Black hole of negativity



Negativity is a disabling emotion. It makes us feel there is no way to achieve our goals, there is no alternative to a better life, incapacitate us to keep looking and to find the Light through darkness.


People are constantly followed by it, because as a negative feeling it feeds of fear, doubt, lack of self-confidence, self-sufficiency, anger, pain, frustration and loss. We will encounter many people trapped in the net of this debilitating feeling; they do not seem to live without the warning sign that “better expect something bad before you expect something good”. Pity they do not look for the great and good first. These people continuously live in constant fear, doubt and pain because of their negativity. It consumes them until the point they believe their live is surrounded by it.



Sometimes patients come to me and tell me the fact they acknowledge their problem is huge, maybe unfixable, and that is the reason they might not be able to ever have a baby. Negativity is everywhere around them, heavy, and a burden hard to carry. The consultancy room gets smaller and smaller when their huge negativity enters with them. I usually ask them to please leave it outside, because that place has just space for positive thoughts and hope. In many occasions is hard for them to leave it outside because they are used to live with it.


There is a particular place in my office I call “the black hole of negativity”, and is the place where all the negative thoughts are thrown away in hope they go back to the dark dimension they all came from. The space around life is limited to positive thoughts and Light, but there is also space for negativity and sadness. Once patients acknowledge the fact those negative feelings really need to go, and they can not longer carry them they accept there is a time for change and open up to the greatness of truly happiness.


I had once a beautiful couple that tried several times with in vitro fertilization in different clinics, they came to us as a last resource, because they heard about us and decided to give themselves a last chance. They already lost their house, their cars, and with all that the signs of hope. It was a couple surrounded by greys and black colors, and energy around them was low and fading. We decided to start rebuilding the self-trust, positivism, and most importantly their hope.


Time was passing by and they seemed to be changing. They projected positivism whatever they went. Their relationship grew stronger and it was so powerful that nothing seemed to break them down. Then the biggest challenged of all came for them to face it: she lost her mother in a battle with cancer. It was devastating for them both, as they were very united as a family. We decided to cancel their treatment for a while, to allow them some time to recover from such loss. After a few weeks she came back to us and say: “Well, I have learnt to accept to live without my mum, and now she is back on the other side her energy is so much stronger that she will help me with the energy we need to complete this work, so let’s go for it”. We were very proud of her, she was so brave and wise. She found herself again and regained self-confidence, trust, positivism, hope, and closed her black hole of negativity to be able to reach her goal: becoming a mother.


During the frozen embryo transfer she told me she knew this was the time she was going to succeed to life finally, and that she knew mother nature was pleased with her hard work and was going to help her. She was so confident that her confidence was all over the place surrounding us.


A few days later she was pregnant.




This story I wanted to share is important because this couple was constantly surrounded by difficult times and life changing moments, however they decided to let Light and Love come into their lives in a way that changed them forever. Nothing was able to break their positivism, and that allow them to always see the Light at the end of the darkness.


Black holes are places in our universe that suck everything around them. They have also been though to be connections to a different dimension. Either way black holes are places of darkness and Light there vanishes.


We all face difficult times during our lives, we will face them even if we do not want to, the secret is not to fade and not to forget the strong Light that lives inside each one of us. That Light will be our guide forever during our time in this physical dimension, and then will surround us totally when we leave this beautiful place.


I witness when life starts as its most simple and delicate moment. When the cells start dividing and moving towards complexity and disorder (as the laws of the universe state). The beginning is a unique moment to witness the complexity of life and the many challenges faced during our time here. I also witness when the cells die and their complexity finally is at its rest, allowing the biological process to rest from their fight against disorder. Witnessing all that makes it possible for me to understand we have been placed in a tough environment to survive against the odds. If we are able to do so against biology, using our capacities to fight against nature sometimes, then our bodies need to feed from our inner beings to continue living fully. Not just the simple fact of living without meaning but also the beauty of having a great life filled with positivism and hopes. That could be explained by the resilience of nature to live against the storm.


Let’s accept that nature has giving us the tools to live and to survive. Let’s face the fact there will always be black holes everywhere, because not having them will go against the laws of nature. Just acknowledging we are souls in search of adventures and experiences in order to grow, we will learn how to deal with those black holes, having them near by to be reminded of how wonderful and amazing our universe has been created and designed, and how important we are. Negativity will always be present, but when you face a situation you feel there is no hope think about the reason you are living it, accept it, embrace it, and let the Light guide you through. That is what my brave patient did, and that is what we all are capable of doing.


My mum always says: “There is always a Light at the end of the tunnel, and if is too dark to see it then head for the window, because there is always a window there too, be wise and find it”.




This article is dedicated to my brave patient Ana Pereira. Your Light and positivism filled our world. Thanks for your knowledge.



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