Is fertility trendy?


Because today the number of people having fertilityproblems is increasing, there is a trend for patients to go to the fertility clinic to find treatment and solutions to their problems. In the last years the number of patients in fertility clinics has been increasing, and will continue. Couple find the need of becoming parents at certain age and they know they will be able to achieve this thanks to the many advantages of reproductive techniques. Its is a great option to freeze eggs or embryos, and have them back in the uterus whenever the time is right for the parents. Also a great advantage for single woman who wish to become single mothers getting a sperm donor. The many advantages that fertility techniques offer are contributing with the fact that fertility is trendy today.

It is very normal to hear the occasional conversation of someone who knows someone who has a fertility problem. It is most common that what you think.

However, in my several visits to different fertility clinics around the world, I have encountered patients waiting for consultation at the waiting area being ashamed, scared and even trying to hide because they feel as if they were the only ones with this problem. It is not necessary to feel that way as I know as a fact the number of patients with different problems is huge. The attitude towards fertility treatments has been changing because it is very frequent, specially in developed countries.


The brand Fertility Spa offers to patients a range of products designed to target several needs, one of them is the anxiety of going to a fertility consultation. It will make it a fun and pleasant experience. There is a line of tote bags with different scenarios that will make the patient feel proud of what they are doing, and they will also feel encouraged to speak to others about their fertility experience. The idea is targeted to make a fertility procedure a different experience for everyone. It is trendy, and it will be remembered forever, because it was part of the patient’s life, also thanks to that science the dreams of having a family became possible.

Reducing the anxiety in patients and making them feel comfortable, will definitely improve their results and views about their fertility procedure. It will be a different experience filled with joy, knowledge and hope, because most of the tools needed are inside every patient.

I have seen lots of cultures and many scenarios for what decided to contribute to make patients feel a different experience during their treatments. Fertility is trendy today, and will become a lot more popular in just a few years. Not wonder if perhaps mandatory in the near future.