I mentioned before that hypnosis has become one of the best tools to change patient’s responses to any physical or emotional disease. It has been used for many years, and the benefits on the mind are exceptional.


After completing my hypnosis training I realized there are responses on patient’s I didn’t see before. Our success rates increased dramatically, and the recovery time after egg collection was remarkable.


The sessions I use for hypnofertility are based on a technique called Cellular Releasing®, and consist on a form of hypnosis where the roots of the problem is addressed and changed. It is based on the formal concept of our mind controlling our cells and our responses to any root of situation that affected our physical body. Using this form of hypnosis patient’s will discover many times that the real root(s) of the problem was the main cause of the infertility issue they are going through.



After finding the root using cellular release I use Cellular Command®, which is a form of complete release of the problem. It is kind of a “starting a new life” technique.


During the training it was interesting to learn that our DNA can be totally changed by our own mind, if we know exactly how to do it. And there are routes to accomplish this, however these techniques are not easy to master by ourselves. Meditation per example is one of them. Through self-meditation we can even get to do our own self-hypnosis. Yoga is a great ways to combine mind and body together, however requires lots of practice to master this control. Hypnosis is the easiest one because very quickly, and performed by a good practitioner who really knows what to do, can go directly into the person’s subconscious and guide the way to make the necessary changes.


We performed several hypnofertility sessions in our patient’s and the results showed this technique to be effective, reliable, low cost, and quick in the way to provide immediate results. The name comes from performing hypnosis sessions, directed specifically to address the fertility issues, and increasing the chances of success naturally or artificially through IVF, and providing the patient with a relaxed state during the procedures, which will make a huge difference when it comes to compare the end results.


Nothing better than “Sit, relax, and let’s change the outcomes”.


Hypnocell® really change your life!



A few years ago when my interesting and long quest in the fertility world started I was, as most of humans are, totally oblivious of the great power we all have with the most complex and interesting working-machine called BRAIN. The power of our brain is limitless, and each one of us posses the key to restore, renovate, preserve, reconnect, and rejuvenate each one of the cells composing the human body. Not even all my years of medical school or practicing with patients gave me this knowledge before, for that reason my real quest started a few years ago.


There were no answers to many questions, and some of the answers did not make real sense to me or to my patients. I knew there was a lot more than just medical and scientific facts. It was a point in my life when I got really tired of reading and listening the same things over and over again about the extensive use of drugs and hormones to control patients, anxieties and depressions, sadness and failure, lack of trust and disease; all elements very frequent among doctors and patients.


When I started my Reiki certificate and later my Yoga certificate, there was a knowledge that was given to me with information that was very new and even scary at the time. Things about the mind and body connection, the way the universe works, the immense power of meditation and relaxation, the very close relationship between our body and the surroundings, the huge respect for mother nature and its wonders, and the extensive and never ending power of our minds given by the powerful energy that inhabits our being. The end of my quest was to discover the power of hypnosis in our lives.



Hypnosis is the ultimate way to recover and reprogram all the things that were meant to be a certain way from the beginning, and that have been interrupted, corrupted, disturbed, changed, modified, from the beginning of this lifetime until the very moment when we realize is time to get back on track.


We all loose ourselves on the way. We came to this world with a purpose and most of us fail to accomplish it, and that brings all sort of inconvenient and imbalances that can have physical, spiritual and/or mental consequences. I call them “disturbances”, because they are disturbing the purpose, the objective, the goal we came here to do. Since we are born there is a mission in our lives, and when this mission changes, stops, or does not happen at all, then all the life force energy suffers a disturbance and changes, most times in a negative way.


Hypnocell® was created to deal with that and get us back on track, to take us back to the path we were supposed to be from the beginning, to get rid of traumas, disease, sadness, confusion, worries, and all negativity that has been accumulated and created during all these years. It was the answer for me, and it is the way to find happiness, balance, and health again.


