease dramatically after the cancer treatment. Although males have more chances of recover their fertility than women. Also, if men use any drugs, steroids, medications or alcohol consumption; they should freeze their sperm before it is too late.goodlookingegg

Embryo freeze is another alternative of fertility cryopreservation. Many patients with several embryos remaining from a fertility procedure have the benefit to freeze those embryos and use them in the future. Also couples looking for fertility preservation in case of diseases of one of them. Or patients who are just not prepared to become parents yet.

Today we can freeze almost everything we want in the reproductive area, and still get promising results. With all the new advances, this will improve a lot more and offer better survival rates for gametes.


Eggs usually do not have the same survival rate after thaw as embryos do. However the techniques have been improving very much in the last years and today those survival rates have increased.

I always advice to patients to think about the alternative of fertility cryopreservation and consider the many advantages that brings. It is better to have it there and not need it, than need it and do not have it. That is my say.

Bravery, inner quality of an organ donor. Expectancy of an organ recipient.


A few days ago I received an email from a dearest friend named Luciano Guido. Every year he remembers the anniversary of his Dad’s kidney transplant done 33 years ago. A procedure that allows his father to live longer thanks to the science and skills of the specialists performing it. He was the first patient to receive a kidney transplant from another living patient (his daughter Yusi Guido) at the New Orleans South Baptist Hospital.


Antonio Guido had the chance to live longer thanks to the kidney donation coming from his own daughter. He felt as a new man because this procedure changed his life.


Thanks to the bravery of his family that had all its members tested to find the right match Antonio could live longer, and had a much better quality of life.


I kept this email flagged because felt compelled to write about it. Luciano has a great family that will do anything for each other. Family values and support is essential when one of its members is ill, and I am sure this gesture coming from his own family made Antonio stronger and more attached to life than ever. Science can be amazing, but none of this would be possible without voluntaries capable of go through anything to save a loved one.


33 years ago this procedure was something innovative and hard to perform. I am sure not many specialists dreamed with making it possible. Today this is another story. Although the survival rate of patients after kidney transplantation still not very encouraging, the procedure can provide people with more years of life.

Organ recipients are humans with feelings of hope. They are counting on someone for help. Donors can come from everywhere at any time. Nobody knows when an organ will stop functioning and our names be part of the waiting list. People sign to be donors after their death if they still have viable organs; others sign to become donors during their life (as the case of kidney donors). Organ recipients are expectant patients seeking for a miracle into their lives. Waiting for a truly brave organ donor.


I am aware Antonio Guido’s family were all tested, because all of them was capable of giving him a kidney. However they were not all the right match for him, just his daughter.


For those organ recipient life can be short and sudden, and the expectancy of seeing another beautiful day might be felt as great, because they have no sense of future plans until a viable organ comes along and gives them the chance to see that beautiful day. Those are people who do not take life for granted; they learn to appreciate small things and life as a gift. They can sit and observe how others walk, go out, run, exercise, without the simplest notion they are alive and healthy. Those recipients are souls coming to this physical dimension to experience the value of life.


To those who had decided to become donors may the Light be with you. You are part of a small group of humans who truly care for others. After having close relatives who are in the group of people at risk of becoming recipients (as one of my brothers has just one working kidney), I am sure my kidney or any other organ will be available for him whenever he needs it. I will do anything for him to extend his life if the time comes, and I know Yusi did the same thinking about her father’s quality of life.


She was a truly heroe, and my respect to her bravery and courage.


Thanks to everyone who supports organ donation, and thanks to all the brave and courage ones out there.



Dedicated to the memory of Antonio Guido who still very much missed and loved by his family.



