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Arnica and Eucalyptus SalveWe are loving this Arnica cream salves. They are great for almost everything. We have recommended these creams to our patients for years now, and they showed to reduce the side effects produced for medications and hormones, stress relief, sore muscles, sore feet, fluid retention (which is very common during pregnancy), headaches, calm and soothes the skin. Arnica montana has great benefits. This Arnica salves are bestsellers, and you can find them on Amazon through the link in our main page.

Arnica Montana and its many benefits

Arnica Montana belong to the Compositae family, so it is a relative of the common Daisy. Several of this family of plants are used homeopathically and herbally. The star shaped flowers of this botanical family are familiar to us all as sunflowers and ornamental daisies. Other members of the Compositae family include food crops such …

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Yogi’s arnica cream salves

Yogis “Relax after yoga” is also a new line of Arnica salve s ideal for everybody interested in healing and reducing pains, bruises, side effects, sprains, burns, tired feet, swelling, that you might have by practicing the beautiful and fulfilling exercise of Yoga. It is also ideal for any other people practicing other sports like …

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Arnica and Lavender Salve

Lavender is one of the best remedies for burns, stings, cuts, and irritated skin, thanks to its antibacterial properties. It is also a beautiful and pleasant scent and soothing herb. it calms anxiety, tension, insomnia, headaches, and acts as a mood booster.I recommend to use the arnica lavender salve for patients having stress and anxiety, …

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Organic Arnica Cream Salve | Arnica Gel

Arnica montana has been used medicinally since the years 1500. Is native from Europa and today grows in United States. Is great for muscle aches, joint pain, reduce inflammation, bruises and swelling, heal wounds and sprains. When I started my first fertility procedure I was desperately looking for a cream to relieve the inflammation and …

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