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A few years ago when my interesting and long quest in the fertility world started I was, as most of humans are, totally oblivious of the great power we all have with the most complex and interesting working-machine called BRAIN. The power of our brain is limitless, and each one of us posses the key to restore, renovate, preserve, reconnect, and rejuvenate each one of the cells composing the human body. Not even all my years of medical school or practicing with patients gave me this knowledge before, for that reason my real quest started a few years ago.


There were no answers to many questions, and some of the answers did not make real sense to me or to my patients. I knew there was a lot more than just medical and scientific facts. It was a point in my life when I got really tired of reading and listening the same things over and over again about the extensive use of drugs and hormones to control patients, anxieties and depressions, sadness and failure, lack of trust and disease; all elements very frequent among doctors and patients.


When I started my Reiki certificate and later my Yoga certificate, there was a knowledge that was given to me with information that was very new and even scary at the time. Things about the mind and body connection, the way the universe works, the immense power of meditation and relaxation, the very close relationship between our body and the surroundings, the huge respect for mother nature and its wonders, and the extensive and never ending power of our minds given by the powerful energy that inhabits our being. The end of my quest was to discover the power of hypnosis in our lives.



Hypnosis is the ultimate way to recover and reprogram all the things that were meant to be a certain way from the beginning, and that have been interrupted, corrupted, disturbed, changed, modified, from the beginning of this lifetime until the very moment when we realize is time to get back on track.


We all loose ourselves on the way. We came to this world with a purpose and most of us fail to accomplish it, and that brings all sort of inconvenient and imbalances that can have physical, spiritual and/or mental consequences. I call them “disturbances”, because they are disturbing the purpose, the objective, the goal we came here to do. Since we are born there is a mission in our lives, and when this mission changes, stops, or does not happen at all, then all the life force energy suffers a disturbance and changes, most times in a negative way.


Hypnocell® was created to deal with that and get us back on track, to take us back to the path we were supposed to be from the beginning, to get rid of traumas, disease, sadness, confusion, worries, and all negativity that has been accumulated and created during all these years. It was the answer for me, and it is the way to find happiness, balance, and health again.


I invite you all to have a look at the great benefits of the Hypnocell program carefully designed for people seeking to get back on track. You can access going to www.hypnocell.com


Dr. Lucy Coleman

Director of Hypnocell®

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