The fertility online program




The Fertility Online Program

The Fertility Online Program has been designed with different modules, each one with relevant information covering the basics of infertility to help you navigate from easy and smooth to the deepest waters. 

You will be able to access a Free Masterclass with Dr. Coleman explaining everything about the program and its contents. 

There are free bonuses including supporting material, audios for meditation and relaxation, and Bineural and Solfeggio frequencies exclusively made for Fertility Online.

What do you get from the Fertility Online Program?

Content and knowledge to best help you understand the basics of reproductive medicine and what you might encounter on the way of your treatment. 

How long is the program?

Depending on your pace, it can be completed in a few hours. Although, it is recommended that the practice sessions, audios, and exercises can start at least six weeks before the fertility procedure.

Does it contain medical advise?

The program is narrated by Dr. Coleman, the same as the supporting material. She is a specialist in reproductive medicine, fertility and embryology. However, the information provided is informative and no clinical advise is offered. If you need medical advise please consult with your specialist.

When during my infertility I should get access to the program?

This program has been designed to any patients going through infertility. You can start at any time before, during or after your infertility treatment. It shows greater benefits if can be done before the fertility procedure.

Can I do it with my partner?

Yes. If both of you get the time to go through the whole program together, then perfect. Two heads think better than one.

Do you offer refunds?

Because of the nature of our program and all of the material to be accessed fully from the beginning we do not offer refunds after purchase.

Where can I contact the team if I need assistance?

You can write to for any additional information.


Our content if for informational purposes only. We do not offer medical advice, diagnosis, prescription, or treatment.

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