Do we need to go back in time to live today?

image001I went through a very rough time a few weeks ago. Was very ill and unable to perform my work properly, reason why I decided to get a few weeks completely off. My illness increased some of my psychological symptoms of claustrophobia, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and even panic attacks developed as consequence of the awful side effects. It was disastrous. I have never felt so ill before.
During my recovery time I decided it was time for me to get some more help. I went to several doctors, neither of them could help. Acupuncture helped a lot with the migraine and obsessive-compulsive disorder (which has always been very mild anyway). However, the anxiety and sensation of claustrophobia was increasing every day, and I was having panic attacks several times during the day, unable to even leave the house for a moment because I did not want to see people or be outside (I developed agoraphobia).

I had a severe allergic reaction to the toxin Botox, which I had been using for the past 4 years without any complications, until this last time. I was very specific to the doctor (who is a well-known plastic surgeon in Houston), that I am severely claustrophobic, and cannot stand the sensation of being paralyzed. For that reason I just had the injections between my eyebrows and no more. He ended up giving me Botox in several areas of my forehead (between the eyebrows, on top of both eyebrows, between the top area of the nose), completely dismissing my suggestions, then a few days later I developed a huge headache, the worst of my life, a very unpleasant sensation of compression in my  forehead, blurred vision, dizziness and eyelid ptosis in my right eye. It was the worst feeling ever. I literally had those symptoms every day for 6 whole weeks, without any rest, and feeling more miserable every day because the doctor did not want to help and referred me to other doctor who assured me it was a severe reaction to the toxin and I could do nothing but wait for 3 months until the effect wears off. No way I was going to do such thing. I forgot about conventional medicine, who rarely helps, and started with acupuncture, reflexology, sauna and steam and started feeling much better with the headaches. However the claustrophobia was there, really bad and increasing more and more. My anxiety levels rocketed. I was a total wreck. My mind was so blurred that I could not think clearly. But in one of my “clear moments”, it was on a Friday, I decided to contact someone to do a regression for me. I needed to make sure my symptoms were not just caused by the Botox, but also for something else that has been bothering me for years, until now it was time for the volcano to erupt and show of of those symptoms together like a battle of demons fighting inside of me.


I found Melanie Harrell online. Immediately emailed her for an appointment (sure that might have to wait days for it), and less than 20 min later she emailed me back asking if I had the chance to go that same afternoon as she had a cancellation (later she told me cancellations are very rare). There it was, I got the appointment the day I was the most desperate, and went to see her. She had the whole afternoon for me, and she mentioned “the universe wants me to be just with you today for some reason, let’s find out why”.



It is kind of scary when you want something that much, then once you get it the feeling can be overwhelming and scary. Melanie is one of the most pure, honest, open, sweet and understanding persons I have ever met. She heard my whole story with attention and respect, and showed compassion for my suffering with the symptoms of the Botox. She decided to do regression with me to find out about the symptoms, because I had them before in a lower level, but they were there avoiding me to go on cruises, get on elevators, being inside enclosed spaces, go on excursions to caves, and even to get inside the Egyptian pyramids, because the space inside it is too tight. I did not want that anymore.


We started the regression, which is a guided deep meditation state that translates into an opportunity to float out of your body and become a being on a different dimension, enabling you to visit different times were you lived before, without any harm or trauma. You just float and have the most wonderful feeling ever had before. It is very intense and makes you realize how wonderful our energy and souls are. I visited a lifetime that was crucial to understand my symptoms (I will talk about that lifetime in another article). When I came back the feeling was difficult to describe. It was a combination of happiness and frustration. Happiness because I experienced the fact that I lived so many times and had the knowledge to experience life and death. Frustration because during my regression, in the moment I died, I had the most pleasant and rewarding experience of all, pure and absolute joy and love was waiting for me on the other side. It was the feeling of floating outside a body and going somewhere special with special beings. I did not want to come back, it sounds weird specially because it can even be unfair with my love ones in this lifetime, but the feeling of being there was as if finally arrived home. It was frustrating to have to return to this body, in this lifetime, specially a body that was ill.


Once I woke up, everything seemed different. I was fearless, my phobias disappeared and the anxiety that was bothering me for so long was almost gone. I was renewed, changed, and decided to live a better life.


