Talking about ironies.



I am amazed of how ironic life can be. Anything happens without a cause or reason, there is no luck. Every person that crosses your life has a meaning. Either you play a role for them or they will play a role for you. No matter of small or fleeting your interactions, there are no chance encounters in this world. Each person in your life was sent your way to teach you a lesson.


Every day I meet new people they teach me new lessons. I feel profoundly grateful for the life I have lived and for each person who has crossed my life, either to play a positive or negative role on it. I appreciate the good things and also the bad ones because they have taught me lessons I can pass on to others.


Life can be an irony itself. Because it is filled with situations that sometimes would not be possible even if we try to plan them. They just happen when they need to happen. Why? Simply because we need to live our experiences and learn from them. Because we are souls in search of life and love, the pure love that exist in that other dimension where we will go someday again, just to go back home. It is an irony we need to come into this physical dimension to feel fear, frustration, anger, lost, abandonment, hate, doubt, insecurity and envy, in order to grow. It is the way our souls learn to overcome each one of those negative feelings and fill with light and pure love. It is difficult to love someone that hurts us deeply, but we do not need to feel anything negative, instead send that person light and love to grow someday, the same as we did. Hard? Crazy hard. Ironic? Amazingly ironic. But that is this dimension’s life purpose.


Today I am not the same person I was yesterday, nor 10 years ago. I have learnt to understand situations that were really difficult to understand before. To accept myself the way I am, to feel proud for every day I can breath and live healthy. Everyday I can see the light of the day with every detail and the beautiful colors of the forest and the sea, I am grateful for hearing my love one’s voices, their voices make me so happy and give me comfort. I am happy for being able to touch the flowers and my own skin. I appreciate the company of people and I can understand their feelings and needs. I have grown so much.


People die every second and leave this world, most of them with fears and unresolved issues, with hopes to accomplish things and with the need to send love to their loved ones. I learnt to say “I love you” even if there is no need but my own need to say it. I learned to hug every person that cross my life to feel their warmth and love. To communicate with dogs in a way I feel they can do anything for us, I love dogs, and birds, and turtles, whales, hippos, and almost every animal that inhabits this planet.

 image003                                                                               Sky. Courtesy of Katiuska Arenas.


Have you ever seen the drops of rain touching the leaves when is starting to rain? They touch softly until the water starts running down harder and fills the whole leave. It is a growing process and the leaves seem to enjoy being completely filled afterwards. I feel the same way, filled with love and joy for being alive. I know I inhabit a world occupied with many negative things right now, but that is the whole purpose of my life here now, to send love and light to anyone I can possibly can, and to create new humans that come into this world with the mission of changing it with pure love and light. The new era is coming and I hope I get to see the wonderful things this new generation will create in little time.


I believe it is an irony, a beautiful irony. To the Universe I am grateful for the knowledge. To the Creators I am happy for the life chosen. To my Masters I truly believe in the complex energy and its consequences. To my Loved Ones in this lifetime I wish we can continue to meet during our next visits in future lifetimes if possible. To You the person reading me today thanks for letting me in and for having an open mind. Life is simple, it was given to us with a purpose to experience what we are experiencing right now, nothing else.

 image005                                                                          Night. Courtesy of Eduardo Hernandez Mendoza.

Go outside and see the beauty of the sun and the light surrounding you. Go outside and see the beauty of the night and the enigmas of the starts in the sky, shining all the time, and the moon making us company sometimes. Hug people, tell them how you feel about them without fear of being judged or criticized, take care of the animals and look after them as you do with yourself. Go to that place you have been wanting to go to for a long time, visit that person you have been missing for so long, call the ones who would love to hear your voice at least for a few minutes, people like to be remembered. Watch that movie you love, eat whatever you feel like today (with moderation of course), look after yourself, wear the clothes you have been reserving for that special occasion, the occasion is today with yourself. My grandmother used to save her best clothes and say: – I will save this to wear it for a special occasion. Once she died we found clothes with the labels still on. Some of those clothes never saw the special occasion. It is today, not someday in the future. Help people in need, give something from yourself to others who might need it more. Be kind and courteous, a “good morning”, “good night”, “thank you” is needed all the time. Smile!! Your smile will be contagious, and you will make others release tension and fear. And the most important thing, you can do anything you want, you can be anyone you want to be, believe in yourself and your inner power and surround yourself by love and light, that way you will attract positive things into your life and the life of your love ones. You are special.

Enjoy my pictures as they were carefully chosen. They were taken by good friends who appreciate life and nature as it is, a gift. 

 11878983_10155684996326980_7474567580621670131_o                                                                             Caracas Sunset. Courtesy of Vicente Diez. V10

Finding Love.



It sounds simple, is not.


Find true love is something most human seek to get at least once in their lifetime. Some are even obsessed about it. Some loose it, some have it and take care of it for the rest of their lives. Some have not found it yet.


Most importantly is to define what Love is. Is a feeling, a desire, and an inspiration. Love can come in many forms and with different faces. There are different types of Love. Love for the parents, for bothers and sisters, for other family members, for your own children, for what you do or what you wish to do, for your pet. Love can come in many forms. The most important kind of Love we must have is Love for ourselves. There is where everything starts to be exciting. Once you acknowledge that is the first Love you should posses things can be seeing clearly and easier.



