Embryologist, the best job in the world!




To study several years, and to finally become a biologists or a medical doctor it takes years, not easy at all. Some people study several years and decide to pursue their career as researchers or physicians. I believe just the brave ones go unto the world of becoming an embryologist. I had he chance to do anything I wanted and I became an embryologist, because it was for me the best job in the world.


If I could be born again I would definitely do the same, becoming an embryologist opens up the opportunity to be part of something huge, than no many people live to see. In a million years I would have imagined it was so amazing.


I spent years studying, learning, understanding the basics of human reproduction, the structural steps for a cell to divide, the way cells behave in nature. Nobody ever told me how it was like to work in human reproduction before.


My medical career started when I was very young. I wanted to become a neurosurgeon or cardiologists, both specialties I really liked. Obstetrics and gynecology was out of my list. However, for some unexpected circumstances in my life I ended up doing human reproduction and became an embryologist. If I need to explain how then it would be hard to do it, because I don’t even know how I got to be where I am right now. I just know I worked hard enough to achieve certain level of respect and recognition for my hard work. Even though I seem young to many, my knowledge keeps growing very day. I now I can offer lots of experience to my work. And like me, there are many other embryologists that have decided to dedicate their life to do the same. This career has a strong commitment and devotion that no many other careers have.




This job does not have time, holidays or free days. When patients undergo a fertility procedure there is no free time for nothing but the embryos created. We do create them, and we need to look after them. Wherever they are coming from they are our responsibility, and must strive to provide them comfort and a perfect environment in order for them to grow and succeed inside the uterus.


I can’t even remember last time I had a whole eight hour sleep straight. It has been impossible for me to rest knowing there is so much more to be accomplished.


For all the embryologists out there, I send you my deepest appreciation for your hard work. Please do not forget we are dealing with life, with energies coming from somewhere. We are responsible to provide the right environment for development and successful implantation. Our hands are precious. You “embryologist” are unique.


We embryologists are tools and bridges for life to follow its course. Thanks for your hard work, keep going. Life is amazing, admire it for what it is, embrace it the way it should be, care for it because is unique, and be part of the change because this new generation is about to change the future.