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Having a baby is the most beautiful and fulfilling experience that someone can go through. We don’t want you to miss it for the world. Today you might be having difficulties with getting pregnant, repeated miscarriages, hormone imbalance, lots of information coming from everywhere, and dealing with a range of mixed emotions. However, the good news are that there is always a solution!

Dr. Lucy Coleman, a fertility and embryology specialist has designed a unique and integrative program aimed to work on the key elements that are involved with infertility to increase the chance of a healthy pregnancy.

She was also a fertility patient that went through several medical difficulties, including a low ovarian reserve and immunologic reactions, and this awoke her desire to understand about health with an integrative approach. She later got pregnant and had a healthy baby boy at 42 weeks and with 41 years of age.

The fertility online program was designed by her with the mere intention of sharing what worked for her and many of her patients around the world. It contains a set of steps that need to be done and understood in order to produce positive and healthy changes in the body.

You will be taken to a number of different techniques that will all produce an effect, and it will be up to you and your body to accept those changes.

As of today thousands of patients around the world have undergone our program and they have reported improvements and positive changes in the way their body responded to their fertility journey.

We invite you to come to the fertility online program with an open and fresh mind, and the conviction that it can work for you.

You are invited to take action today and join the fertility online program created by Dr. Coleman and to find natural and integrative ways to prepare your body for the best possible results.

“There are healthy and natural ways to balance the body and achieve the most desired healthy pregnancy. If I did it with all the odds agains me, then anyone can do it”.

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Frequent asked questions

  1. How long does the program last for? – It has been designed with weekly steps with a total of 6 weeks.

  2. Can I start this program if I am already on my fertility treatment? – Yes, because there is nothing included that will affect the clinical procedure. It advisable to discuss with your physician that you are going through an alternative process to increase your chances of success.

  3. Are there any clinical indications offered in the program? – This program does not offer any clinical advise. If you have doubts regarding your procedure or results it is advisable to consult with your physician.

  4. Does this program includes consultations with Dr. Coleman? – The program used to offer direct consultations and conference calls with Dr. Coleman. Today, because of the limitation with time she offers some group calls a few times per year. We advise you to get on our newsletter to receive information about the upcoming activities.

  5. Has this program been designed for women only? – This program has been carefully designed for both women and men. Any gender might find helpful information and advise that will guide through the fertility process.

  6. Is there a Fertility Online community? – We have started to create a closed Facebook community and will keep you updated on our newsletter.

  7. What is the language of the program? – The program has been offered in English and Spanish.

  8. How can I access the program? – Through the link reading: “Fertility Online Program Here”.

  9. Will I need doctor’s permission to do the program? – We strongly encourage you to talk to your physician and let him/her know about your wish to do an alternative/integrative program. They will advise if that’s the right call for you or to avoid it depending on your situation.

  10. How can I pay? – Once you go through the course there will be a secure payment gateway for you to use.

Our content is for informational purposes only. We are not offering medical advice, diagnose, prescription or treatment.