The path of finding this type of Love can be long, can even take years to find it. Most people live a life immersed into their own pseudo-reality, knowing they are living this present into their bodies, each day going to work, eating, doing their shopping, cooking, cleaning, reading, watching TV, they can even feel passion for something. But a high percentage of human in the world lack Self-Love. The daily life of doing things and keep the mind occupied can become a time bomb ready to explode without notice. We are capable of accumulating feelings and emotions and hide them somewhere we consider to be safe, ignoring we are adding more and more ingredients for the bomb to be perfectly made. Until any given day the catastrophe happens, and we find ourselves totally lost and disoriented. That is the case of so many. The fear of seeking Self-Love makes us lazy and careless about taking control of our own lives. But the good news is there is a system to get back on track and to find the treasure of Self-Love. The only way is to get inside, to the inner root of any feeling and emotion, inside of yourself.



To go inside of yourself can be scary, and once you pack your bags and start the journey there is not turning back. The person you will find over there would be someone different, you will be compelled to accept some difficult realities about yourself, accept the fact this is who you are, learn to compromise and listen to your own inner voice inside, and some other voices coming from your spiritual guides somewhere in the universe, and to come back from the journey facing the world with other eyes. This path is very exciting, and I have witnessed some very amazing changes of people willing to take the journey.


Meditation has a huge role on this journey. It is the easiest way to get there. If I can explain myself better I would say is the strongest connection with your highest self and the universe. There are several ways to meditate, you can do it yourself or using a guided meditation to help you get deep into the place you need to go to in order to complete the journey. This place can be hard to get to, it can take minutes, hours, days, weeks, even years to get there. Once you get there and become aware of the immense power of Love you are capable of then the return will be quick and unbelievably life changing.


Once you learn to Love yourself, Love will be all around you and the law of attraction will continue the rest of the job.



Believe me the most difficult part of it is to convince yourself of taking the first step and make the journey. This journey is filled with lots of surprises and adventures, because you will see things that did not know were even there. When I hear people complaining about their feelings of loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and frustration for not finding Love, or because they found the incorrect one, or because they found and lost it, or because they found it and were afraid of it; all of those people have a common factor: they have not found their inner Self-Love. They haven’t taken the journey of inner acceptance and seeking of Self-Love to attract it into their lives. As simple as that.


My Finding Love system works marvelous. It tunes Self-Love energy with universal energy to attract positive feelings. Some people have taken it just to find themselves, and they end up even finding True Love and a compassionate, respectful, loyal and caring partner to spend their lives with. Others have broken their toxic relationships because they learnt to evolve and to respect and care for themselves. Others have changed from a sick state into a healthy one, even curing from bad diseases. I have people who got the system for a month and found true happiness. They are now happy with their lives, with their surroundings, they have found better jobs, better opportunities, they have become fighters when they once were frightened of change. But in order for the system to accomplish its wonders we need to work together. I can’t do the work myself without you. I am the mediator through your journey, but you will the one getting there, deep inside where no man has gone before you. It will be your own personal accomplishment, and it will be amazing.



Once you come back you will be another completely different person. You will give lots of Love to others, and care for the world around you. Your life overall will be distinct than the one you used to live. I have not have one person being the same after the journey.


It is also interesting to hear the experiences and evolution of the people who I have guided through that journey.


The field I work as a fertility and Human Reproduction specialist  has had great accomplishments with patients taking the Finding Love system. It has reported an increase in success rates and the recovery time after egg retrieval (which can take days) has been reduced to minutes in patients doing guided meditations and fertility Reiki and holistic therapies. I also used this system with a few Cancer patient’s and their recovery time after combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy was shorter than for patients who did not received it. They used the combined Crystal Healing Grid and Finding Love system to increase the effectiveness of their therapy.


Any person interested in trying my systems is welcomed. I used it for myself first to be able to feel and describe the experience better, and I was reluctant and skeptical at the beginning, it took me years to open myself to this new things, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

The grey unknown area of quantum physics, and my theory.




For the last couple of years I have developed this interesting theory. Many of you might think is a very improbable theory, and perhaps that it might not make good sense in terms of science and objectivity as for some it might be going deep into philosophy. However, my theory I am sure it will be demonstrated in a few years. I know this fact because science, technology, and knowledge still guiding people to study and become more interested in quantum physics.

Quantum physics is a very difficult field for many. Some others prefer to avoid the many conundrums involved in the study of this field; because of the many complexities and incoherent results they might get with their experiments.

Many more geniuses minds keep coming into this physical life, most of them with decisions to keep some of the capacities to remember their inmense knowledge they had acquired in another dimensions where we all come from.




If we just focus on the scientific, objective, pragmatic version of this, it is kind of a grey area that today quantum physicists are facing, but still looking for paths to prove it in a way that makes it more believable. We do not find many well-known scientists starting a conference with: “Well, accepting the fact that we all live in a physical dimension, and that we all come from another dimension, that by the way we still do not know much about, then we can explain our findings easier” – I am sure many people will leave the room in surprise.

