Category: How To

How many times fertility patients or doctors ask themselves the question: “How to?”, countless.
Fertility patients need guidance, they need to know exactly how to do the right things because they are the ones wishing the results to be in their favour. We specialists in the field are tools that make that dream possible, however the patient is the one with the last word.

If our explanation to them is confusing or misleading then the result is not going to be positive. I find that to be one of the main reasons why so many fertility procedures are not successful, because the patients do not receive the right information in the right way. The “How to” category covers the exact way of proceeding prior, during, and after a fertility procedure. It is dedicated to patients that are looking for a more natural way of conceiving, for the ones that need low complexity techniques, and for the ones that need high complexity techniques as IVF and ICSI (because these techniques, even though they are performed in vitro, can be done working hand-to-hand with mother nature). It is a quick guide of steps.

Patients usually have many questions and doubts, and there are simple and easier ways to let them know what to do. Any patient is thinking on sabotaging their own procedure, because they all want the same outcome. Fertility specialists are looking for the easier way to communicate important information, and to let patients know what they need to do and the steps to collaborate with the medical and scientific team, in order to achieve pregnancy. It is a team-work procedure where the patient is the center of everything. Everything is easier when the patient has a quick, understanding, and convenient guide of how to do the right things. This category will be very helpful even for patients with any other pathologies, diseases or problems.




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