The Awakening.


A few nights ago before my yoga class with my teacher Doug Hayward I had a moment of what I call “continuing removing of the veil”. I was sitting there thinking about how grateful I felt for what I have right now in my life, I received the news from colleagues confirming positive pregnancies of patients of the last cycle of November-December in Caracas. Some of them were really big challenges, and we worked very hard to make their dreams come true. The good news arrived several minutes earlier and got me happy and satisfied. My work accomplished more success and scientific knowledge.


I was thinking in how wonderful life was, and how amazing and perfect everything was designed for every human being. My thoughts took me to that moment in my life, a few years ago, when I was still a pure scientific and skeptic physician. When life was just the base of my science and the cells I was creating were the result of my knowledge. My thoughts took me to the day I realized how wrong I was about life and death, and started removing the veil that was stopping me from seeing clearly what I needed to see, the veil we all humans decide to live with and do not realize we are capable of removing to see clearly. Once we remove that veil the knowledge comes alongside with many more positive things we are used to live with on the other side from where we all come from.




Interested in my thoughts Doug approached me and told me “once we have the power in ourselves and the light, our own thoughts will guide us to the deepest meditations and self-discover, we will then be capable to see clearly”.


It was all I needed to know, because it was exactly the same thing I was thinking about. I told him: “Yes Doug, I call it the veil across dimensions. The one we learn to remove in order to really see what is in the other side. Because we travel across dimensions with it”. He understood without need of going deeper.


Once we get to remove the veil then “the awakening” starts. It is marvelous, magnificent, incredible, because we had no idea of how perfect and wise we can be. Everything has a purpose, it has been designed perfectly well, no mistake has been made during that design, and our sole purpose is to experience whatever we chose to come to experience during our lifetime.


I am grateful of having the opportunity to be an instrument of creation of life the way I do. I am grateful for the beautiful and perfect family I chose to have. I am grateful for the immense love I have chosen to experience with my soul mate during this and many other incarnations. I am grateful for the knowledge, and the opportunity of serving as an instrument of our Creators. Just a few have been able to remove the veil step by step, and to awake, however all humans have been designed for it. The feeling is pleasure and safety. I have seen desperation and sadness in my patient’s eyes sometimes, but they have learnt to grow and to accept inner peace into their lives, together with wisdom. They have accomplished so much in such a short time, and have got the chance to prove they are worthy of the parenthood challenge. I have seen huge transformations of humans during these last years, and I am grateful for it. That is a strong motif to keep working hard.


Thanks to my awakening I was able to say goodbye to two very close and important people in my life who left to cross to the other dimension. Today they are no longer in this physical dimension, but I feel their energies and love everywhere. They had the same disease, and for some unknown reason they both had the same sister stones I gave them before leaving to the other side. A few years back it would have been harder for me to accept their departure. I know our  loved ones are all around us in a different form we do not understand yet, but we will one day. We will all be together at the end.

The Creators made us perfect, and our bodies are filled with their magnificent molecules of greatness and pure love. If we all humans realize how great our life can be I am sure all negativity, and “the veil around us” could forever disappear. The Light residing inside each one of us is capable of guiding us through. It is immense and its power infinite. Just close your eyes and find it.



To you reading, to my patients, to my friends, you can start working to remove the veil, and awake to this new dimension of knowledge, where everything is easier, your thoughts are commands, your wishes are goals, and the understanding of the world is easier. That was the sole purpose of everything from the beginning.


Dedicated to Derrick Coleman who is now surrounding our everything with his love, and to Norberto Costa who is now enjoying the most beautiful melody. I miss you both terribly.


This is me with Doug before one of our Yoga classes.




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