How to make the decision about undergoing a fertility treatment or not?


It is not easy. Undergo a fertility treatment it means a lot for most couples.

Some of them feel scared about the treatment. They think it is anti-natural or counterproductive for their health. Some fear they might not get the expected results. Some simply do not have the money required. It is a tough decision. It is one of those situations when you do not until you live it.

What to do? If you and your partner are completely convinced parenthood it is something very important and will make your relationship stronger, and if you have been trying to conceive for 6 months (if you are under 35) or one year (if you are over 35 years) without contraception, then you will need advice and guidance of a fertility specialist. Make some inquiries and go with the one you feel better with, listen all the explanations and choices they will give you. It is crucial to feel comfortable and supported by your medical team. They will guide you through the process and explain the pros and cons of having fertility treatments. You might even get surprised if the problem was easy to correct. In some cases the alteration is minimal and a mild treatment can do, without having to go through in vitro fertilization. I make emphasis on this, you need to feel comfortable with your medical team! If the feeling is not there, even if they are the top fertility specialists, that will impact the results at the end.

Fertility treatments are of course anti-naturals. Because it is not the conventional way of conceiving in vivo where the embryo can fertilize and implant without having to be manipulated outside the body. However, today techniques are so great that the embryos won’t realize they are outside their environment. They will feel comfortable in the embryology laboratory and the manipulation and direct observation will increase the chance of getting the best quality embryo. It is an advantage.

Expected results? Ok let’s define the expectations. Mother nature makes human beings to feel the need to reproduce. It is in our genes. Most of all feel the necessity to leave something or someone when we leave. It is a way of preserving our own specie. When we face the challenge of being infertile at any degree, it makes a big impact in our lives. We then consider the possible options because our goal it is to defeat the adversity. And we put ourselves in a lot of pressure. Once we take the first step to have a fertility treatment we are determined to be successful. Unintentionally we are making a big mistake.

Nothing is guaranteed in human reproduction, not even human reproduction itself. To have too high expectations it is the first cause of frustration when the procedure becomes more complex, and when results are not favorable. This makes patients sad and unsure of what they would like to do. So, set your expectations right. Be positive, confident of your doctors and embryologists, collaborate with the whole process and become part of it. Understand every step and work towards making it better. That is the attitude.

Regarding to money, well this is a difficult one. These procedures tend to be quite expensive and time consuming. So it makes it even more difficult to make money if you need to spend time with doctors and tests. Make a plan and coordinate what are the steps that need to be taken to do this procedure. Talk to your insurance company and find out about the coverage they offer with these procedures, or make a plan yourself and save some spare money if you know it has been a challenge for you to have babies. Couples today are aware of these facts, and it is a trend now to have fertility check ups to know “in advance” if they face or will face fertility challenges. Once they meet, already know in advance if any one of them can o cannot conceive easily. Because the increase number of fertility cases is staggering now, people are adapting to this trend and are taking measures planning their future. I think it is a good back-up plan, don’t you think?