«Thanks Dr. Coleman for making things so much easier for us. It has been a long road with problems and issues, and not-knowing what to expect was a big issue. Now we are feeling confident and with the knowledge to get good results». – Erin B.

«Excellent source of information coming from someone who knows about fertility. My husband and I watched the whole program from beginning to start (probably three times), and we did get pregnant! I can’t say it was because of this only, but it certainly had a chunk to have to do with it. I was not scared anymore and each time my doctors said something I knew what they meant. Just like that». – Yainn H.

«For someone so busy to sit and do this program that took hours of her time I am impressed. Not many doctors take the time to talk or communicate what’s happening in the fertility clinic, but she did. Thanks Dr. Coleman. I am confident this time I will get pregnant». -Eleonor V.

«Looking for the right information about fertility? This is the program you need to get. Sit with some tea and relax while you listen to every piece of information. I did it two years ago and got pregnant, and today I am planning to take it again because I will go for my second child». Gabriele B.

«Love, love, love this program. Everything was so easy to understand, and Dr. Coleman seems like a nice person. I like the way she explains everything. Thanks for taking the time to make this for us on the other side of the desk». Vanessa N.

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