What is fertility online for?



Through this blog I will communicate the discoveries I’ve made during my fertility experience. It has been a broad experience fulfilled with new discoveries, understanding and respect for the field of life.
I am sure many of the patients coming here will find comfort to several questions they may have, as a way to learn to understand what is the best way to prepare for a fertility treatment.

There is too much information out there, textbooks, magazines, internet; they all are a rich source of information. However, this information might be misinterpreted or confusing for most patients, even discouraging. There is no need to feel that way if you can find a resource with most of the answers to basic questions.

We all feel a negative sensation when something is not working properly in our bodies. We are afraid of changes and trying new things. But is important to learn it does not have to be so difficult. It can be accomplished.

What is life? it is the opportunity we have to live experiences. And that is the opportunity we all are waisting at not understanding the meaning of our own lives. Are you challenged in the fertility area? live it, face it and learn from it. There is always something to be learned.

I used to be a fundamentalist scientist, skeptical mind, motivated by pure science. The science that can be demonstrated. For any science with no possible logical explanations I was not interested. Consequently, I was not learning, not listening, not growing and not advancing in situations I was already working hard for. It was a plateau.

When things are not advancing in the direction we feel to be right, perhaps is because it needs to be studied, dealt with, solved and let go. Even if we work our hardest, if is not for us it will not be. When I hit my wall, it was the signal for me to start looking for other paths. I found the past of knowledge in a higher level. The main motivation was the patients and the need to study further the events I was witnessing. Logic is a difficult factor to deal with, but not impossible. The discoveries of the possibilities of another dimensions in our universe led me to believe there must be something else out there working hand-to-hand with my job of life and death.

In reproductive medicine not everything has the expected explanation yet. Still very young and there is a lot more to be learned. My decision was to learn to believe that there is not just a physical component in the universe, which forces stronger enough to make life possible, but also there are non physical forces which influence all our paths from the moment we arrive into this universe until the moment we leave it.

If I could do it, and I have been challenged in the fertility area myself, then you can do it too.

Open your mind. Let the information travel to the deepest level of our conscious and learn something.