Quantum physics is demonstrating there is the possibility that one molecule can travel faster than light speed and be in two places at almost the same time, phenomena called quantum entanglement. This phenomenon allows particles that were once together to remain in instant, almost magical, communication with each other, being separated by huge distances (like in opposite sides of the universe).




Gravitational fields moves anything that has a mass, and electric or magnetic fields move electrically charged or magnetic particles such as the ions. According to Maxwell electricity and magnetism are the same (EM fields). Einstein’s equation (E=MC2) with energy on one side and mass on the other, demonstrated that mass and energy are interchangeable. What if with this equation in mind we extrapolate matter as a physical being composed of molecules and cells, and energy as the deep level of energy that can travel from any place in the universe, any dimension, through different holes created into the different layers of dimensions (quantum tunneling), using black holes (as vehicles) to get to the place where the molecules (physical matter) are located. I know it sounds complex; however that is my theory. I think there are micro-black holes in certain places that allow energy beings with consciousness to travel everywhere in the universe to posses the physical body they chose to have. In a few more hundred years humans will discover this amazing phenomena, and I hope they believe what they discover is the path of higher consciousness. Electromagnetism can become a good tool in this case.

Life appears to have one foot in the classical world of everyday objects and the other planted in the strange and peculiar depths of the quantum world. Life lives on the quantum edge. My theory, as unbelievable as it might sound today should be explored.



Resources: Life on the edge. Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjose McFadden.

Einstein and Pi (π)


It came to my attention the fascinating fact of Albert Einstein’s birthday and its coincidentally celebration with Pi (π) day this year.

Albert Einstein is known as one of the greatest minds of all time. German-born theoretical physicist. He was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. His life in science started early, with special interest in mathematics and physics.

Among his 300 scientific papers, there were two very important ones. The general theory of relativity and the photoelectric effect. Both of them had a deep effect in the quantum field. He began to think in depth at the age of 16. He asked himself questions like: How would a beam of light appear if you could chase it at high velocity? And he concluded that the speed of the light beam should appear to be exactly the same whether an observer is traveling toward or away from it.

The general theory of relativity , written in 1905, was his work resulting from trying to reconcile Newton’s classical mechanics with the laws of the electromagnetic field. One of its conclusions is that nothing with mass can ever reach the speed of light, and that matter and energy can be transformed, one into the other (E=MC2). For him time and motion were entirely relative. He showed that massive objects create warps in the space-time. This paper has an effect in quantum mechanics.

His other paper written the same year 1905, the photoelectric effect was the one by which he was given the Nobel Prize in Physics. It provided a foundation for quantum theory.

In 1916 he developed his theory of gravitation (theory of general relativity). He then kept working with particle theory and motion of molecules, and developed the theory of the photon of light. He predicted the gravity of galaxies can bend light in a phenomenon called gravitational lensing.

Einstein’s ideas were so advanced that in some cases it took decades for technology to prove his theories.

It is fascinating the fact he share his birthday today with the great Pi (π) number. This day is celebrated around the world on March 14 or 3.14 and starts at 1:59 pm. When combined the date and time results in 3.14159, the approximate numerical value of Pi (π).


Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 B.C) was one of the first scholars to calculate Pi (π).

Many of history’s greatest minds have been fascinated by Pi (π). They included Leonardo da Vinci, who attempted to approximate Pi (π), and Isaac Newton, who calculated Pi (π) to at least 16 decimal places.


Some of Einstein’s inspirational quotes:

– Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
– The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
– We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
– Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
– It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
– The only source of knowledge is experience.pi
– Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
– Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former.
– The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of people who do not do anything about it.
– The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
– The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.
– Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.
– Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
– As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
– Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
– If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?
– Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.
– All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.
– Intellectual solve problems, geniuses prevent them.


Thanks to Time magazine and for being a rich source of information.

Black hole of negativity



Negativity is a disabling emotion. It makes us feel there is no way to achieve our goals, there is no alternative to a better life, incapacitate us to keep looking and to find the Light through darkness.


People are constantly followed by it, because as a negative feeling it feeds of fear, doubt, lack of self-confidence, self-sufficiency, anger, pain, frustration and loss. We will encounter many people trapped in the net of this debilitating feeling; they do not seem to live without the warning sign that “better expect something bad before you expect something good”. Pity they do not look for the great and good first. These people continuously live in constant fear, doubt and pain because of their negativity. It consumes them until the point they believe their live is surrounded by it.



Sometimes patients come to me and tell me the fact they acknowledge their problem is huge, maybe unfixable, and that is the reason they might not be able to ever have a baby. Negativity is everywhere around them, heavy, and a burden hard to carry. The consultancy room gets smaller and smaller when their huge negativity enters with them. I usually ask them to please leave it outside, because that place has just space for positive thoughts and hope. In many occasions is hard for them to leave it outside because they are used to live with it.


There is a particular place in my office I call “the black hole of negativity”, and is the place where all the negative thoughts are thrown away in hope they go back to the dark dimension they all came from. The space around life is limited to positive thoughts and Light, but there is also space for negativity and sadness. Once patients acknowledge the fact those negative feelings really need to go, and they can not longer carry them they accept there is a time for change and open up to the greatness of truly happiness.


