I mentioned before that hypnosis has become one of the best tools to change patient’s responses to any physical or emotional disease. It has been used for many years, and the benefits on the mind are exceptional.


After completing my hypnosis training I realized there are responses on patient’s I didn’t see before. Our success rates increased dramatically, and the recovery time after egg collection was remarkable.


The sessions I use for hypnofertility are based on a technique called Cellular Releasing®, and consist on a form of hypnosis where the roots of the problem is addressed and changed. It is based on the formal concept of our mind controlling our cells and our responses to any root of situation that affected our physical body. Using this form of hypnosis patient’s will discover many times that the real root(s) of the problem was the main cause of the infertility issue they are going through.



After finding the root using cellular release I use Cellular Command®, which is a form of complete release of the problem. It is kind of a “starting a new life” technique.


During the training it was interesting to learn that our DNA can be totally changed by our own mind, if we know exactly how to do it. And there are routes to accomplish this, however these techniques are not easy to master by ourselves. Meditation per example is one of them. Through self-meditation we can even get to do our own self-hypnosis. Yoga is a great ways to combine mind and body together, however requires lots of practice to master this control. Hypnosis is the easiest one because very quickly, and performed by a good practitioner who really knows what to do, can go directly into the person’s subconscious and guide the way to make the necessary changes.


We performed several hypnofertility sessions in our patient’s and the results showed this technique to be effective, reliable, low cost, and quick in the way to provide immediate results. The name comes from performing hypnosis sessions, directed specifically to address the fertility issues, and increasing the chances of success naturally or artificially through IVF, and providing the patient with a relaxed state during the procedures, which will make a huge difference when it comes to compare the end results.


Nothing better than “Sit, relax, and let’s change the outcomes”.


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