I invite you all to have a look at the great benefits of the Hypnocell program carefully designed for people seeking to get back on track. You can access going to www.hypnocell.com


Dr. Lucy Coleman

Director of Hypnocell®

[email protected]


Hypnosis and cancer


When I first decided to seriously study hypnosis it was mostly for curiosity, and the thirst to understand more about the way the human mind works. It all happened suddenly because my whole life changed thanks to Reiki, Yoga, and the practice of constant meditations. One day I was just meditating and for some reason the word “hypnosis” came into my mind, it was like a flash of light very sudden and powerful.


I read books written by serious experts on the field and came across Dr. Brian Weiss’s book “Many lives many masters” regarding his experience with hypnosis sessions with patients whom changed his life. I booked his “past life training program” in New York, and later took a serious long training course in hypnosis. The course was unbelievably complete and for me filled almost all the gaps.


During the course I learnt a special hypnosis technique called “Cellular release and command®”, and from that moment on I believe that is the most amazing technique to get a VIP direct access into the patient’s subconscious and address the real roots of problems, traumas, pathologies, diseases, and any blockage.



We have all been growing with the notion that western medicine can cure almost everything, but unfortunately this is not true. I have lost several loved ones from cancer, and after learning the wonders of hypnosis with cancer patients decided to also work with these patients and not just with fertility patients, which was initially my only field of expertise. I do believe though that understanding this technique requires certain knowledge and practice in the health area, and is not for everyone to try to master. It can be complex and the person offering this technique needs to know most of the physiological and physio-pathological concepts of the human body clear. That way it would be easier to understand the messages and communication the cells will offer and the hypnotist or hypnotherapist will offer back in order to change the distorted believe and successfully heal from the inside.


There are many other benefits for cancer patients for receiving hypnosis: First of all cancer patients are usually under a lot of stress, and the physiological burden of being ill is already a detonator to get more complications with their outcome and response to any treatment. Hypnosis is really useful to reduce the stress and tension, and to provide support to alleviate tensions through the relaxation therapy, visualization techniques, and the hypnosis session, which may definitely prolong life, and a change of attitude towards the disease.


As for terminal ill cancer patients hypnotherapy is a great tool in the management of anxiety, depression, anger, frustration; the management of pain (as hypnosis has been proven to be excellent for the relieve of chronic and acute pain), management of fatigue and insomnia; the management of the sides effects of chemo-therapy and radiotherapy; and provides great visualization tools to promote the improvement of health.



Several research have shown compelling data that cancer patients receiving weekly hypnosis sessions have increased survival duration, recovery, and time from recurrence to death.


It is important and advisable to find the right hypnotist or hypnotherapist to receive this type of sessions. Cancer patients can be in a vulnerable and unstable state, so they need to feel the right feedback from the trained professional in order to feel confident with the coadjuvant treatment.


I am currently offering hypnosis sessions for cancer patients, and the results observed are really encouraging and interesting. Many of my current patients have decreased the size of their tumors, others do not need as much chemotherapy or radiotherapy as initially intended; others have found themselves free of worries and pains, and without the side effects of the medications. But most of all, they have increase their positive attitude towards life and the future, without the constant fear of being ill.


Please feel free to contact my team for any bookings. I will be pleased to help.




In loving memory of this great man who fought till the end. Mr. Norberto thanks for the lessons learned. You are watching Nutcracker from your special spot in another dimension.



How our conscious and subconscious minds work?

We tend to believe that our lives and decisions are mostly based on our conscious decisions. Once we realize we fail to get whatever we wanted, or goals and objectives then we see ourselves as victims from the environment or higher forces above ourselves. What we do not know is the fact that our subconscious mind makes 95% of our experiences, the conscious mind 5%.


We are not even aware that our subconscious mind is the one running the show as is making all the decisions. This subconscious program is acquired during the first six years of life.