I always wanted to have a regression, specially since I started in this wonderful path of energy and science combined together, but I never though my regression was going to happen during such a difficult time of my life, and it was going to changed me and cure most of my fears and phobias. I could get on a elevator without fear for the first time in years, I could enjoy a ride through tunnels without feeling claustrophobic, I will go on a cruise soon, and I can be on enclosed spaces without feeling breathless. If I knew this I would had done it ages ago! No psychiatric, psychologist or doctor could ever help me with this, Melanie did.




This was my experience and I wanted to share it with you. Because some of you might be now stuck on something difficult to overcome, and it might seem like anything is helping, well let me tell you that hypnosis and a regression can accomplish many things that may seem impossible to you right now. It is worth to try. Melanie also works with Reiki (she is a Reiki master) and combines her sessions with lots of energy healing. Her contact:


If you are located far away from Texas I recommend you to go to Bob Olson’s website and he has good recommendations of people dedicated to this type of work.


As for fertility issues, I believe many of the blocks present on patient’s life today may be the cause of unsolved issues in past lives, even on this same lifetime during our first years of life. Once they are addressed and resolved, the blocks will go away forever and we will accomplish whatever we are looking for during this lifetime. As for many other diseases I believe this is also the case. There are so many people being treated by things they do not actually have, causing them side effects and long term damages. Believe me, I have witnessed and experienced it.


My case with Botox was a very good example of looking for a quick fix to a symptom that was bothering me, which was my frequent migraines. I was fixing up the problem for years without looking at the potential side effects and consequences this decision was causing, and kept going on injecting a potent toxin into my body. Suddenly my body reacted to it and wanted it out, but the effects needed to be there for the length of time the Botox last for, which is usually 3-4 months. I learned my lesson and looked for other alternatives, healthy ones, to deal with my symptoms.


In case anyone is interested in knowing how I got rid of most of my Botox, I used electro-acupuncture and microcurrent and my eyes were finally released and most of the forehead relieved. It worked for me, in conjunction with reflexology, sauna and steam, and lots of meditations. As a doctor I would not recommend the use of Botox for migraines, as it can get really worst and cause more symptoms than the ones we had before. It is poison to our bodies and I might have been one of the causes of my failed IVF attempts. I decided to review the results of my patients who have had Botox in the past and underwent IVF treatments, and the results were consistent with my findings that Botox is a toxin that might interfere with the results. Of course more research needs to be done to confirm this. Some patients can develop symptoms, specially psychological symptoms, that will definitely interfere with their performance and balanced energy. What I just experienced with my psychological symptoms it is something I never experienced before, it was a combination of all my demons showing up at the same time.


Anyway, it is just my experience with the toxin and I feel compelled to share it.


As for the regression, even if you do not feel the need to have it because you are well, I recommend it and it will be a great ride. You will go back in time, feel it, live it and even smell it. You will then come back a different person, with a renewed experience and a sense of life that did not feel before. For fertility patients it should be on the must to do list, because is a way to resolve issues and you might even get the chance to see your future children’s energies and get messages from them.


To Melanie, I will always be grateful to meet you and to know there are great energy souls like you in this world. We will continue sharing our experiences and findings together from now on.



Dedicated to the •U beings of my dreams.


A lifestyle system that will boost your results!


When it comes to lifestyle we presume it might have to be related to the activities we do on a day-to day basis. Well, yes, but partially. It also has a lot to do with us intrinsically. Our lifestyles today demand lots of activities, and when we fail to comply some of those activities we feel frustrated. It is normal to feel that way.

<? up() ?>But what if we design a system that can work together with our activities, our health, relationships and the day-to-day situations of work or studies? I designed a system and proved it myself, with friends and patients, and showed to be amazing at increasing the results in many aspects of our lives.

Before I explain you the system, I would like to let you know some facts about my own experience.

