How our conscious and subconscious minds work?

We tend to believe that our lives and decisions are mostly based on our conscious decisions. Once we realize we fail to get whatever we wanted, or goals and objectives then we see ourselves as victims from the environment or higher forces above ourselves. What we do not know is the fact that our subconscious mind makes 95% of our experiences, the conscious mind 5%.


We are not even aware that our subconscious mind is the one running the show as is making all the decisions. This subconscious program is acquired during the first six years of life.



The quality of life in the womb can have a strong impact in the development of posterior diseases like coronary artery, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and several others, according to Dr. Peter Nathanielsz in his book “Life in the womb: the origin of health and disease”. He also said: “there is mounting evidence that programming of lifetime health by the conditions in the womb is equally, if not more important, than our genes in determining how we perform mentally and physically during life”.



Between birth and two years of age, the human brain predominantly operates at the lowest frequency (0.5-4 HZ), known as delta waves. Between two to six years of age theta waves appear (4-8 HZ). Theta is the frequency hypnotherapist use for the patient to reach a most suggestible-programmable state. At around the age of six, we become less susceptible to outside programming with the increasing appearance of higher frequency alpha waves (8-12 HZ). Alpha activity is equated with states of calm consciousness. At around 12 years of age we start with beta waves (12-35 HZ), characterized as active or focused consciousness (the brain activity you use to read this article). Before the complete establishment of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind is the one getting all the information and storing it within. Children before the age of six download an incredible amount of information and believe anything their parents want them to believe. Once this program is established it becomes hard-wired in our subconscious mind, and this program will basically run our lives forever, unless it can be reprogrammed.



The very strong connection between our subconscious mind and the way we live is something almost always ignored by people. We tend to blame our faults, problems, traumas, and misconceptions into others or something else external. We do not know deep inside there is a game player running every decision and event, without us even noticing. Believing our conscious was intending for something completely different. Even if we try to make the effort to believe we can achieve something, if failure is hard-wired deep inside, it won’t be possible or perhaps very difficult. Many of my patients usually tell me: “I really wish to change but it seems that everything I do does not work”. They really want to, but their deep subconscious has a message that says: “you are not good enough” or “you do not deserve that”. Maybe it was something they were told before they were 6 years old, and now the negative message has been attached for years. It needs to be changed. Once we use hypnosis the changes are so notorious that they even do not recognize themselves.


The subconscious mind needs to believe that it can; then the conscious will make it possible. Remember the subconscious mind evolves way before the conscious mind.


This is the interesting mechanism of action of the placebo and nocebo effects. In the placebo effect people actually get better when they believe they are getting the real medicine. The same happens when the mind is engaged in negative suggestions that produce a negative effect (nocebo effect). This is a vivid testimony of the body and mind connection. The mind believes and the cells in the body react by healing and regenerating, or by getting sicker and dying. The subconscious mind believes in the healing and regenerating power of the placebo, or in the killing and negative power of the nocebo.




Learning all of these has been a long path for me. I came to understand and finally accept the mind has such strong power that can achieve anything. Through practicing yoga I found it was easier to overcome many challenges in my life, but also encountered it can become a long path for those who are currently suffering from traumas, diseases, problems, pathologies, that need a quicker way to really regenerate and heal. Once came across hypnotherapy my quest was over. Hypnosis is the key to get deep inside into the real roots and to reprogram all the alterations and damages done during the first years of life (including in uterus life).


Hypnotherapy programs are excellent tools to rewrite and reprogram all the files stored in our subconscious mind that have not been working properly. Pre-birth programs like Hypnobirthing can become excellent tools for parents-to-be to learn about a natural birth, and the way the baby is developing inside under all the influences and feelings transmitted by the surroundings. This will play a key role in the successive development of the baby once it is born. Programs like Hypnocell for cellular release and cellular command can be a great tool for addressing the roots of the problems and changing the negative for positive (


Yoga meditation programs also provide a re-conditioning of the brain when the mind-body energy connection is achieved. The daily practice of yoga increases the energy connection and awareness of us as whole, creating a beautiful path to enlightenment and wisdom.




Dr. Bruce Lipton: “The biology of belief”.