I had once a beautiful couple that tried several times with in vitro fertilization in different clinics, they came to us as a last resource, because they heard about us and decided to give themselves a last chance. They already lost their house, their cars, and with all that the signs of hope. It was a couple surrounded by greys and black colors, and energy around them was low and fading. We decided to start rebuilding the self-trust, positivism, and most importantly their hope.


Time was passing by and they seemed to be changing. They projected positivism whatever they went. Their relationship grew stronger and it was so powerful that nothing seemed to break them down. Then the biggest challenged of all came for them to face it: she lost her mother in a battle with cancer. It was devastating for them both, as they were very united as a family. We decided to cancel their treatment for a while, to allow them some time to recover from such loss. After a few weeks she came back to us and say: “Well, I have learnt to accept to live without my mum, and now she is back on the other side her energy is so much stronger that she will help me with the energy we need to complete this work, so let’s go for it”. We were very proud of her, she was so brave and wise. She found herself again and regained self-confidence, trust, positivism, hope, and closed her black hole of negativity to be able to reach her goal: becoming a mother.


During the frozen embryo transfer she told me she knew this was the time she was going to succeed to life finally, and that she knew mother nature was pleased with her hard work and was going to help her. She was so confident that her confidence was all over the place surrounding us.


A few days later she was pregnant.




This story I wanted to share is important because this couple was constantly surrounded by difficult times and life changing moments, however they decided to let Light and Love come into their lives in a way that changed them forever. Nothing was able to break their positivism, and that allow them to always see the Light at the end of the darkness.


Black holes are places in our universe that suck everything around them. They have also been though to be connections to a different dimension. Either way black holes are places of darkness and Light there vanishes.


We all face difficult times during our lives, we will face them even if we do not want to, the secret is not to fade and not to forget the strong Light that lives inside each one of us. That Light will be our guide forever during our time in this physical dimension, and then will surround us totally when we leave this beautiful place.


I witness when life starts as its most simple and delicate moment. When the cells start dividing and moving towards complexity and disorder (as the laws of the universe state). The beginning is a unique moment to witness the complexity of life and the many challenges faced during our time here. I also witness when the cells die and their complexity finally is at its rest, allowing the biological process to rest from their fight against disorder. Witnessing all that makes it possible for me to understand we have been placed in a tough environment to survive against the odds. If we are able to do so against biology, using our capacities to fight against nature sometimes, then our bodies need to feed from our inner beings to continue living fully. Not just the simple fact of living without meaning but also the beauty of having a great life filled with positivism and hopes. That could be explained by the resilience of nature to live against the storm.


Let’s accept that nature has giving us the tools to live and to survive. Let’s face the fact there will always be black holes everywhere, because not having them will go against the laws of nature. Just acknowledging we are souls in search of adventures and experiences in order to grow, we will learn how to deal with those black holes, having them near by to be reminded of how wonderful and amazing our universe has been created and designed, and how important we are. Negativity will always be present, but when you face a situation you feel there is no hope think about the reason you are living it, accept it, embrace it, and let the Light guide you through. That is what my brave patient did, and that is what we all are capable of doing.


My mum always says: “There is always a Light at the end of the tunnel, and if is too dark to see it then head for the window, because there is always a window there too, be wise and find it”.




This article is dedicated to my brave patient Ana Pereira. Your Light and positivism filled our world. Thanks for your knowledge.



The Awakening.


A few nights ago before my yoga class with my teacher Doug Hayward I had a moment of what I call “continuing removing of the veil”. I was sitting there thinking about how grateful I felt for what I have right now in my life, I received the news from colleagues confirming positive pregnancies of patients of the last cycle of November-December in Caracas. Some of them were really big challenges, and we worked very hard to make their dreams come true. The good news arrived several minutes earlier and got me happy and satisfied. My work accomplished more success and scientific knowledge.


I was thinking in how wonderful life was, and how amazing and perfect everything was designed for every human being. My thoughts took me to that moment in my life, a few years ago, when I was still a pure scientific and skeptic physician. When life was just the base of my science and the cells I was creating were the result of my knowledge. My thoughts took me to the day I realized how wrong I was about life and death, and started removing the veil that was stopping me from seeing clearly what I needed to see, the veil we all humans decide to live with and do not realize we are capable of removing to see clearly. Once we remove that veil the knowledge comes alongside with many more positive things we are used to live with on the other side from where we all come from.




Interested in my thoughts Doug approached me and told me “once we have the power in ourselves and the light, our own thoughts will guide us to the deepest meditations and self-discover, we will then be capable to see clearly”.


It was all I needed to know, because it was exactly the same thing I was thinking about. I told him: “Yes Doug, I call it the veil across dimensions. The one we learn to remove in order to really see what is in the other side. Because we travel across dimensions with it”. He understood without need of going deeper.


Once we get to remove the veil then “the awakening” starts. It is marvelous, magnificent, incredible, because we had no idea of how perfect and wise we can be. Everything has a purpose, it has been designed perfectly well, no mistake has been made during that design, and our sole purpose is to experience whatever we chose to come to experience during our lifetime.


