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Having a baby is the most beautiful and fulfilling experience that someone can go through.

If you are one of those humans wishing to reproduce then this is your chance. After all, it is not that as if we had lots of years to do it. 

Today you might be having difficulties with getting pregnant, repeated miscarriages, hormone imbalance, plus the amount of information coming from everywhere, causing a range of mixed emotions.

The good news: there is always a solution!


Dr. Lucy Coleman, specialist in reproductive medicine and fertility, high complexity embryology and cellular regeneration has designed an excellent program of 101 fertility concepts for patients with the purpose of giving them the basic knowledge to go through their fertility journey before, during and after the procedure.  

It has been inspired on experiences, questions and doubts most patients manifest, and puts together a list of tips, advice, orientation and visualisation patients can use during their own treatment.

To visit a fertility clinic can become an overwhelming experience. For doctors and specialist on this field it is just another day in their long careers, but for patients it is a master class in minutes. It can definitely be stressful! 

The program is a set of the most important concepts in reproductive medicine that are usually discussed with doctors and the scientific team.

It has been designed in modules with information about each procedure, advantages and risks, tips and everything patients need to know once they start their fertility journey.


Fertility patients have questions, and we mean lots of questions. This is when knowledge of basic concepts can be productive. It doesn’t need to be complex, simple is best. And if you learn the basics then once the complex comes it won’t become difficult anymore. This will definitely decrease your anxiety levels.


Uncertainty brings fear and anxiety, and many patients face these feelings “not-knowing” what comes next. The lose  control over the situation and even over their own bodies.

Here, you will get that control back with empowerment and knowledge, and this field will even become beautiful as you get to admire the magic of life itself. 



The Fertility Online program has been directed to all fertility patients.

Just enter and check the modules to decide if this is the right option for you (it will be!)

Our content is for informational purposes only. We are not offering medical advice, diagnose, prescription or treatment.

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