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Top 10 Fertility Things is a section that will cover the most important things that every fertility patient should know. It is not easy to go around and read about many subjects and experiences from other patients without the proper guidance about what to really read, and what is considered to be reliable. Internet is filled with blogs and websites dedicated to provide information. However not always up-to-date and from a trusted source.

This section includes some of the most important things to know before, during and after a patient undergo a fertility treatment. It is also important for fertility specialists because they can address some of the most important topics to talk to their patients, and they will feel related to these experiences because they can be common on a private practice. Fertility patients have many questions and doubts, although not as many as ten years ago, but they still have concerns and would like to know more about new advances and options available for their own particular case. Patients tend to be more focused and calm when reading an interesting article recommended by their physician or consultant. And they can think more clearly in questions and any doubts that may arise during their treatment.

The top 10 topics discussed with patients and experiences during years of practice have been shared here. The sole purpose of this section is to provide the patient with knowledge and understanding of the main topics to be known during their fertility quest.

Sometimes for a fertility specialist is difficult to get the whole idea of what is going on inside the patient's head once they decide to seek treatment for infertility. It has been surprising to know that most of the topics mentioned here were very briefly described during the study and preparation to become a fertility specialist. One important example is the dip connection mind-body, which is a huge component of the physical and mental wellbeing of every patient. To address this is a way to prepare the patient for their treatment, and the increase in the success rate has been shown to be remarkable. Conventional western medicine is not the whole component of health, there are other things to take into consideration. Some of those things have been mentioned here.


Find the list of the latest articles below:


The economics of the fertility market. Is it worth the try?

For those who pursue the path of becoming doctors it is a long ride, filled with obstacles, loneliness, sleepiness, loss of social life and challenges that sometimes make us reconsider if we took the right path. Then the very long career followed by a longer specialization, postgraduates, masters, doctorates and the headache of getting the …

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Fertility Market

Fertility Market We have a range of products dedicated to people’s wellbeing. They can be used for fertility purposes, as well as many other purposes. You will find creative ideas and natural organic products like our famous Arnica Salve, which is our best seller. This salve has been formulated specially for every single symptom present …

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Fertility Spa.

It will be the ultimate, luxurious relaxing experience. As a fertility specialist I always though there was a gap in the field for patient’s wellbeing. I used to treat patients that underwent fertility procedures and asked me if there was a range of products dedicated to anxiety, stress-management and to help them prepare for the …

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Biological and Non-biological causes of Infertility

  There is an extensive information regarding the main causes of infertility. There are biological physical causes related to our bodies and non-biological related to our energy and well-being. Regarding to biological causes we can separate them in female and masculine causes. The female causes are: – Ovulation disorders: these ones can be related to …

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Oncofertility. When is the right time to do something?

  Cancer. This difficult and complicated disease that has increased its onset of presentation, having affected millions of people worldwide, and it does not discriminates between age, race, religion, sex. It is simply a disease that we all come to live with, and our genetics predispose each one of us of having it active at …

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10 things patients undergoing fertility treatments should not listen to.

  It is already hard to decide to undergo a fertility procedure. Long waits at the clinic, facing difficult tests, questioning your lifestyle, making assumptions of the percentage of success, giving personal details about your sex life, etc. There are so many things that we can mention here and the list is endless. However, there …

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Surrogacy. The true gesture of kindness.

There is a whole lot of information regarding this procedure online. There are books informing patients and doctors experiences with it. Leaflets can be found in fertility clinics explaining about it. However, we do receive many weekly emails asking about the procedure, what does involves, how is it done, the risks, tests needed, etc., and …

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