A lifestyle system that will boost your results!


When it comes to lifestyle we presume it might have to be related to the activities we do on a day-to day basis. Well, yes, but partially. It also has a lot to do with us intrinsically. Our lifestyles today demand lots of activities, and when we fail to comply some of those activities we feel frustrated. It is normal to feel that way.

But what if we design a system that can work together with our activities, our health, relationships and the day-to-day situations of work or studies? I designed a system and proved it myself, with friends and patients, and showed to be amazing at increasing the results in many aspects of our lives.

Before I explain you the system, I would like to let you know some facts about my own experience.

A few years ago I found to have fertility problems and had several tests done. Hormones, ultrasound scans, hysteronsalpingography, hysteroscopy and several other tests. They were all showing serious problems with my uterus, ovaries and ovarian reserve (which is the number of eggs available to be used). I was crushed. I was a fertility specialist, looking to conceive, but it was going to be a huge challenge. I underwent several complex fertility treatments with horrendous results. Nothing seemed to be working as I expected. After careful consideration of the events and acceptance of my condition I made a decision: to study my lifestyle deeper. When I mentioned that word “lifestyle” to myself I realized it was a word mentioned just a few times in my life. My own lifestyle was a huge challenge for me. Too many trips around the world for work, very bad eating habits, including skipping meals on a weekly basis, no time for exercise (I though using my brain was exercise enough) and too much stress. I realised my lifestyle was a huge mess!

The best thing to do when you need to learn is to find guidance of people who know what to do. Books are a rich source of information. Unfortunately not all books are written on a easy-to-follow way, so it makes it a whole adventure to find the right one. There are plenty of books about personal growth, lifestyle changes, diets, exercises. But after lots of reading and research I finally found the right ones for me. Those books helped me to plan my lifestyle change, and it was going to start from that moment on.

I was committed to do everything planned, no cheating or tricks to avoid the compromise acquired on my «Lucy’s new lifestyle plan». I was determined to change my lifestyle for the sake of my own health. I knew it was not going to be easy but I got remarkable results. Everything changed in my body as I kept going forward, and I was responsible for making it happen. Now I am sharing the secrets with you. Hope they will help at improving your results too. I will be delighted to hear your own stories.

There is a diet coming of course, but first let’s work on you.


Sit for one moment, in a place where you can hear your own thoughts, preferable a place surrounded by nature, the forest, a garden, a park. Sit and breath ten times. Every breath needs to be deeper, and with every exhalation you will start to visualise your own life in black and white. Feel the air, hear its sound and block any other noises around you that do not belong to nature. Become aware that the air touches your skin. Keep your eyes open and start to connect with yourself as if you were a guest wanting to talk to someone you know, but have not seen in a long time. Ask to receive light and love, and is important to be grateful for anything you get on that day. Knowledge and wisdom will come to you. It will be possible for you also to learn some positive and negative aspects of yourself. Once you feel completely connected with yourself, think on the following fact: «when did everything started?». The answers will start coming to you every day you do this helpful exercise.

Read a good book. A book that you always wanted to read and never got the time to do it. Do it now.


You need to start exercising. the best exercise for me was running. Running activates the senses, blood-flow, cells’s metabolism, it oxygenates the body and makes it healthier. It also helps the body to get use to stress. It is advisable to run 10 minutes every two days at the beginning, and 20 minutes three times per week once you get used to the exercise.


Combine the running exercise with yoga, a mild yoga to start. There are really good yoga instructors today who specialize in yoga exercises for people with health problems. Remember, we are starting to change our lives, so it is not necessary to do the hard stuff until you get accustomed. The body needs preparation and time to heal.


Sleep 8 hours every night; that is not negotiable if you want success. Sleeping is a way our body will rest and heal from all the day activities. A number of 8 hours a day are needed to complete this job properly. Otherwise your body will feel overtired.


Do your best to reduce the stress at work. I understand it might be difficult to do, however it is important. I worked on it and made it possible. We all know good jobs demand great responsibilities. But today you are working for yourself and your health, and the results depend on that. Our jobs are places were we spend a lot of time, and we can transform them in pleasant places, reducing the amount of stress and problems.

Drink lots of water. Starting today, forget about sodas, juices with added sugar and energizing drinks, because they are not good for you! Nothing with added sugar is good for your metabolism and body. An expert on diet and nutrition was asked for a soda and he replied:  “Sure. What kind of Diabetes do you want?” So, I got the message. And a curious fact is that water helps you loose weight too. It is miraculous substance!

As for a diet I am going strong and firm here telling a plant-based diet will dramatically affect your results and health on a very positive way. You will see improvements on every aspect of your health.

I strongly recommend you to check the following website to get diet and recipes tips to switch to this new diet plan. I know it might be very hard for some of you at the beginning, but please give me two weeks, or better said, give yourself two weeks to see the dramatic changes first.  And before every meal drink a large glass of water.

Follow this link to get a plant-based diet!



The first months of my plan I decided not to have dinner. For two reasons. First, because at dinner time I was still filled with my lunch and was not hungry at all; second, because I decided to go to bed hungry and accelerate my body’s metabolism. It worked perfectly well. I lost 10 pounds in just 2 months. After that, I gave myself the chance of enjoying dinner and dessert every other day. However, I am used to skip it easily. I think the results are faster that way. If you need your dinner try to avoid any heavy food. Avoid sugars at dinner or you would not be able to sleep properly. Remember it is advisable a 8 hours of good quality sleep.


Have as much fruit as you want; any fruit is good for you, specially grapes, berries, strawberries and apples. I love grapes and mandarins and have as much as I want daily.

With respect to salt, I recommend to decrease the amount of salt you put on your foods and use black pepper and herbs instead. Also try to stick to one or two cups of coffee a day maximum. I completely quitted coffee, however am sure it will be difficult at the beginning for some. I usually have one glass of red wine every other day, which was my substitute for coffee and it turns that red wine is the best option if I feel like indulging myself once in a while with a nice drink.

Do some walking twice a week. Walk to work if possible. It will connect you to your surroundings and will increase your level of attention. My best ideas came while walking. Also, if you own a pet you can use the excuse to walk often. Pets are great companies and the love they provide will definitely make you stronger. Walking pets makes will give you more fun.


And finally, for me the most important of all my steps, do meditations for 10 minutes every day. In those meditations you will visualize what you want and picture it happening. In the future I will explain why meditations are so amazing.

I assure, if you do these steps as I did, the results if you are planning a fertility procedure will change very much. You might think every human being is different and it may have worked on me but not necessarily for others. Well, you are wrong, I have used the same steps with several patients and the results have been remarkable.


Remember, you need to live in harmony with yourself and with others. Once you get the right balance in your new lifestyle, you will find peace, love and light. This light will allow you to be in harmony with others and positive energies will be around you. The positive energies are the ones that make anything possible. But you need to believe you can find that balance. It all depends on you.

The daily meditations will provide you with wisdom and understanding. Through meditation people connects in a conscious level with Light and Energy. You will be wiser and respect yourself on a deeper level. After you realize what you have been doing to your body all these years, you will recognize the necessity to look after yourself and completely change your lifestyle.

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