The cocktail of stress hormones.


Stress is a condition that makes us aware of how harmful and toxic it can be for the body to function properly. There is a ton of research showing the biological effects this “disease” produces in our bodies, and the way we react to it, with more disease.

In the fertility field it has been an issue to deal with stress, because it is unavoidable to most patients, and even mandatory when someone goes to a fertility clinic seeking treatment after experiencing infertility.

Doctors usually hear the word “stress” in most conversations with patients. It might be because of a tight lifestyle schedule, difficult relationships, work overload, social or personal pressure, and fear to failure. Either way it is there.

Now, how to deal with it is the trick, and that’s is how today you need to find ways to deal with it if your goal is to conceive soon. Stress will not help.

The Fertility Online program offers a great bonus with Bineural and Solfeggio frequencies, and some of them have been designed specifically for anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness techniques and relaxation exercise can also have a positive impact with stress, like yoga and the asanas used to breathe and connect the body with the mind.

As for now, every time you are under stress think: “Is it really necessary for me to feel this? Is it healthy right now? What can I do to feel better?

Right now, your goal is to conceive, and stress will not help with that. Solution? Learn to control those feelings and find ways to reduce stress. You will see the results.


Everyone wishes to be happy, yet very few persons make the necessary effort to adopt a course of action that leads to happiness. Most people, while idly wishing for the strength and ability to climb the peak of happiness, instead keep rolling down the hill of life. Lacking imagination, they do not foresee the result of their folly. It remains for some terrible nightmare of experience to awaken them to their error. But those whose enthusiasm for happiness survives the crash to the depths of sadness and disillusionment do wake up and begin to seek in earnest for the lasting joy that comes from inner soul-knowledge. – Paramahansa Yogananda.

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