I am grateful of having the opportunity to be an instrument of creation of life the way I do. I am grateful for the beautiful and perfect family I chose to have. I am grateful for the immense love I have chosen to experience with my soul mate during this and many other incarnations. I am grateful for the knowledge, and the opportunity of serving as an instrument of our Creators. Just a few have been able to remove the veil step by step, and to awake, however all humans have been designed for it. The feeling is pleasure and safety. I have seen desperation and sadness in my patient’s eyes sometimes, but they have learnt to grow and to accept inner peace into their lives, together with wisdom. They have accomplished so much in such a short time, and have got the chance to prove they are worthy of the parenthood challenge. I have seen huge transformations of humans during these last years, and I am grateful for it. That is a strong motif to keep working hard.


Thanks to my awakening I was able to say goodbye to two very close and important people in my life who left to cross to the other dimension. Today they are no longer in this physical dimension, but I feel their energies and love everywhere. They had the same disease, and for some unknown reason they both had the same sister stones I gave them before leaving to the other side. A few years back it would have been harder for me to accept their departure. I know our  loved ones are all around us in a different form we do not understand yet, but we will one day. We will all be together at the end.

The Creators made us perfect, and our bodies are filled with their magnificent molecules of greatness and pure love. If we all humans realize how great our life can be I am sure all negativity, and “the veil around us” could forever disappear. The Light residing inside each one of us is capable of guiding us through. It is immense and its power infinite. Just close your eyes and find it.



To you reading, to my patients, to my friends, you can start working to remove the veil, and awake to this new dimension of knowledge, where everything is easier, your thoughts are commands, your wishes are goals, and the understanding of the world is easier. That was the sole purpose of everything from the beginning.


Dedicated to Derrick Coleman who is now surrounding our everything with his love, and to Norberto Costa who is now enjoying the most beautiful melody. I miss you both terribly.


This is me with Doug before one of our Yoga classes.







Today some 2 billion people –roughly 1 billion Catholics and another billion in protestant faiths-observe Christmas.


If you were asked, “Why do you celebrate Christmas?” How would you respond? Many would say Christmas honors the birthday of Jesus. Others feel that Christmas is a good Christian family get-together. Many do it because they’ve always done it.


Christmas can appear tantalizing to the eye and ear. People appear happy, generous, full of good cheer. Twinkling lights decorate many houses. Santa Claus and his reindeer are pictured as poised to lift off snow-covered front yards or rooftops, although in the southern hemisphere and tropics there is no December snow. The colorful, peaceful-appearing Christmas scene can be intoxicating, addicting.


Shoppers pack stores, browsing for gifts they hope to buy at bargain-basement prices. Soaring strains of “White Christmas”, “Silent Night” or “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” resonate everywhere.


Christmas trees with twinkling lights and bright, sparkling ornaments create a mystical and glowing environment. Entire families want to experience the special mystery that only comes with the Christmas season. There is no religious holiday quite like it for the millions everywhere to observe it.


However, there is a very important question to be asked about Christmas: Was Christ really born on Christmas Day? After all, the Bible nowhere tells us the day of his birth. In fact, most credible secular historical writings tells us that Christmas, more than 200 years after Jesus’s death, was considered sinful: “As late as A.D 245 (the early Catholic theologian) repudiates as sinful the very idea of keeping the birthday of Christ” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, 1910, Vol. 6. P. 293, “Christmas”).



The conception of Christmas on December 25th as the celebration of the birth of Jesus started in the V century of our era. The emperor Constantine, the one who started the Christian faith was responsible to include this celebration.


Studies made from notable people like the priest Igartua, published a series of books named “The gospels through history” where he concluded Jesus could have not been born on the year 1. It has been stated that Jesus was born during Herodes times, however Herodes died before the year 1.


According to some recent research the date of birth of Jesus was August 21th at noon, in the year -7 according to our roman calendar. For some unexplained reason that date has been completely forgotten and changed to December 25th. He was the first child, followed by Santiago (April 2nd, year -3), Miriam or Maria (July 11th, year -2), Joseph (March 16th, year -1)., Simon (April 14th, year 2), Martha (September 15th, year 3), Jude or Judas (June 24th, year 5), Amos (January 9th, year 7), and Ruth who was born a few months after her father Joseph died (March 13th, year 9). A total of 9 children.


A careful analysis of Sacred Scriptures indicates clearly that December 25th is an unlikely date for Jesus’s birth. There are some other reasons for this:


Shepherds were not in the fields during December. According to “Celebrations: the complete book of American holidays”, Luke’s account suggest that Jesus may have been born in summer or early fall. Since December is cold and rainy in Judea, it is likely the shepherds would have sought shelter for their flocks at night.


Also, Jesus’s parents went to Bethlehem to register in a roman census, and censuses were not taken in winter, when temperatures often dropped below freezing and roads were in poor condition. Taking a census under such conditions would have been self-defeating.


Given the difficulties and the desire to bring pagans into Christianity, there was a compromise with the fixing of the date as December 25th with the paganism.




Many of the trappings of Christmas are merely carryovers from ancient celebrations. Santa Claus is an American corruption of the Dutch form “San Nicolaas”, a figure brought to America by the early Dutch colonists. This name stems from St. Nicholas, bishop of the city of Myra in Southern Asia Minor, a Catholic saint honored by the Greeks and the Latins on Dec. 6.


