Reiki and its many accomplishments in Fertility

Fertility Reiki is a great way of getting your body in balance in order to increase the chances of fertility success and the pregnancy odds.




“People come to you with many different problems, difficulties, and illnesses, sometimes as a last resort, and you watch them leave relaxed, often radiant with joy and new hope…seeing them improve over time, watching them grow, gain confidence and become more trusting of life…seeing some make major changes and life adjustments…occasionally witnessing miracles…feeling the wonders of the Creator pass through you and into another…sensing the presence of spiritual beings, feeling their touch and knowing they work with you…being raise into even greater levels of joy and peace by simply place your hands on another…watching your life grow and develop as your continual immersion in Reiki transforms your attitudes, values and beliefs…sensing that because of your commitment to help others, beings of life are focusing their love and healing on you and carefully guiding you on your spiritual path”. ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training).


What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing. It can be done through light touch or no touch, mentally or during meditation. Rei means Universal, that is present everywhere. Ki means energy, vital life force. Reiki then is Universal Energy.


Can anyone give Reiki?


People need to receive a Reiki attunement in order to be able to use Reiki. Most healers who have not received the Reiki attunement from a Reiki Master are not using Reiki but another kind of healing energy. It is advisable to research regarding the Reiki practitioner to be used in order to get the right Universal Healing Energy. For a fertility patient looking to receive Reiki it is better to look for a Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master.


Can Reiki cause harm?


Absolutely no. Reiki is a healing form of energy. The energy the patient gets will come through the Universal Energy the Reiki practitioner posses already. This energy is capable of acting into the right places that need to be treated. The patient in most cases feels a warm and pleasant sensation of relaxation. If any undesired side effects arise after Reiki, these are usually related with the body responding in order to go back into harmony with itself., and with the flowing of the energy adapting to the healing mode.


Do I need to be present to receive Reiki?


Not necessarily. Reiki can be provided at distance too. A true genuine Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master can send distance Reiki in a powerful way, without the need of an in person consultation.



I have been practicing Reiki on my patients for the last year. The results have been remarkable. The reason I took Reiki was for me to have a deeper understanding of how life (as I witness it with cells) was working, and the way I was able to create life, and this life could behave in certain ways, even without any apparent scientific reason.


A few months ago I wrote an article called “A bridge between worlds”. In this article I am explaining the reasons why I decided to start using Reiki in my daily medical/scientific practice. Through Reiki I became aware of the behavior of life through Mother Nature. In a way I can perfectly understand what the beings of the embryos coming to this dimension need, and what they wish me to communicate to their future parents. In some cases the information is difficult for me to communicate because it can be hard for the parents to accept it, but I found that just the fact of me communicating the message is enough for them to accept it and embrace it with love and understanding. Believe me when I said it is not easy to work in the medical-scientific field, and also work hand-to-hand with Mother Nature in the holistic field. It is hard work, and the responsibility on my shoulders can be heavy at times.


I have fascinating stories from patients who attempted IVF so many times we were not even sure if it was worthy to keep trying. Through practicing Reiki on them I got messages from their “future children’s beings” about how to work on their energy field and to advice them what to do before trying IVF again, and they got pregnant.


There is another story of a patient diagnosed with Cancer, who was devastated by the news, and through Reiki I had the chance to advice her to freeze her embryos before the chemotherapy because her “future children’s beings” told me she was going to be OK. She decided to delay her chemotherapy and to do IVF first (risking her Cancer from advancing and spreading). We could freeze her embryos (beautiful by the way), and she is getting better and better every week. For her to delay the chemotherapy was not a problem at all at the end, even when we went a bit against her Oncologist’s advice to start Chemo immediately.


Another couple I had, the husband was diagnosed with over 30% sperm DNA fragmentation (this value makes it extremely difficult for him to conceive, and if he conceives the risks of chromosomic alterations are very high). I did Reiki on him for a few weeks. Then he had another sperm DNA test and his value was less than 20%, which is a good normal value, and also scientifically inexplicably.



