How can I tell my family and friends I have been challenged in the fertility area?


It can be a burden to feel like the black sheep among everyone around. You are probably surrounded from family and friends who seems to have babies as easy as cooking and egg, but for you it has been a whole new story.

It doesn’t matter the cause, but now it is a fact that you are challenged in fertility and need to embrace your feelings to make some changes that will help you go through this journey easier and without distractions that might impact your results.

Social, familiar and personal pressure is real, and you will be faced with one or the other, and it will happen automatically as soon as you realize something is not working right in the fertility area.

And what to do? How can you manage those feelings of pressure and possibly failure during this hard times?

First, just realize that what you are going through there are other millions of couples going through the same. You are not the only one, the weird one or defective one. Millions of other people are in the same position.

Secondly, your body might be sending you signs that you need to look after yourself and pay more attention to your feelings, instead on focusing on what others might think about you.

And third, this is your journey, nobody else’s. Embrace it and learn from it, and once you are ready to approach those who are your friends and family, you have the right to choose what to take from whom. Are they supportive and understanding? Welcome. Are they critical and hurtful? Not for me right now. Impermeabilize your life and become more selective with whom and what to take into your life right now.

Nobody knows and understand what you are going through but yourself.


At all cost avoid stress and frustration, those are negative feelings that will not contribute in anything positive. Pick the good stuff, the good people with great vibe, and those who will cheer your journey and support you through it.

Take a break from those who dismiss your feelings and overwhelm you with negativity. You have no time for that right now. In the future you will, but right now, this is just your moment.

If you allow positive feeling to surround you, the chances of success will be greater.

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