The grey unknown area of quantum physics, and my theory.




For the last couple of years I have developed this interesting theory. Many of you might think is a very improbable theory, and perhaps that it might not make good sense in terms of science and objectivity as for some it might be going deep into philosophy. However, my theory I am sure it will be demonstrated in a few years. I know this fact because science, technology, and knowledge still guiding people to study and become more interested in quantum physics.

Quantum physics is a very difficult field for many. Some others prefer to avoid the many conundrums involved in the study of this field; because of the many complexities and incoherent results they might get with their experiments.

Many more geniuses minds keep coming into this physical life, most of them with decisions to keep some of the capacities to remember their inmense knowledge they had acquired in another dimensions where we all come from.




If we just focus on the scientific, objective, pragmatic version of this, it is kind of a grey area that today quantum physicists are facing, but still looking for paths to prove it in a way that makes it more believable. We do not find many well-known scientists starting a conference with: “Well, accepting the fact that we all live in a physical dimension, and that we all come from another dimension, that by the way we still do not know much about, then we can explain our findings easier” – I am sure many people will leave the room in surprise.

Quantum physics is demonstrating there is the possibility that one molecule can travel faster than light speed and be in two places at almost the same time, phenomena called quantum entanglement. This phenomenon allows particles that were once together to remain in instant, almost magical, communication with each other, being separated by huge distances (like in opposite sides of the universe).




Gravitational fields moves anything that has a mass, and electric or magnetic fields move electrically charged or magnetic particles such as the ions. According to Maxwell electricity and magnetism are the same (EM fields). Einstein’s equation (E=MC2) with energy on one side and mass on the other, demonstrated that mass and energy are interchangeable. What if with this equation in mind we extrapolate matter as a physical being composed of molecules and cells, and energy as the deep level of energy that can travel from any place in the universe, any dimension, through different holes created into the different layers of dimensions (quantum tunneling), using black holes (as vehicles) to get to the place where the molecules (physical matter) are located. I know it sounds complex; however that is my theory. I think there are micro-black holes in certain places that allow energy beings with consciousness to travel everywhere in the universe to posses the physical body they chose to have. In a few more hundred years humans will discover this amazing phenomena, and I hope they believe what they discover is the path of higher consciousness. Electromagnetism can become a good tool in this case.

Life appears to have one foot in the classical world of everyday objects and the other planted in the strange and peculiar depths of the quantum world. Life lives on the quantum edge. My theory, as unbelievable as it might sound today should be explored.



Resources: Life on the edge. Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjose McFadden.