A few years ago I found to have fertility problems and had several tests done. Hormones, ultrasound scans, hysteronsalpingography, hysteroscopy and several other tests. They were all showing serious problems with my uterus, ovaries and ovarian reserve (which is the number of eggs available to be used). I was crushed. I was a fertility specialist, looking to conceive, but it was going to be a huge challenge. I underwent several complex fertility treatments with horrendous results. Nothing seemed to be working as I expected. After careful consideration of the events and acceptance of my condition I made a decision: to study my lifestyle deeper. When I mentioned that word “lifestyle” to myself I realized it was a word mentioned just a few times in my life. My own lifestyle was a huge challenge for me. Too many trips around the world for work, very bad eating habits, including skipping meals on a weekly basis, no time for exercise (I though using my brain was exercise enough) and too much stress. I realised my lifestyle was a huge mess!

The best thing to do when you need to learn is to find guidance of people who know what to do. Books are a rich source of information. Unfortunately not all books are written on a easy-to-follow way, so it makes it a whole adventure to find the right one. There are plenty of books about personal growth, lifestyle changes, diets, exercises. But after lots of reading and research I finally found the right ones for me. Those books helped me to plan my lifestyle change, and it was going to start from that moment on.

I was committed to do everything planned, no cheating or tricks to avoid the compromise acquired on my “Lucy’s new lifestyle plan”. I was determined to change my lifestyle for the sake of my own health. I knew it was not going to be easy but I got remarkable results. Everything changed in my body as I kept going forward, and I was responsible for making it happen. Now I am sharing the secrets with you. Hope they will help at improving your results too. I will be delighted to hear your own stories.

There is a diet coming of course, but first let’s work on you.


Sit for one moment, in a place where you can hear your own thoughts, preferable a place surrounded by nature, the forest, a garden, a park. Sit and breath ten times. Every breath needs to be deeper, and with every exhalation you will start to visualise your own life in black and white. Feel the air, hear its sound and block any other noises around you that do not belong to nature. Become aware that the air touches your skin. Keep your eyes open and start to connect with yourself as if you were a guest wanting to talk to someone you know, but have not seen in a long time. Ask to receive light and love, and is important to be grateful for anything you get on that day. Knowledge and wisdom will come to you. It will be possible for you also to learn some positive and negative aspects of yourself. Once you feel completely connected with yourself, think on the following fact: “when did everything started?”. The answers will start coming to you every day you do this helpful exercise.

Read a good book. A book that you always wanted to read and never got the time to do it. Do it now.


You need to start exercising. the best exercise for me was running. Running activates the senses, blood-flow, cells’s metabolism, it oxygenates the body and makes it healthier. It also helps the body to get use to stress. It is advisable to run 10 minutes every two days at the beginning, and 20 minutes three times per week once you get used to the exercise.


Combine the running exercise with yoga, a mild yoga to start. There are really good yoga instructors today who specialize in yoga exercises for people with health problems. Remember, we are starting to change our lives, so it is not necessary to do the hard stuff until you get accustomed. The body needs preparation and time to heal.


Sleep 8 hours every night; that is not negotiable if you want success. Sleeping is a way our body will rest and heal from all the day activities. A number of 8 hours a day are needed to complete this job properly. Otherwise your body will feel overtired.


Do your best to reduce the stress at work. I understand it might be difficult to do, however it is important. I worked on it and made it possible. We all know good jobs demand great responsibilities. But today you are working for yourself and your health, and the results depend on that. Our jobs are places were we spend a lot of time, and we can transform them in pleasant places, reducing the amount of stress and problems.

Drink lots of water. Starting today, forget about sodas, juices with added sugar and energizing drinks, because they are not good for you! Nothing with added sugar is good for your metabolism and body. An expert on diet and nutrition was asked for a soda and he replied:  “Sure. What kind of Diabetes do you want?” So, I got the message. And a curious fact is that water helps you loose weight too. It is miraculous substance!

