How to talk to your fertility specialist?


Finding the right fertility specialist can be daunting, but once you find the right one asking the right questions and getting the answers you can get to understand some day it might be a bit tricky.

Most patients assisting to the fertility consultation are stressed and worried, and their attention spam is greatly reduced by what they need to do to have a baby and fast. The focus is the pregnancy, but the how is what later becomes a burden if the communication is not right from the beginning.

Fertility specialists have the important task to communicate all of the relevant information to patients, but in occasions time can become an issue when the consultation becomes short and there are still so many questions to ask.

This is why it is advisable for patients to get a bit of a knowledge about fertility, specially if they already know they will go through a fertility procedure. There are many sources of information and fertility online actually has a great informative program for patients. And this is because doctors will always provide with the relevant information for any case, and it is up to the patient to ask the right questions.

But here it comes the thing, how to know what are the right questions if you still don’t understand what’s happening and the whole process you are going through? And the answer is, listen carefully to all information you receive, write it down, memorise the relevant concepts, do your own research and get back to the doctor with relevant questions about your next steps.

Doing this saves time for you and your doctor, and will decrease the amount of new information you will need to absorb in a matter of minutes. Give yourself plenty of time, read, research and get back to your medical and scientific team with your questions. It will be a lot easier.

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