There are too many stories in this last year since I started my Reiki practice. This changes keep happening more and more with patients everywhere, even the ones I do distance Reiki to. It shows something is definitely working with this healing energy, and is doing something great with patients who wish to accept this healing energy into their lives. This life energy is constantly flowing through us, but most times there are blockages caused by our own energy being stuck for stress, anxieties, fears, frustration, anger, hate, jealousy, etc. Completely negative feelings. When negative thoughts become lodged in the subconscious mind, they create a permanent disruption on the energy flow. Once the blockage is removed, thanks to the flowing of this healing energy of Reiki, the life changes completely, and there will be again a harmonic and synchronized flow of energy through the whole body. This way most physical, mental, and spiritual diseases will go away. This is a work that might take time, but helped by the patient’s will to get better, and to accept this energy, the changes will occur.


In some occasions there are unhealthy spirits taking advantage of a person by connecting through parts of the person that are out of balance or need healing. This is a situation that needs Healing Spirits Attachments treatment. It is a work that needs to be done through strong energy clearing, and can just be safely done by a well-prepared Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master. It might take more than 3 sessions of work.



The Reiki Grid I am using now for some patients is impressive. It consists in the preparation of a Grid with Quartz stones. The Grid is prepared using the name of the patient(s) or a photograph, and charging it with Reiki Energy. It is necessary to work with intention in order to allow the energy flow to do its work. Quartz crystal are used because they have the property of absorbing and holding consciousness and intentions, that way the Reiki transmission gets easier. “The blessings that will come to those using the Crystal Grid are truly marvelous”. The Crystal Grid will work in conjunction with a World Peace Crystal Grid that is charged once a month by Reiki Masters all over the world. The main World Peace Crystal Grids are located in the North and South Pole and in Jerusalem. In most occasions I will send you one of the Quartz crystals for you to hold it and keep it charged with this positive energy you will be receiving.


The Aura Clearing is a refined Reiki technique using elements from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It works by re-establishing the energy flow within the individual receiving the procedure. The blocks are lots of energy made of ideas, emotions, beliefs, that are opposed to the person’s wellbeing. These blocks can cause difficulties, problems, and disease. Once the Aura Clearing is performed the life energy will return to its normal flow, and the person’s health is restored. This process also assists in the healing of any problem or difficulty, problems with relationships, at work, spiritual problems, addiction, and serious diseases like Cancer. If the patient decides to get these sessions it is advisable to notify your health care provider your intention to work alongside with a Reiki Master. This procedure can be done in conjunction with conventional Reiki sessions.


Meditation is the best way to connect ourselve with the Universal Energy. Through meditation we get messages and guides about problems we might be facing, and the way to solve them. Meditation can be done by yourself or with the supervision and guidance of a Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master in order to facilitate the communication and energy flow.



Finding your Soul ® is a technique I created for people who are in a constant search for themselves. One in ten people suffer from sadness and the feeling of emptiness is constantly present into their lives. When this happens is usually caused for the breaking between themselves. There is a lost of connection between their earth-self and their higher-self. Their bodies exist in a physical form but they do not feel connected to it. Everything tastes the same, the feeling of emptiness is constant; they feel there is no meaning for life. Every year we observe an increase in this type of individuals who claim to be depressed, sad and lonely even when they have a support system of friends, family, and love ones. Through this technique we will work together to find the connection between yourself and the world around you, we will establish the connection between your higher-self and your earth-self, this way you will be able to enjoy life fully, and to really feel, taste and enjoy again. Some of my patient’s have reported having an ice-cream and really feel the flavor of the ice-cream for the first time in a long time. That is the purpose.


Pendulum session is a way of asking questions to our highest Spiritual Guides and Masters. The connection between them and ourselve is always present, however sometimes it cannot be tuned properly. In these cases we can use the help of pendulum crystals or stones to ask questions for guidance.


With the use of these amazing tools we have accomplish really amazing things with patients. If you are willing to let the Universal Reiki energy flow through you and feel it then I will definitely help. The chances of success are greater using it than ignoring it.


It has been my experience than the majority of patients when finish their fertility treatment, end up with more doubts and questions than before. Let me help you go through it in a different/healthier way.


There are several ways Reiki, this pure Universal Energy can assist fertility patients, and any other patients suffering from any disease. I have seen wonders, and I am sure my colleagues have also. To witness the improvement of patients who came with a huge blockage and problems and see them leave healthy and happier is priceless. I invite you to be part of this change and to appreciate what these techniques can offer. As a physician I decided to combine my findings with the path of pure energy and to seek for other alternatives of treatment, and I have seen improvements. Patients have witnessed themselves the step-by-step changes in their own lives. You can too be part of this change and use something that will definitely benefit your future, wellbeing, health and outcomes.