The quality of life in the womb can have a strong impact in the development of posterior diseases like coronary artery, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and several others, according to Dr. Peter Nathanielsz in his book “Life in the womb: the origin of health and disease”. He also said: “there is mounting evidence that programming of lifetime health by the conditions in the womb is equally, if not more important, than our genes in determining how we perform mentally and physically during life”.



Between birth and two years of age, the human brain predominantly operates at the lowest frequency (0.5-4 HZ), known as delta waves. Between two to six years of age theta waves appear (4-8 HZ). Theta is the frequency hypnotherapist use for the patient to reach a most suggestible-programmable state. At around the age of six, we become less susceptible to outside programming with the increasing appearance of higher frequency alpha waves (8-12 HZ). Alpha activity is equated with states of calm consciousness. At around 12 years of age we start with beta waves (12-35 HZ), characterized as active or focused consciousness (the brain activity you use to read this article). Before the complete establishment of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind is the one getting all the information and storing it within. Children before the age of six download an incredible amount of information and believe anything their parents want them to believe. Once this program is established it becomes hard-wired in our subconscious mind, and this program will basically run our lives forever, unless it can be reprogrammed.



The very strong connection between our subconscious mind and the way we live is something almost always ignored by people. We tend to blame our faults, problems, traumas, and misconceptions into others or something else external. We do not know deep inside there is a game player running every decision and event, without us even noticing. Believing our conscious was intending for something completely different. Even if we try to make the effort to believe we can achieve something, if failure is hard-wired deep inside, it won’t be possible or perhaps very difficult. Many of my patients usually tell me: “I really wish to change but it seems that everything I do does not work”. They really want to, but their deep subconscious has a message that says: “you are not good enough” or “you do not deserve that”. Maybe it was something they were told before they were 6 years old, and now the negative message has been attached for years. It needs to be changed. Once we use hypnosis the changes are so notorious that they even do not recognize themselves.


The subconscious mind needs to believe that it can; then the conscious will make it possible. Remember the subconscious mind evolves way before the conscious mind.


This is the interesting mechanism of action of the placebo and nocebo effects. In the placebo effect people actually get better when they believe they are getting the real medicine. The same happens when the mind is engaged in negative suggestions that produce a negative effect (nocebo effect). This is a vivid testimony of the body and mind connection. The mind believes and the cells in the body react by healing and regenerating, or by getting sicker and dying. The subconscious mind believes in the healing and regenerating power of the placebo, or in the killing and negative power of the nocebo.




Learning all of these has been a long path for me. I came to understand and finally accept the mind has such strong power that can achieve anything. Through practicing yoga I found it was easier to overcome many challenges in my life, but also encountered it can become a long path for those who are currently suffering from traumas, diseases, problems, pathologies, that need a quicker way to really regenerate and heal. Once came across hypnotherapy my quest was over. Hypnosis is the key to get deep inside into the real roots and to reprogram all the alterations and damages done during the first years of life (including in uterus life).


Hypnotherapy programs are excellent tools to rewrite and reprogram all the files stored in our subconscious mind that have not been working properly. Pre-birth programs like Hypnobirthing can become excellent tools for parents-to-be to learn about a natural birth, and the way the baby is developing inside under all the influences and feelings transmitted by the surroundings. This will play a key role in the successive development of the baby once it is born. Programs like Hypnocell for cellular release and cellular command can be a great tool for addressing the roots of the problems and changing the negative for positive (www.hypnocell.com).


Yoga meditation programs also provide a re-conditioning of the brain when the mind-body energy connection is achieved. The daily practice of yoga increases the energy connection and awareness of us as whole, creating a beautiful path to enlightenment and wisdom.




Dr. Bruce Lipton: “The biology of belief”.



Genes and the Mind


Lots have been said about the strong relationship between human development and the genes. We scientists learn that everything has been written in the genome of every human, and the determination of diseases and behaviors, even psychological matters, are strongly related with genes.


