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This is a different fertility blog. It provides information about science, medical facts, ongoing research, but also including the very important field of the mind-body connection related to disease and health.

Human reproduction includes several interesting areas of study like physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, quantum physics, mathematics, ethics, philosophy. All important fields that provide valuable information. But there are also other areas that are gaining more importance again like mind-body programmes, hypnosis, and therapies used for stress relief and to re-connect with ourselves, with the energy deep within so important to heal.

There is a programme specially designed for Dr. Lucy Coleman to help you to establish that deep-conection mind-body to achieve that mental state of awareness of the present moment (mindfulness), and at the same time working towards any disease you are experiencing today. Once the mind is unlocked and gained access to, then the magic happens and changes (even cellular changes) are possible.

Fertility Online gives you the opportunity to have online fertility consultations, as well as guidance, advice, orientation through your procedure. Have a look at our “Appointments” section.


Being in the human reproduction field can be a challenge. It takes years of hard work and preparation to understand reproduction in a way that makes possible work hand-in-hand with mother nature.

Dr, Lucy Coleman:

“My intention is to provide patients with a deeper insight into the fertility area. An insight that took me years to understand and to put all together. It was not just medicine, there were many other things involved I did not realised at the time. Infertility it not just a disease in our bodies. It is also a disease that came with us when we came to this lifetime, from the non-physical world to the physical world. It can be in our minds, deeply implanted from now or then.

Some information I am sharing can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. If you have suggestions or questions, it would be a pleasure for me to explain. In occasions information can be confusing. I need you to have an open mind and learn from my own experience, which is extensive.

I have found many interesting books about science. Books can become a rich source of information. In the last years I learnt many new things. Most of those new discoveries I was not aware that existed or where possible in this world. Like the way embryos behave, feel. I also decided to study other areas like hypnosis, Reiki, energy healing, in order to understand more of the embryos. At the end I understood much more that initially intended to.

In the last years there have been a number of scientists coming forward and revealing events they lived and have not scientific base for. I experienced similar events myself. It is common today to find books written from scientists with reputation, explaining events about afterlife they or someone they know experienced. Paranormal events are quite frequent. However, scientists in occasions choose to ignore them because they do not have a logic scientific explanation.

It was not a choice for me to keep ignoring them, because they were happening all the time. It is not something I experienced frequently before in my life. I did experience some situations that were quite different and peculiar. However, for the last three years I have experienced it with more intensity.

I invite you to read my articles. Some of them are scientifically based, some of them mixed with a few findings, and some will be very different that the ones you have read before. A few of my ideas and thoughts have been shared to communicate my insights and findings.

The blog is my gate of communication with you. Any questions of suggestions please let me know.

I developed a system based on all the things I have learn. It is a combination of techniques that will unlock roots from the mind, and to start re-establishing that mind-body connection that is clearly disrupted. The main work starts with the mind, then goes to address the other physical symptoms diseases cause. These sessions have shown a great deal of success for my patients. I invite you to learn how to increase your chances of success with my system”.

In fertility time is crucial. Whenever you decide to have a baby, “time” will become one of your most precious allies. Using our Ovulation Calculator you will have the opportunity to predict the chances of getting pregnant and even the possibility to choose the sex of the future baby.

This video shows most of the events involved in human reproduction. As you will see every event is crucial and time-dependant. That is how mother nature operates.