The Encyclopaedia Britannica states: :The church of the 2nd and the 3rd centuries, such as Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Epiphanius, contended that Christmas was a copy of pagan celebration” (15th edition, macropaedia, Vol. 4, p.499, “Christianity”).


We cannot scape that Christmas is rooted in ancient customs and religious practices that had nothing to do with Christianity and the Bible. As a way to ease convert’s transition in more recent years the holiday’s observance has been driven also by economic factors.


Christmas and many of its popular customs and trappings are nowhere set forth in the bible as I stated before.


Ancient Greek customs honoring God Dionysis (Bacchus), the Saturnalia in honour of Saturn, The Roman winter-solstice celebrations dating the winter solstice on December 25th, then changed to December 21st; The Persian Romans with Mitra God of Light, The European Teutonic feast of Yule celebrating the twelve nights from December 25th to January 6th; The German Odin celebrations, the Dutch Nicolaee, are amongst the contributors to the origins of the pagan celebrations that caused the addition of the birth of Jesus on the date of December 25th, without any evidence for this fact.


In view of centuries of criticism of the commercialization of Christmas, it is interesting to note that the holiday’s secular, not religious aspect, has been most responsible for its popularity.



So as today there is still a controversy about this celebration, and while some decided to stick to their believe of the reasons to celebrate it others choose to have more certain information before deciding if follow tradition or being part of the ones researching of waiting for facts.



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Reiki and its many accomplishments in Fertility

Fertility Reiki is a great way of getting your body in balance in order to increase the chances of fertility success and the pregnancy odds.




“People come to you with many different problems, difficulties, and illnesses, sometimes as a last resort, and you watch them leave relaxed, often radiant with joy and new hope…seeing them improve over time, watching them grow, gain confidence and become more trusting of life…seeing some make major changes and life adjustments…occasionally witnessing miracles…feeling the wonders of the Creator pass through you and into another…sensing the presence of spiritual beings, feeling their touch and knowing they work with you…being raise into even greater levels of joy and peace by simply place your hands on another…watching your life grow and develop as your continual immersion in Reiki transforms your attitudes, values and beliefs…sensing that because of your commitment to help others, beings of life are focusing their love and healing on you and carefully guiding you on your spiritual path”. ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training).


What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing. It can be done through light touch or no touch, mentally or during meditation. Rei means Universal, that is present everywhere. Ki means energy, vital life force. Reiki then is Universal Energy.


Can anyone give Reiki?


People need to receive a Reiki attunement in order to be able to use Reiki. Most healers who have not received the Reiki attunement from a Reiki Master are not using Reiki but another kind of healing energy. It is advisable to research regarding the Reiki practitioner to be used in order to get the right Universal Healing Energy. For a fertility patient looking to receive Reiki it is better to look for a Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master.


Can Reiki cause harm?


Absolutely no. Reiki is a healing form of energy. The energy the patient gets will come through the Universal Energy the Reiki practitioner posses already. This energy is capable of acting into the right places that need to be treated. The patient in most cases feels a warm and pleasant sensation of relaxation. If any undesired side effects arise after Reiki, these are usually related with the body responding in order to go back into harmony with itself., and with the flowing of the energy adapting to the healing mode.


Do I need to be present to receive Reiki?


Not necessarily. Reiki can be provided at distance too. A true genuine Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master can send distance Reiki in a powerful way, without the need of an in person consultation.



I have been practicing Reiki on my patients for the last year. The results have been remarkable. The reason I took Reiki was for me to have a deeper understanding of how life (as I witness it with cells) was working, and the way I was able to create life, and this life could behave in certain ways, even without any apparent scientific reason.


A few months ago I wrote an article called “A bridge between worlds”. In this article I am explaining the reasons why I decided to start using Reiki in my daily medical/scientific practice. Through Reiki I became aware of the behavior of life through Mother Nature. In a way I can perfectly understand what the beings of the embryos coming to this dimension need, and what they wish me to communicate to their future parents. In some cases the information is difficult for me to communicate because it can be hard for the parents to accept it, but I found that just the fact of me communicating the message is enough for them to accept it and embrace it with love and understanding. Believe me when I said it is not easy to work in the medical-scientific field, and also work hand-to-hand with Mother Nature in the holistic field. It is hard work, and the responsibility on my shoulders can be heavy at times.


I have fascinating stories from patients who attempted IVF so many times we were not even sure if it was worthy to keep trying. Through practicing Reiki on them I got messages from their “future children’s beings” about how to work on their energy field and to advice them what to do before trying IVF again, and they got pregnant.


There is another story of a patient diagnosed with Cancer, who was devastated by the news, and through Reiki I had the chance to advice her to freeze her embryos before the chemotherapy because her “future children’s beings” told me she was going to be OK. She decided to delay her chemotherapy and to do IVF first (risking her Cancer from advancing and spreading). We could freeze her embryos (beautiful by the way), and she is getting better and better every week. For her to delay the chemotherapy was not a problem at all at the end, even when we went a bit against her Oncologist’s advice to start Chemo immediately.


