Hypnosis and Fertility


I started my quest with hypnosis after meeting with a great woman, who is a hypnotist in Houston. Her name Melanie Harrell (www.melanieharrell.com). She helped me to go through a serious allergic reaction last year. And she used hypnosis to treat my panic attacks and anxieties developed because of that reaction that was going to last a few more weeks. I was desperate, none of the conventional western medicine seemed to help, and after the first session of hypnosis I could get inside an elevator for the first time in weeks. I also tried acupuncture, which worked wonders in the long term (but that is another story).

Melanie and I became good friends, and she explained hypnosis was a great method to go inside the subconscious through the conscious mind.

If I didn’t experience that myself I would say no way someone can change suddenly and relieve fears and internal monsters with just relaxing and listening to someone talking. Well, I was wrong, as I have been for many years of practicing just western medicine.

After a few months of planning my next projects, I decided to go and meet Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. I took his 5 days training course of past life regression. This course helped me to open up more about the subject of hypnosis, also because Dr. Weiss has an MD as I do. In certain way that reassured me a bit more, and also because he went to lots of criticism and attacks from the medical community after publishing his findings on past lives and between lives therapies he found to be of a huge benefit for his patients.


Thanks to Melanie and her recommendations of taking the course I got to meet Dr. Weiss who simply taught me there is a lot more into our own minds than just into our physical bodies. It was an interesting experience and got me to know people who I admired a lot. His wife Caroline Weiss is a great person also, and we got to talk a lot about fertility and hypnosis.


My week at Rhinebeck was magical and filled with love, good moments, peace, and lots of relaxation. It is an excellent place to re-connect with yourself.

My next quest was to go to Houston and meet a very interesting person who Melanie admired a lot, his name is Doyle Ward, and he is now the trainer for the Path Foundation Texas, LLC for hypnosis in Houston (www.pathfoundation.com). We discussed previously about me taking a hypnosis-training program and he was excited about it. I explained to him the reason why I decided to go though this path and he agreed with me that could be a very good chance to help people.

The program at PATH is very complete and since the first time I met Doyle during my first day at classes I couldn’t stop asking questions and being amazed of the amount of information I got. Things that I considered every health professional should know, however unfortunately we do not know. Doyle explained in detail the main concepts of hypnosis and the way hypnosis works going directly through our conscious mind into the subconscious, without losing any control or haven’t to do anything without consent.


I deal with patients trying to conceive for months and even years without success. Some of them may not even achieve the pregnancy, or they suffer from miscarriages. Also, there is the term “unexplained infertility”, which I find so vague and empty. Basically means, “We have no idea of what you really have and is preventing you to conceive”. Hypnosis is a great way to go into this patient’s subconscious and find the root of the infertility, the real causes, the origin of their problems, and correct them during a relaxing, drug-free, peaceful session. This technique also helps to relieve stress, worries, traumas, frustrations, anxieties, panic attacks, and any other issues that may be affecting the patient’s life. I am now using hypnosis with my patients and they are starting to change their behavior, their attitude towards life, and their hopes for their future fertility procedures.

For me, yoga, past life regression and hypnosis are the best things I have learnt so far. They count even more than all my years training as a medical doctor. I can see another way to help my patients, and is working wonders. Without the use of so many drugs and treatments that many times increase the patient’s malaise and problems.

Modern medicine just targets physical problems, and forgets the root and solution is in our own mind. There is a strong connection between mind and body that sometimes doctors tend to forget and even disrupt with the constant use of drugs and hormones.

Our mind has immense powers, and we are capable to achieve whatever we decide. Hypnosis will go to our subconscious mind and remind it we still here and decided to change our lives for good, and start living a better life, and the most important to achieve our goals and wishes.

I very much thank to Melanie Harrell, Doug Hayward, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Caroline Weiss, Nandini, Montserrat and Lourdes Ferragut, Doyle Ward, Rebecca Rae, and Holly Faison for everything they have given me this year.