How to approach you partner and talk about fertility issues?


Facing infertility can be daunting and exhausting to many. The probability of having to face uncomfortable conversations with a partner adds a bit more to the stress.

Although some partner can be very supportive from the beginning, there is a bigger percentage of those not knowing what to do and how to react to the challenge. Some freeze and stop listening while pretending to be listening, some get too stressed about the situation and might even act irrationally, and some others might listen carefully and try to find solutions together.

It would be ideal to live in a world without fear. But, because we live in a world with fear it is then necessary to take the right steps to decrease that stress. How? Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, etc. Anything that can work to decrease the stress level and be ready to talk to your partner.

Are you expecting to get some empathy back from the first conversations? Probably yes or probaly not, but that doesn’t matter anymore, what matters it’s you getting ready for your journey as a parent.

Understand each other’s feelings and accept support, you are not made of ice.

Solutions to challenges can come together as a couple, and anything that will have to do with the treatment can be easily handled by couples who already know exactly what they will go through. How? Perhaps reading or watching the right information about your own fertility challenge.

When there is a lack of communication between the couple, the results might not be so great as if you went through this together.


If you face difficulties in communication with your partner it might be a good idea to find counselling and guidance. It might be a good way to address doubts, fears and anxieties created by the infertility challenge.

Couples meditation has proven to be successful. When both members of the couple agree to participate in guided meditation/relaxation therapies. It has shown a huge improvement in the procedure, especially in patients with previous attempt failures.

When both member of the couple are coordinated, communicated and organized then everything is easier. Remember the positive energies that will be needed for you to bring a new life into yours.

I advice patients to realize, understand, acknowledge, accept and decide, when it comes to infertility challenges. Everything needs to be communicated. The frustration created, the fears, anxieties, stress and depression can be treated first with the person they trusted the most, which is mostly their partner, then with the infertility counselor.


Once the communication channel is created, the rest will take care of itself.

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