Another couple I had, the husband was diagnosed with over 30% sperm DNA fragmentation (this value makes it extremely difficult for him to conceive, and if he conceives the risks of chromosomic alterations are very high). I did Reiki on him for a few weeks. Then he had another sperm DNA test and his value was less than 20%, which is a good normal value, and also scientifically inexplicably.



There are too many stories in this last year since I started my Reiki practice. This changes keep happening more and more with patients everywhere, even the ones I do distance Reiki to. It shows something is definitely working with this healing energy, and is doing something great with patients who wish to accept this healing energy into their lives. This life energy is constantly flowing through us, but most times there are blockages caused by our own energy being stuck for stress, anxieties, fears, frustration, anger, hate, jealousy, etc. Completely negative feelings. When negative thoughts become lodged in the subconscious mind, they create a permanent disruption on the energy flow. Once the blockage is removed, thanks to the flowing of this healing energy of Reiki, the life changes completely, and there will be again a harmonic and synchronized flow of energy through the whole body. This way most physical, mental, and spiritual diseases will go away. This is a work that might take time, but helped by the patient’s will to get better, and to accept this energy, the changes will occur.


In some occasions there are unhealthy spirits taking advantage of a person by connecting through parts of the person that are out of balance or need healing. This is a situation that needs Healing Spirits Attachments treatment. It is a work that needs to be done through strong energy clearing, and can just be safely done by a well-prepared Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master. It might take more than 3 sessions of work.



The Reiki Grid I am using now for some patients is impressive. It consists in the preparation of a Grid with Quartz stones. The Grid is prepared using the name of the patient(s) or a photograph, and charging it with Reiki Energy. It is necessary to work with intention in order to allow the energy flow to do its work. Quartz crystal are used because they have the property of absorbing and holding consciousness and intentions, that way the Reiki transmission gets easier. “The blessings that will come to those using the Crystal Grid are truly marvelous”. The Crystal Grid will work in conjunction with a World Peace Crystal Grid that is charged once a month by Reiki Masters all over the world. The main World Peace Crystal Grids are located in the North and South Pole and in Jerusalem. In most occasions I will send you one of the Quartz crystals for you to hold it and keep it charged with this positive energy you will be receiving.


The Aura Clearing is a refined Reiki technique using elements from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It works by re-establishing the energy flow within the individual receiving the procedure. The blocks are lots of energy made of ideas, emotions, beliefs, that are opposed to the person’s wellbeing. These blocks can cause difficulties, problems, and disease. Once the Aura Clearing is performed the life energy will return to its normal flow, and the person’s health is restored. This process also assists in the healing of any problem or difficulty, problems with relationships, at work, spiritual problems, addiction, and serious diseases like Cancer. If the patient decides to get these sessions it is advisable to notify your health care provider your intention to work alongside with a Reiki Master. This procedure can be done in conjunction with conventional Reiki sessions.


Meditation is the best way to connect ourselve with the Universal Energy. Through meditation we get messages and guides about problems we might be facing, and the way to solve them. Meditation can be done by yourself or with the supervision and guidance of a Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master in order to facilitate the communication and energy flow.



Finding your Soul ® is a technique I created for people who are in a constant search for themselves. One in ten people suffer from sadness and the feeling of emptiness is constantly present into their lives. When this happens is usually caused for the breaking between themselves. There is a lost of connection between their earth-self and their higher-self. Their bodies exist in a physical form but they do not feel connected to it. Everything tastes the same, the feeling of emptiness is constant; they feel there is no meaning for life. Every year we observe an increase in this type of individuals who claim to be depressed, sad and lonely even when they have a support system of friends, family, and love ones. Through this technique we will work together to find the connection between yourself and the world around you, we will establish the connection between your higher-self and your earth-self, this way you will be able to enjoy life fully, and to really feel, taste and enjoy again. Some of my patient’s have reported having an ice-cream and really feel the flavor of the ice-cream for the first time in a long time. That is the purpose.


Pendulum session is a way of asking questions to our highest Spiritual Guides and Masters. The connection between them and ourselve is always present, however sometimes it cannot be tuned properly. In these cases we can use the help of pendulum crystals or stones to ask questions for guidance.


With the use of these amazing tools we have accomplish really amazing things with patients. If you are willing to let the Universal Reiki energy flow through you and feel it then I will definitely help. The chances of success are greater using it than ignoring it.


It has been my experience than the majority of patients when finish their fertility treatment, end up with more doubts and questions than before. Let me help you go through it in a different/healthier way.


There are several ways Reiki, this pure Universal Energy can assist fertility patients, and any other patients suffering from any disease. I have seen wonders, and I am sure my colleagues have also. To witness the improvement of patients who came with a huge blockage and problems and see them leave healthy and happier is priceless. I invite you to be part of this change and to appreciate what these techniques can offer. As a physician I decided to combine my findings with the path of pure energy and to seek for other alternatives of treatment, and I have seen improvements. Patients have witnessed themselves the step-by-step changes in their own lives. You can too be part of this change and use something that will definitely benefit your future, wellbeing, health and outcomes.