When I started learning about genetics I was amazed by the control we had in knowing things ahead of time, to predict certain diseases and pathologies using genetic testing. It was for me a great discovery to learn there are so many tools related to that discovery with genetics, that could even be interpreted as science fiction. However, after years of studying and observing behaviors and patters that should have been predicted by genetic testing, that is not the case. There were some differences between findings of positive genes running in entire families that did not manifest in the same generation or even more interesting, were deleted or inactivated in the same generation.


There is an interesting case regarding breast cancer from a patient whom 4 sisters were positive for breast cancer genes (BRCA), including her. All four of them died of breast cancer before the age of 55. She, on the other hand, did not, and she was already 68 years old. When she was tested for the genes she was positive. Seven months later she tested again negative. My question was “how could that happen?” Breast cancer was certainly running into her family as that hungry dog looking for more food. But she decided to kick the dog out of the house forever.


Image by Discover Magazine.


Well, apparently she denied the diagnose, kept living her life as it was, doing the same job, eating healthy and doing frequent exercising with meditation, and commanded her mind not to accept the diagnose and remove the genes. For her having breast cancer was not an option, and she denied the possibility that her two daughters inherited the genes.


BRCA1 and BRCA 2 are human genes that produce tumor suppressor proteins. The proteins help repair damaged DNA and play a role to ensure the cell has a stable genetic material. If any of these genes are mutated or altered, the protein won’t function properly, and cells are likely to develop additional genetic alterations that can lead to cancer. Women with this mutation have 55% chance of developing breast cancer. This is a big percentage.


For a woman to be positive for that genetic testing is a huge burden of responsibility, because it comes with the crossroad of what to do, and how to manage the result.


She was tested again twice and the results were negative, so did her daughters. It was a big enigma for me. Was it possible for her mind to simply make that decision and change her complete outcome through repairing her own DNA information and genes? And even to prevent the genes to continue with the lineage of DNA damage occurring in later generations?



I could not understand how she did it until I came across with hypnosis.


Once I started studying hypnosis I understood (after weeks of stubbornly trying to look for any other logical explanation), that our mind has the capability to repair our own cells if we believe we can do it. If the cells receive the proper command they will heal and regenerate.


Dr. Bruce Lipton (a pioneer in epigenetics) said that we are not victims of our genes, but masters of our fates, able to create lives overflowing with peace, happiness, love, and health. Cells are shaped by where and how they live, and he environment plays a very important role in the way cells behave. DNA is not the controller, is our minds!


Our mind is vast as the universe is. It can accomplish whatever we decide, if we know how, what and when to ask for it. The relationship between our mind and our genes is a cord that commands every single function we decide to perform in our lives, and not the other way around. Is not our genes the ones that command our mind, is the mind in control.


The purpose is to understand that genetics does not have all the control over our future and outcomes. Genes do not have the key to change what genetics has shown that can’t be changed yet, not even using genetic engineering. The key player here is the mind. It would be so easy if everyone would understand that fact, as I did.


Medicine today is mostly focused in using prescription drugs to treat diseases, that at a very high cost have shown to develop more side effects than benefits. Pharmaceutical companies make a huge amount of money because people today believe in the quick fix of anything. That is a big advantage, because the quick fix is usually the immediate relieve of whatever problem the person is going through. Medications used for chemotherapies are so strong that can even accelerate someone’s cell damage and death, because the components are directed to kill cell (good or bad cells). I have also seen cancer patients denying any drug treatment and living longer than the ones who had it, even when their cancer was more aggressive. They command their cells to regenerate and heal, find their center doing daily meditation, yoga and exercises that bring them peace and happiness. And these patients forget about any disease going on in their bodies. The field of quantum physics keeps exploring the relationship between invisible forces that can have a strong impact in biological regulation like electromagnetic forces. The role of energy, and the energy produced by the mind in biological systems should be studied. Although, if the definitive long-term fix resides in our own mind, no-one is going to make money out of that.


Science and medicine will not get any money if we become our own healers in control of our cells and bodies. However, it is worthy to try to have a look over the top and realize there is a lot you can do with your own mind.



