Biological Thermodynamics

Biological Thermodynamics | Review by Lucy Coleman.

I wrote an interesting article regarding thermodynamics thanks to this book. I am glad Dr. Donal Haynie took the time to make notes of so many biological events and their relationship with physics and thermodynamics. He related most of the biological events with the reason of biophysics. This book provides an introduction to the study of energy transformation in the biological sciences. He also uses basic concepts that will be easy to grasp by any medical or scientific student.

Amazon Review: This inter-disciplinary guide to the thermodynamics of living organisms has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide a uniquely integrated overview of the subject. Retaining its highly readable style, it will serve as an introduction to the study of energy transformation in the life sciences and particularly as an accessible means for biology, biochemistry and bioengineering undergraduate students to acquaint themselves with the physical dimension of their subject. The emphasis throughout the text is on understanding basic concepts and developing problem-solving skills. The mathematical difficulty increases gradually by chapter, but no calculus is required. Topics covered include energy and its transformation, the First Law of Thermodynamics, Gibbs free energy, statistical thermodynamics, binding equilibria and reaction kinetics. Each chapter comprises numerous illustrative examples taken from different areas of biochemistry, as well as a broad range of exercises and references for further study.

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