How to be truly happy with your life?


A challenge you think? Well no. It is not a challenge. It is actually easier than what you’ve been thinking. It is a matter of attitude towards life.

I usually encounter patients and friends who complaint too much about their lives. Because they do not like their jobs, because they do not like the partner they are with, because the political situation in the country is crazy, because everything is too expensive, because they wish to do something and it seems unimaginable for them to do it, and keeps going on and on. It is their day-to-day way of living. And I usually ask them: and how are you expecting to change that? – Their answer: “we can’t”.

You won’t be able to change anything if you are not doing anything to change it!

Look around you right now, what do you see? Life. Everywhere you are looking represents life. And that life is there for a reason, it has a meaning. Most people take that life for granted and come to appreciate it once they are involved in situations where life it is the unique most important thing in the world, like illness. When we loose our health it is one of the most frequent situation we come to appreciate life for what it is, an opportunity to do something new and different everyday. It does not matter what. It is up to our attitude and not our former believes of what life is. Even look around you people with certain disabilities can be even happier than healthy people.


The living situation on earth is becoming more difficult every time. Our past and current generations have been doing lots of harm to our nature, and that is deeply impacting the way future generations will live. If we make a change inside ourselves first, then to our outside and surroundings, we will definitely contribute to that future, to make it better.

Today you need to start appreciating life as it is. Imagine yourself not having anything else but health, would you still being happy? Now imagine yourself with lots of money and just a few days to live because you have terminal Cancer, does it seems like happiness to you? Well, that is what life is about. Remember situations can change in matter of seconds, people die every day, people come to this earth every day, and if you are still here it is because there must be something you still have to accomplish. Do you know what it is? Think about it. Do not take life for granted, because it is not.image001

You can make your body ill, and you can heal it at the same time. We do have several mechanisms our bodies use to protect us and to destroy us at the same time. It is all up to us.

I have seen amazing cases of patients healing themselves and accomplishing their dreams. I have seen it and I admire them very much, because they made a huge transformation to their own lives.

To all my patients out there, please find happiness and look inside of you first. Once you accept the transformation and allow happiness to come into you, we will work together in synchrony and the results will substantially be improved.

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