As for a diet I am going strong and firm here telling a plant-based diet will dramatically affect your results and health on a very positive way. You will see improvements on every aspect of your health.

I strongly recommend you to check the following website to get diet and recipes tips to switch to this new diet plan. I know it might be very hard for some of you at the beginning, but please give me two weeks, or better said, give yourself two weeks to see the dramatic changes first.  And before every meal drink a large glass of water.

Follow this link to get a plant-based diet!



The first months of my plan I decided not to have dinner. For two reasons. First, because at dinner time I was still filled with my lunch and was not hungry at all; second, because I decided to go to bed hungry and accelerate my body’s metabolism. It worked perfectly well. I lost 10 pounds in just 2 months. After that, I gave myself the chance of enjoying dinner and dessert every other day. However, I am used to skip it easily. I think the results are faster that way. If you need your dinner try to avoid any heavy food. Avoid sugars at dinner or you would not be able to sleep properly. Remember it is advisable a 8 hours of good quality sleep.


Have as much fruit as you want; any fruit is good for you, specially grapes, berries, strawberries and apples. I love grapes and mandarins and have as much as I want daily.

With respect to salt, I recommend to decrease the amount of salt you put on your foods and use black pepper and herbs instead. Also try to stick to one or two cups of coffee a day maximum. I completely quitted coffee, however am sure it will be difficult at the beginning for some. I usually have one glass of red wine every other day, which was my substitute for coffee and it turns that red wine is the best option if I feel like indulging myself once in a while with a nice drink.

Do some walking twice a week. Walk to work if possible. It will connect you to your surroundings and will increase your level of attention. My best ideas came while walking. Also, if you own a pet you can use the excuse to walk often. Pets are great companies and the love they provide will definitely make you stronger. Walking pets makes will give you more fun.


And finally, for me the most important of all my steps, do meditations for 10 minutes every day. In those meditations you will visualize what you want and picture it happening. In the future I will explain why meditations are so amazing.

I assure, if you do these steps as I did, the results if you are planning a fertility procedure will change very much. You might think every human being is different and it may have worked on me but not necessarily for others. Well, you are wrong, I have used the same steps with several patients and the results have been remarkable.


Remember, you need to live in harmony with yourself and with others. Once you get the right balance in your new lifestyle, you will find peace, love and light. This light will allow you to be in harmony with others and positive energies will be around you. The positive energies are the ones that make anything possible. But you need to believe you can find that balance. It all depends on you.

The daily meditations will provide you with wisdom and understanding. Through meditation people connects in a conscious level with Light and Energy. You will be wiser and respect yourself on a deeper level. After you realize what you have been doing to your body all these years, you will recognize the necessity to look after yourself and completely change your lifestyle. <? down() ?>

The connection between stress and infertility


Every day during our reproductive medicine consultation we find patients with mild to severe stress levels. Infertility still on the increase worldwide, and in recent years the rate of miscarriages too. We are observing that stress has become a very common illness for everyone.


This interferes enormously with the reproductive area, causing pathologies on the normal functioning of the reproductive system in both women and men. One of the reasons in women is the lack or decrease levels of progesterone.


Progesterone is a very important hormone during the preparation of the uterus lining before the embryo implantation, and during pregnancy. A constant exposition to stress will cause progesterone levels to decrease. This decrease will come with alterations in the normal cycle.



When woman are exposed to stress, the adrenal glands will produce more cortisol and adrenaline. In order to produce cortisol is necessary the use of progesterone. This will decrease the availability of progesterone, because it needs to be used by the adrenal glands in order to make more cortisol.


The adrenal glands cannot produce cortisol without the use of progesterone. For this reason, when exposed to any stress situation the adrenal glands will make use of progesterone to produce cortisol, and this will cause an imbalance on the adrenal gland/s functioning and progesterone availability. As a consequence there will be alterations in the uterus and its preparation for the embryo implantation and maintenance of pregnancy. It is a complete disruption of the normal-balanced cycle.