The role of Yoga in Fertility



Yoga is one of the six fundamental systems of Indian thought, collectively known as Darsana. It can mean sight, view, interpreted as a view inside ourselves. Another meaning of Yoga is “to attain what was previously unattainable”, something that we are unable to do today. Yoga is the change we accept in our lives to learn to know ourselves in a deeper way. It will bring back the focus into our lives to establish a connection between the here and now, and with our body and mind. That way we can be “one with the Divine”. Our communication with the Universe that allows us to understand there is a power higher than ourselves, and to establish harmony and acceptance. Every person decides their path and will change their lives in the direction they wish, although some changes need to be make in order to gain that capability and to keep it. Any religious belief is accepted, as Yoga does not need people to believe in any particular God. Also there is no discrimination against sexual orientation, political view, social status, etc.


Yoga uses different poses called Asanas, each of them have meaningful connections between the experience of exchanging valuable information linking our body with our mind-soul. This information is gained because our conscious mind operates in ways we do not perceive if do not have the control gained by mastering the art of meditation and self-discovery.




In people’s day-to-day lives negative feelings play an important role, sometimes occupying most of their time. Negative feelings increase stress levels and they can very much affect the health in several ways. If we look at one of the main common factors involved in most fertility patient’s lives, then we will all agree stress is one of them. The frequent practice of Yoga provides exercising and meditation techniques, including respiratory skills that will improve our health in many ways. When practicing Yoga, the stress levels can be dramatically decreased, providing an increase in the blood flow throughout the body, releasing muscle tension, balancing hormones, helping cells to regenerate, healing and taking care of injuries. Some people have even claimed they have totally cured from diseases after the frequent practice of Yoga.


Yoga among its many accomplishments has been one of the most increasingly used by fertility patients today. There are Fertility Yoga – routine exercises made especially for this group of patients, and the success has been shown to be increasing with testimonies of successful fertility procedures, healthy pregnancies and newborns.



Inside the body lies a real complex network of connections. These connections are related with every lifestyle choice we make everyday, it accumulates and acts as a time bomb that can explode any moment. Our brains take on too much trying to put up with our lifestyle, and sends signals of help sometimes but they are not properly acknowledged. When any system starts failing in one place, it will eventually start affecting another one somewhere else. That is the cascade that a negative disease such as stress can cause, and this is not even the top of the iceberg. Among the negative feelings there are many more that come alongside stress, because this disease usually travels accompanied by several other symptoms. A few people decide to address their illnesses and start listening to their bodies in cases when is very advanced, or in some cases to prevent them for happening. In any case the body will very much appreciate the attention and consideration of options to get balance and healthiness.


Yoga addresses diseases and symptoms by going directly into the roots. As in with Reiki the cure won’t be immediate, but it will definitely come. Going directly into the root of the problem is the best way to address it and transform it. The quickest way is not always the best option when we talk about the human body, in most cases the slow option is the right one, because it will take longer to get to the root, but once there it will cure it forever.




Infertility has been increasing in the last years, and it will continue to increase. The financial cost for every treatment is huge. A recommended lifestyle change’s plan including exercise routine, consumption of healthy foods, and meditation is recommended to boost the results in any fertility procedure. Some places and professionals offer very good body-mind-soul programs aimed for fertility patients in need to get more balance, energy, and relaxation prior, during and after their procedure.


Yoga also uses the Pranayamas. These are breathing exercises really good for fertility patients. They provide relaxation, healthiness, balance, peace, focus, concentration, and a deep communication with our high self.


The right use and incorporation of a mind-body program alongside traditional medical advances and techniques will increase the odds of success. It will relieve stress; address feelings of fear and anxieties, and it will provide advice to patients in case they feel the need to get orientation throughout the course of their procedure. Researchers have concluded that including a mind-body therapy alongside with the fertility procedure increased three times the likehood of getting pregnant, compared with patients who do not use it. Stress, anxiety, depression and frustration are negative feelings that can affect the immunologic and endocrine system impairing ovulation, fertilization, implantation, ovarian, tubal and uterine function, and the normal development of the embryo. Oxidative stress in males has been related to level of stress, and the resulting abnormal embryo development.


Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system causing the adrenal glands to release epinephrine into the bloodstream. It will cause constriction of blood vessels and a disturbance in the blood flow into the uterus, which needs lots of oxygen. Yoga exercises and breathing techniques will restore this flow of blood thought the different organs and systems.


I also recommend the patients to do Couple Yoga training. This is a great way of establishing a good communication with your partner, to both integrate in the Yoga practice with exercises and meditation, and increase the chances of being healthy together. Both the patients will undergo through different stages during their fertility treatment, and practicing these relaxation techniques it will bring positive energies and good vibrations into their outcome, as well as increasing the chances of both having good gametes to be used for their procedure.


So Yoga is worth a try for fertility patients and for any other patient going through a tough time battling any disease. I have been through this path and know exactly how is like. It has both physical and psychological advantages. It has been well recognized to reduce stress and anxiety, detoxifies the body, promotes relaxation of muscles and connective tissue, increase the blood flow through the body, and connect us with our mind in a deeper way. In Fertility Yoga is a great way to empower patients through their journey through human reproduction. So I am inviting you to go now and take a Yoga class to understand and see for yourself what I am talking about.