How to approach you partner and talk about fertility issues?


As I have mentioned before in previous articles, it is not an easy task to realize the fact of being challenged in the fertility area, and to acknowledge it. Once we know there is something going on, measures should be taken. If you are in a stable relationship then communication is important. It is crucial to speak the truth and find solutions together.

If you are faced with infertility issues, talk to your partner in an open, honest and direct way. Communication is one of the main ingredients of a relationship. Communication in fertility treatments is key. If you address this at the beginning is better. There are signs and symptoms that tell us something is wrong when we decide to conceive. If you have had previous long-term relationships and had sex without protection this might be a sign that something is happening. If you are having sex with your actual partner for over a year without protection and no pregnancy is achieved that is another sign. If you are under 35 years and have sexual relationships without pregnancy, if your partner has children from previous relationships but fails to have them with you, etc. There are several signs that help us realize something is not working properly. When you spot one or more of these signs then is important to speak to your partner and address the concerns properly in order to find the best alternatives, then visit a fertility specialist.

I have seen patients during the fertility consultation that clearly have a lack of communication with their partners, and everything turns to be more difficult. During the whole procedure, fertility specialists need the collaboration of the couple. If one member of the couple is collaborating but the other still in negation, and denies to be treated then the procedure might fail. The same as when the procedure starts and information is given to the couple to be discussed together and they do not communicate and make decisions without consulting the other party, it creates problems.


If you face difficulties in communication with your partner it might be a good idea to get counseling and guidance. It might be a good way to address doubts, fears and anxieties created by the infertility challenge.

Couples meditation has proven to be successful. When both members of the couple agree to participate in guided meditation/relaxation therapies. It has shown a huge improvement in the procedure, especially in patients with previous attempt failures.

When both member of the couple are coordinated, communicated and organized regarding what needs to be done, the steps to take and the procedures then everything is easier. Also remember the positive energies the new coming life needs to stay and grow. These energies need balance in order to prevail.

We are working alongside mother nature. If mother nature gave us the challenge of infertility, this is a clear sign we must overcome something else in order to succeed to the challenge programmed to be that way. What this mean is, if mother nature made us face the infertility challenge this must mean we have to find the way to overcome that challenge. Changing our destiny (which is possible) makes mother nature to allow certain changes.


I advice patients to realize, understand, acknowledge, accept and decide, when it comes to infertility challenges. Everything needs to be said. The frustration created, the fears, anxieties, stress and depression can be treated first with the person they trusted the most, which is mostly their partner, then with the infertility counselor. Without keeping anything inside.cc2

Once the communication channel is created, the rest will take care of itself.

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