How to do research about infertility issues? (For patients)


You are sitting there in front of the computer, trying to understand all the gibberish written there regarding possible causes of infertility, male causes, female causes, so many medical terms, it is so difficult to read. Although getting online is easier than trying to read it in a book, because books seemed to be dedicated to fertility experts no patients.


For some time you have been trying to get information about the reasons you and your partner are having problems to conceive, and nobody knows exactly what is happening. Some of your friends and family recommend you to see a doctor, but you prefer to wait and make your own research about the subject. For sure is something fixable, perhaps you are not doing something right. There are so many theories going inside your head now, and this infertility name sounds too complicated.


You either talk to your partner or not, but the doubt still inside of your head, and at night is very hard to sleep with so many questions going around.


The best thing to do in this case is to calm down first. Look for literature dedicated to patients, go online and do your research in blogs that are written from doctors dedicated to patients. Please avoid questionable sources of information like websites that are not endorsed by fertility specialists, magazines written by speculative people, or blogs with stories about other’s patients stories because those will definitely be confusing. Remember every patient is different, every fertility case is completely unique.


If you get too overwhelmed with information, and the fertility issue remains please make an appointment with a fertility specialist. There you will get all the needed information.


It is advisable to do your research together with your partner, both need to be integrated into the situation to find the best solution.


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