Hypnosis and Fertility


I started my quest with hypnosis after meeting with a great woman, who is a hypnotist in Houston. Her name Melanie Harrell (www.melanieharrell.com). She helped me to go through a serious allergic reaction last year. And she used hypnosis to treat my panic attacks and anxieties developed because of that reaction that was going to last a few more weeks. I was desperate, none of the conventional western medicine seemed to help, and after the first session of hypnosis I could get inside an elevator for the first time in weeks. I also tried acupuncture, which worked wonders in the long term (but that is another story).

Melanie and I became good friends, and she explained hypnosis was a great method to go inside the subconscious through the conscious mind.

If I didn’t experience that myself I would say no way someone can change suddenly and relieve fears and internal monsters with just relaxing and listening to someone talking. Well, I was wrong, as I have been for many years of practicing just western medicine.

After a few months of planning my next projects, I decided to go and meet Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. I took his 5 days training course of past life regression. This course helped me to open up more about the subject of hypnosis, also because Dr. Weiss has an MD as I do. In certain way that reassured me a bit more, and also because he went to lots of criticism and attacks from the medical community after publishing his findings on past lives and between lives therapies he found to be of a huge benefit for his patients.


Thanks to Melanie and her recommendations of taking the course I got to meet Dr. Weiss who simply taught me there is a lot more into our own minds than just into our physical bodies. It was an interesting experience and got me to know people who I admired a lot. His wife Caroline Weiss is a great person also, and we got to talk a lot about fertility and hypnosis.


My week at Rhinebeck was magical and filled with love, good moments, peace, and lots of relaxation. It is an excellent place to re-connect with yourself.

My next quest was to go to Houston and meet a very interesting person who Melanie admired a lot, his name is Doyle Ward, and he is now the trainer for the Path Foundation Texas, LLC for hypnosis in Houston (www.pathfoundation.com). We discussed previously about me taking a hypnosis-training program and he was excited about it. I explained to him the reason why I decided to go though this path and he agreed with me that could be a very good chance to help people.

The program at PATH is very complete and since the first time I met Doyle during my first day at classes I couldn’t stop asking questions and being amazed of the amount of information I got. Things that I considered every health professional should know, however unfortunately we do not know. Doyle explained in detail the main concepts of hypnosis and the way hypnosis works going directly through our conscious mind into the subconscious, without losing any control or haven’t to do anything without consent.


I deal with patients trying to conceive for months and even years without success. Some of them may not even achieve the pregnancy, or they suffer from miscarriages. Also, there is the term “unexplained infertility”, which I find so vague and empty. Basically means, “We have no idea of what you really have and is preventing you to conceive”. Hypnosis is a great way to go into this patient’s subconscious and find the root of the infertility, the real causes, the origin of their problems, and correct them during a relaxing, drug-free, peaceful session. This technique also helps to relieve stress, worries, traumas, frustrations, anxieties, panic attacks, and any other issues that may be affecting the patient’s life. I am now using hypnosis with my patients and they are starting to change their behavior, their attitude towards life, and their hopes for their future fertility procedures.

For me, yoga, past life regression and hypnosis are the best things I have learnt so far. They count even more than all my years training as a medical doctor. I can see another way to help my patients, and is working wonders. Without the use of so many drugs and treatments that many times increase the patient’s malaise and problems.

Modern medicine just targets physical problems, and forgets the root and solution is in our own mind. There is a strong connection between mind and body that sometimes doctors tend to forget and even disrupt with the constant use of drugs and hormones.

Our mind has immense powers, and we are capable to achieve whatever we decide. Hypnosis will go to our subconscious mind and remind it we still here and decided to change our lives for good, and start living a better life, and the most important to achieve our goals and wishes.

I very much thank to Melanie Harrell, Doug Hayward, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Caroline Weiss, Nandini, Montserrat and Lourdes Ferragut, Doyle Ward, Rebecca Rae, and Holly Faison for everything they have given me this year.