Hypnosis and cancer


When I first decided to seriously study hypnosis it was mostly for curiosity, and the thirst to understand more about the way the human mind works. It all happened suddenly because my whole life changed thanks to Reiki, Yoga, and the practice of constant meditations. One day I was just meditating and for some reason the word “hypnosis” came into my mind, it was like a flash of light very sudden and powerful.


I read books written by serious experts on the field and came across Dr. Brian Weiss’s book “Many lives many masters” regarding his experience with hypnosis sessions with patients whom changed his life. I booked his “past life training program” in New York, and later took a serious long training course in hypnosis. The course was unbelievably complete and for me filled almost all the gaps.


During the course I learnt a special hypnosis technique called “Cellular release and command®”, and from that moment on I believe that is the most amazing technique to get a VIP direct access into the patient’s subconscious and address the real roots of problems, traumas, pathologies, diseases, and any blockage.



We have all been growing with the notion that western medicine can cure almost everything, but unfortunately this is not true. I have lost several loved ones from cancer, and after learning the wonders of hypnosis with cancer patients decided to also work with these patients and not just with fertility patients, which was initially my only field of expertise. I do believe though that understanding this technique requires certain knowledge and practice in the health area, and is not for everyone to try to master. It can be complex and the person offering this technique needs to know most of the physiological and physio-pathological concepts of the human body clear. That way it would be easier to understand the messages and communication the cells will offer and the hypnotist or hypnotherapist will offer back in order to change the distorted believe and successfully heal from the inside.


There are many other benefits for cancer patients for receiving hypnosis: First of all cancer patients are usually under a lot of stress, and the physiological burden of being ill is already a detonator to get more complications with their outcome and response to any treatment. Hypnosis is really useful to reduce the stress and tension, and to provide support to alleviate tensions through the relaxation therapy, visualization techniques, and the hypnosis session, which may definitely prolong life, and a change of attitude towards the disease.


As for terminal ill cancer patients hypnotherapy is a great tool in the management of anxiety, depression, anger, frustration; the management of pain (as hypnosis has been proven to be excellent for the relieve of chronic and acute pain), management of fatigue and insomnia; the management of the sides effects of chemo-therapy and radiotherapy; and provides great visualization tools to promote the improvement of health.



Several research have shown compelling data that cancer patients receiving weekly hypnosis sessions have increased survival duration, recovery, and time from recurrence to death.


It is important and advisable to find the right hypnotist or hypnotherapist to receive this type of sessions. Cancer patients can be in a vulnerable and unstable state, so they need to feel the right feedback from the trained professional in order to feel confident with the coadjuvant treatment.


I am currently offering hypnosis sessions for cancer patients, and the results observed are really encouraging and interesting. Many of my current patients have decreased the size of their tumors, others do not need as much chemotherapy or radiotherapy as initially intended; others have found themselves free of worries and pains, and without the side effects of the medications. But most of all, they have increase their positive attitude towards life and the future, without the constant fear of being ill.


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In loving memory of this great man and friend who fought till the end. Mr. Norberto thanks for the lessons learned. You are watching Nutcracker from your special spot in another dimension.