Yogi’s arnica cream salves

Yogis together copy3Yogis “Relax after yoga” is also a new line of Arnica salve s ideal for everybody interested in healing and reducing pains, bruises, side effects, sprains, burns, tired feet, swelling, that you might have by practicing the beautiful and fulfilling exercise of Yoga. It is also ideal for any other people practicing other sports like crossfit , tennis, running, etc. It is a great line of arnica salves with different fragrances based on the essential oils contained on each one. Arnica montana has great benefits.Find more info: www.yogiss.com

I am so in love with this product, because is great for everything! It now been sold on Amazon.com, and just 14.99 USD.

It comes in six different fragrances base on the contained essential oils, and my favourite is Coconut!

Try it and I am sure you will love it too.