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Fertility New Age. This category includes shared experiences and findings in fertility areas, and also in any other areas of medicine, and mind-body work.

Human reproduction is the beginning of everything, the first cells will divide and start the complex processes of increasing disorder and create a whole human being. A perfect human composed by million of cells, neuronal connections, physiological processes. Life is an amazing thing. They are always new things to explore in the medical field, things that many doctors still ignore today. Other so-called more holistic approaches have been gaining power into the medical field. Today doctors recommend patients to try Reiki, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, and several other techniques as adjuvants during their treatments, and to reduce side effects. Mindfulness applications are available now to be used on personal devices in order to reduce stress and calm the day-to-day routine of people. Yoga is now been practice for millions of people all over the world, and has shown to be of extreme benefit for people with past injuries and diseases. There is a combination of spiritual-scientific-medical areas.

Researchers have been dedicating their time and life to study the human mind, the human creation, and the phenomenon of death. The understanding of how the mind works, and the strong connection between what we believe and what we create to ourselves. The creation of a human embryo, containing cells who already posses all the information of that person’s life, together with the genetic code that was supposed to dictate any disease or future problem during life. Today things have changed regarding the study of genes, with the new area of epigenetics. The way a cells has been programmed to change and to die, this is a huge mystery, and it has always been the key to understand diseases. Technology still advancing enormously. We now know more in the past 10 years than in centuries of study. There is a lot more to be discovered as our understanding of live and its beginning still very limited by several factors like religious views, values, political inclinations, and the decision of living inside a bubble where innovation and technology do not play an important part.

Fertility specialist are constantly studying because this field includes many other fields. Doctors can become psychologists, spiritual guides, lawyers, counsellors, advisors. There is a lot of information here to help doctors and patients to keep growing and to expand their minds. Have a look and explore the mysteries of life and death, the mysteries of the brain and the mind.




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