Every time we are exposed to stress it is necessary to think: “it is really worthy? I might end up using all my progesterone to produce cortisol because I am under stress”. Some women also use progesterone supplements to deal with some of the side effects caused by lack of progesterone (hot flushes, malaise, insomnia, headaches, mood change, premenstrual pains, etc.) The continuous use of these supplements will eventually caused a fatal and total disruption in the normal functioning of the adrenal glands. The best way would be to avoid situations of stress and try to enroll on a program that can be of benefit to control any stress situation in a given moment. For men under stress there are also other factors that interfere with their fertility causing abnormal semen parameters. There is a strong relationship between stress and lack of testosterone in males. And changes in the germ cells are observed with increase of oxidative stress.




If you are a patient looking to conceive or receiving treatment already, is necessary to talk to your doctor regarding any stress situation you are going through. This may have a huge impact on your results. Your doctor will be capable of comparing the hormonal results with your current stress situation, and provide you with guidance and advise to keep a balanced lifestyle during the treatment.


Hormones need to be measured during the hormonal cycle in the woman (FSH, LH, estradiol, and progesterone). These hormones evaluate ovarian reserve, and any pathology involved in the cycle. Also a measurement of adrenal hormones is performed (cortisol, insulin and DHEA). They can have a strong relationship with patient’s exposure to stress levels.


Elevated cortisol increases the production of insulin, associated with obesity, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and heart problems.


The healing process starts by making the decision to stop worrying and having so much stress in your live. Your body needs to restore to its normal balance. A mind-body program has worked wonders to reduce stress and to give patients the opportunity of getting the ultimate goal of becoming parents.



Are you a fertility patient? These advices are right for you then

image001There is a huge lot of information out there these days regarding assisted reproduction and fertility. We can find implications, consequences, side effects, results, probabilities, etc. All this information seems useful for patients to understand what they are going through, and the chances of success.
Personally, as a former patient in fertility, I understand the difficult times we have to go through once we become the patient. Success and positive results is all we wish for. However, is not always what we get.

Once you become a fertility patient is because you have been trying as much as possible to get the results of conceiving naturally. You become a person in need of help of a fertility specialist. There are also helpers during that pathway. Those helpers are other methods that can be used together with the assisted reproductive treatment. I call helpers exercise, good balanced nutrition, yoga, Reiki, fertility massages, reflexology and acupuncture. They all have been showing to be excellent helpers on the assisted reproductive procedure prior, during and after. They all have been reported to increase the chances of success.

Exercise and a good balanced nutrition contribute to maintain the body on a physiological balance, which contributes to improve the hormone levels and the quality of the gametes. A low carbohydrate diet is highly recommended for patients undergoing fertility treatments. Some patients have been reported to get pregnant quicker once they have reach the ideal body mass index (BMI) in comparison with those over this index with obesity. This applies to women and men. Men can improve their sperm quality with a balanced lifestyle and low carbohydrate diet.

Yoga and Reiki are excellent to maintain a relaxed state of mind and body, to keep calm and patient, and to decrease the anxiety levels to find a healthy energetic balance. When I underwent my last in vitro procedure I was practicing yoga and Reiki. The results significantly improved in comparison with the last attempts, also my anxiety levels were very low, the recovery time decreased exponentially and the hormonal level was really good, this helped with the quality of my gametes.


There are spas that offer fertility massages today. These massages are focused on the lymphatic system to help the body to get rid of toxins (detox process), to also increase the blood circulation, especially in the reproductive organs and the brain, this way the organs will have a better response to hormones and might increase the chances of getting the best gametes. There is a range of products dedicated for these types of massage, they are call Fertility Spa They targeted every patient’s need, and during every part of their procedure.

