The fertility online program

Let us introduce you to Dr. Coleman and her impressive career:

Dr. Coleman is a Medical Doctor (MD), specialist in High Complexity Human Reproduction, Fertility and Embryology.

She works as a scientific director of Fertiaguerrevere Fertility in Caracas – Venezuela (, with over 10 years of experience working in the field of Reproductive Medicine and trainings in several clinics around the world.

“Working on the field of fertility made me realised I loved to be part of the beginning of life from day one. I like to help people achieve their dreams, and feel passionate about my role in this field”.

Her call to become a doctor came from a young age, and from the first time she witnessed a real human embryo dividing she knew this was going to be her life role.

Despite being an expert on the field of reproductive medicine, she was challenged herself when her several attempts to conceive failed for years.

This led her to the field of integrative medicine where she learn to work with other important elements of the human body to master techniques of self-healing and to prepare the body for conception.

Once she achieved a healthy pregnancy at 41 years old she felt control over her body and created the LifeBoss Health program (

Besides from working on the clinical and laboratory fields for years, she has been working on her online programs with patients and as a certified hypnotherapist on her program Hypnocell®. (

She studied and trained in Human Reproduction in Oxford, Bristol and London where she had the important role to work as a clinical embryologist on The Bridge Centre of fertility and gynaecology with Prof. Handyside and Dr. Alan Thornhill. She still has close collaborations with The Embryology Master at Oxford University publishing innovative papers today in the field of ovarian stimulation using plasma rich platelets. Currently she works with Dr. Carmen Navarro in Fertiaguerrevere Fertility designing, creating and treating low and high complexity programs for fertility patients.

She is a member of non-profit organisations in reproductive medicine, Oncoferti among them, to assist oncology patients with the preservation of their fertility at low costs.

She is an active member of UNICEF Child Rights Advocate, and usually host donation programs to collect funds for low resources children in Venezuela and migrant children in the Middle East.

She is CEO of Allu Cryobanks International, a cryobank that has sold thousands of sperm samples around the world.

Her mind-body training was performed closely with Dr. Brian Weiss in the field of past-life regression at the Omega Institute (New York), and with Doug Hayward as a yoga teacher for the Yoga Alliance 200 USA.

She is the author of several books available here on Amazon.


Member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Member of the Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

Member of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) – UK

Founder of the Egg Donation Programme, the Sperm Donation programme, The Surrogacy Programme, and the Egg Freezing Programme in Fertiaguerrevere Fertility Clinic (Venezuela).


The Fertility Online Program

Get access to this program designed by Dr. Coleman and master your life, health and wellbeing by using the techniques she has been studying for years. During her quest to find answers as to the reasons why some patients with excellent chances to conceive end with no conception, or patients with low chances end with a healthy conception took her into a path of years of discovery for herself and her patients.

What can you achieve with this program?

  • There will be an in depth study of the body and his reactions with the environment and the way it can impact the genetics, a field called epigenetics and in fertility it hasn’t been broadly studied yet.

  • A series of daily steps and habits to achieve cellular regeneration

  • Weekly fertility friendly nutrition plans

  • Mindset protocols with the use of frequencies and meditations

  • Bonus packages with basic concepts of fertility procedures, high complexity procedures, and genetics.

  • A copy of Dr. Coleman’s latest book “Infertility is not only clinical”


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