How can I tell my family and friends I have been challenged in the fertility area?

image001It is a big pressure to see that your friends and family are having babies, starting their families without problems, and you are still fighting to conceive. It can be caused for many factors, maybe you or your partner are the ones with the problem. However, it does not matter who is the one to blame, the problem here is social pressure.

Social pressure can be difficult to overcome depending on your beliefs and values. For some, not having children at the age of 20 is a huge problem, for others at the age of 30 or 40. It can be a real challenge to face the reality of having that “situation”. The pressure might come from many places, from family, friends, media, etc. How many of you sit in front of your computer watching Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and see the old friends with a lovely picture of their children, and writing proudly: “they are the love of my life”, “you do not know what love is until you have your own children”, “I am the happier mom on earth”, and goes on. I tell you, it is hard.


First, you need to face the fact that your condition is different, and the “situation” (as many like to call it) is the fertility challenge you are facing today.

Second, acceptation of your “situation”. Accept we are all different humans. Everyone faces different challenges in their lives.

Third, take the right measurements to correct the “situation”. Look yourself in the mirror and say: “OK, let’s deal with this”.

Fourth, understand that whatever the results may be, you will be alright and take it as a valiant, strong person.

Easy to say, not easy to do. However, those are the steps you will take.

Remember, social pressure can be overwhelming. But it does not have to be. It can be easier and you can make the best of it. After all, if you are not successful then there might be others things you can do. I am sure you have talents in several areas.image003

Try to avoid stress and frustration, those are negative feelings that will not contribute in anything, they will do bad instead. Fulfill yourself with positive thoughts, visualize the success and change your lifestyle. If you are preparing to welcome another person into your life, then a radical lifestyle is necessary. Be as brave as you can, and avoid feeling anxious when others have what you dream of having. Send them love and light, and focus yourself on your body, take care of it properly, look after your food and habits.


I am sure if you let those negative feelings go, then positive and good things will come to your life. To feel good envy for what others have still not a positive feeling. Make your own wishes and design your own life, that way you will end up having what you designed, and not what society decided for you.

This is the time for changes, big changes in your life. Start now.