How to meditate


My patients ask me every day: “Dr. you are advising me to meditate and relax, but I have not idea how to meditate”. These are the tips I give them to learn how to meditate:


  1. Find a comfortable and relaxing place to meditate. It does not matter where it is as long as it is comfortable for you and quiet
  2. Silence is a very important component to meditate. It heals the thoughts and the crowded mind
  3. Try to let go of any negative emotion before you start meditating. Focus your attention in the hard work that is involved on calming yourself down
  4. Sit on a comfortable position, better is your body is upright with the head up
  5. Close your eyes and try to focus your thoughts on the blackness of the space inside
  6. Breathe easily and focus your attention on the breath. Feel the way your lungs absorb the air as you inhale, and feel the air coming out as you exhale
  7. Start counting your breath. You can even set a goal to count to 100 every time you meditate. This is a great way to get focused and to concentrate on your own body. Eventually the thoughts will go away
  8. Visualize yourself making possible whatever seems difficult at the time. Imagine yourself being there, doing what you wish, accomplishing the task
  9. Enjoy the experience of meditation, and feel the relaxation through all of your muscles and nerves as you continue breathing
  10. Set a time to meditate. 5 minutes everyday is a great starting time. This time can be increased whenever you feel the need to do it longer