Reflexology and acupuncture are great helper techniques to balance the energy in our bodies and treat specific pathologies and diseases associated with the patient’s symptoms. In the case of fertility issues, these techniques will look to correct the root of the problem wherever it is located, through a process of energetic healing. The use of these techniques together with the fertility treatment have both showed better results in comparison with groups using the fertility treatments alone or acupuncture alone. It is necessary to have a right energetic balance in our bodies in order to get better results.

If you are looking for information online you must be very careful. Internet might be a helpful resource but it also a powerful resource that can make us ill just by reading at others people’s stories and comparing it with our own story. It is important to stay away from agents that might become toxic for our chances to succeed on our chosen fertility path. To surround of positive and happy people is a great helper. There are interesting positive and different stories on this blog Fertility Online, and there is a Spanish blog named and the clinic that has interesting information. These blogs are in Spanish.

If you are in a relationship, support and love from your partner during this difficult time is important. Most success stories are related to couples who love and support each other during the whole fertility procedure. 

As always I wish you the best during your adventure and challenge you are taking on your reproductive procedure. Remember I am giving you these advices because I am a fertility specialist but also have been a patient in several opportunities, and I know the feeling. Smile because just with the act of smiling we are liberating thousand of positive substances inside our bodies that promote health. Surround yourself with positive people. Get lots of support from your love ones. Watch a nice funny movie, and think clearly and patiently during your treatment. And do not forget the daily meditations. Those will really help with fear, doubts and anxiety.


if you need more information you can write to [email protected]

Safe zone





Once I met a man who was an excellent person, he exceeded everybody’s expectation of being clever, human, humble, terribly handsome and rich. It was the perfect combination. For me it was peculiar to find him alone and with no many friends around in his life. The day I met him we clicked immediately. We started going out to places and enjoyed meals, and making study groups that consisted only in the two of us. We used to laugh at every possible joke, do shopping together, chat endlessly over the phone and hear a lot of Tony Braxton. I remember me going to study at his home at 2 in the morning and screaming his name while he though I was crazy for making such scandal on his neighbourhood ( he was very reserved and liked his own space), and had all the patience in the world to explain whatever subject I was stuck with. He helped me to understand complex things about molecular biology, physics and statistics, and was my support stone during my personal issues. Our time together was special and I knew I was his only true friend. Because I understood and accepted him as he was. He was gay.

His world was very lonely and I often wondered how a person so great and lovely could be alone. He was sad and no very happy with society, because he received constant criticism about being homosexual.

I’ve had homosexual friends before. I was raised in a family circle were prejudice, racism, religious beliefs and race were not impediments to treat others with respect and consideration. My parents were always very focused in teaching me that nobody has the power to judge others. For that reason, and because I believed it myself, I could not help but wondering -When and why societies dictated homosexuality was something considered to be bad?

There is so much intolerance, rage, jealousy and anger in the world for people considered to be “different or peculiar”.

I shared special moments with all my homosexual friends. I specially have a lot of admiration to my clever, intelligent and successful friend I mentioned. They taught me about another perspective of life. They suffer when society points at them and tries to diminish their opportunities or achievements because of their sexual orientation. It is not fair.

When people criticize someone because this person is different to others for their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, etc.; it means they need to look into themselves first and find the reason they are afraid of change. Why is that such a big deal if the world needs us to be together right now? Have we learned anything from the lessons of our past?

I encourage you today to have an open mind. To accept people for what they are and to see inside of their souls, instead of looking the outside appearance. There are marvelous humans inside those physical bodies and you are missing it.

My beloved friend today is a singer star. I am very proud of him and his many accomplishments. He has a stable relationship with his boyfriend. And the best, our friendship keeps growing stronger than ever. He told me: “We found each other in the dark and instant light blossomed with us”.

Homosexuality is not an impediment for people to become parents. They can be as good parents as heterosexuals are. Several serious studies focused in following-up with homosexual families agreed to that. These are hard times for the world and the many wars we have lived. These are times to have an open mind and accept we all are different, it is permitted to be different, it is actually good to be different. There is no harm on it.