Genes and the Mind


Lots have been said about the strong relationship between human development and the genes. We scientists learn that everything has been written in the genome of every human, and the determination of diseases and behaviors, even psychological matters, are strongly related with genes.


When I started learning about genetics I was amazed by the control we had in knowing things ahead of time, to predict certain diseases and pathologies using genetic testing. It was for me a great discovery to learn there are so many tools related to that discovery with genetics, that could even be interpreted as science fiction. However, after years of studying and observing behaviors and patters that should have been predicted by genetic testing, that is not the case. There were some differences between findings of positive genes running in entire families that did not manifest in the same generation or even more interesting, were deleted or inactivated in the same generation.


There is an interesting case regarding breast cancer from a patient whom 4 sisters were positive for breast cancer genes (BRCA), including her. All four of them died of breast cancer before the age of 55. She, on the other hand, did not, and she was already 68 years old. When she was tested for the genes she was positive. Seven months later she tested again negative. My question was “how could that happen?” Breast cancer was certainly running into her family as that hungry dog looking for more food. But she decided to kick the dog out of the house forever.


Image by Discover Magazine.


Well, apparently she denied the diagnose, kept living her life as it was, doing the same job, eating healthy and doing frequent exercising with meditation, and commanded her mind not to accept the diagnose and remove the genes. For her having breast cancer was not an option, and she denied the possibility that her two daughters inherited the genes.


BRCA1 and BRCA 2 are human genes that produce tumor suppressor proteins. The proteins help repair damaged DNA and play a role to ensure the cell has a stable genetic material. If any of these genes are mutated or altered, the protein won’t function properly, and cells are likely to develop additional genetic alterations that can lead to cancer. Women with this mutation have 55% chance of developing breast cancer. This is a big percentage.


For a woman to be positive for that genetic testing is a huge burden of responsibility, because it comes with the crossroad of what to do, and how to manage the result.


She was tested again twice and the results were negative, so did her daughters. It was a big enigma for me. Was it possible for her mind to simply make that decision and change her complete outcome through repairing her own DNA information and genes? And even to prevent the genes to continue with the lineage of DNA damage occurring in later generations?



I could not understand how she did it until I came across with hypnosis.


Once I started studying hypnosis I understood (after weeks of stubbornly trying to look for any other logical explanation), that our mind has the capability to repair our own cells if we believe we can do it. If the cells receive the proper command they will heal and regenerate.


Dr. Bruce Lipton (a pioneer in epigenetics) said that we are not victims of our genes, but masters of our fates, able to create lives overflowing with peace, happiness, love, and health. Cells are shaped by where and how they live, and he environment plays a very important role in the way cells behave. DNA is not the controller, is our minds!


Our mind is vast as the universe is. It can accomplish whatever we decide, if we know how, what and when to ask for it. The relationship between our mind and our genes is a cord that commands every single function we decide to perform in our lives, and not the other way around. Is not our genes the ones that command our mind, is the mind in control.


The purpose is to understand that genetics does not have all the control over our future and outcomes. Genes do not have the key to change what genetics has shown that can’t be changed yet, not even using genetic engineering. The key player here is the mind. It would be so easy if everyone would understand that fact, as I did.


Medicine today is mostly focused in using prescription drugs to treat diseases, that at a very high cost have shown to develop more side effects than benefits. Pharmaceutical companies make a huge amount of money because people today believe in the quick fix of anything. That is a big advantage, because the quick fix is usually the immediate relieve of whatever problem the person is going through. Medications used for chemotherapies are so strong that can even accelerate someone’s cell damage and death, because the components are directed to kill cell (good or bad cells). I have also seen cancer patients denying any drug treatment and living longer than the ones who had it, even when their cancer was more aggressive. They command their cells to regenerate and heal, find their center doing daily meditation, yoga and exercises that bring them peace and happiness. And these patients forget about any disease going on in their bodies. The field of quantum physics keeps exploring the relationship between invisible forces that can have a strong impact in biological regulation like electromagnetic forces. The role of energy, and the energy produced by the mind in biological systems should be studied. Although, if the definitive long-term fix resides in our own mind, no-one is going to make money out of that.


Science and medicine will not get any money if we become our own healers in control of our cells and bodies. However, it is worthy to try to have a look over the top and realize there is a lot you can do with your own mind.