«The non-biological causes of Infertility»



To read this I need you to have an open mind.

The article «Biological and non-biological causes of infertility» there contains explanations about all the biological causes. However, even though many patients present with biological causes, an increased majority are aware there is something else involved, and is not biological.

Once the non-biological causes are acknowledge, it will be easier to understand.

We humans are composed of matter. There is matter everywhere inside us. Matter is the connection with the physical world we live in. As we are submerged in our material or physical world there are ways to connect with the non-material world. It is possible to feel that connection with the non-physical world in several ways. Most people do not know this, or they prefer to ignore it because it makes it easier for their lives. I was one of them, one of the most skeptical of all, used to ignore there was another realm we can connect to in ways we are capable of receive Love and Light.

There are several non-biological causes of infertility, and they are related to our selfs and souls. Through them we can establish this connection with the rest of the Universe. They are difficult to understand at the beginning. It is hard to get the fact they affect us, because most times we are not even aware they are present.

We can summarise some of the reasons our selfs and souls get affected:

1. Parent issues: Issues with our parents, especially issues originated in this lifetime, will affect the balance in our lives. There should be a bond between parents and children. Parents make possible life through their need for reproduction, and souls choose them as parents before being born. It is important to feel respect and admiration for parents, as the lack of it creates frustration and feelings of abandonments. These negative feelings will affect our selfs and souls. the energy will suffer a blockage.

2. Traumas carried from another lifetimes: These are usually easy to eliminate. Today there are specialists in regressions and hypnosis. There are useful techniques to go back and resolve them. It is advisable to consult people specialised in resolving past traumas, as their removal will definitely clear the way for the person to respond better to any medical treatment.

3. Traumas generated in this lifetime: They will contaminate our selfs and souls with fears, obsessions, compulsions, doubt, difficulty to trust and several more symptoms, associated with the trauma. The energy generated by those negative feelings will affect our physical matter, and even create physical diseases.

4. Stress: It has been extensively studied, and the conclusions lead it to be one of the causes of infertility. Stress causes the body to manifest disease, any disease. Stress affects the cells in the body, the material/physical body. It causes cell malformation, abnormality, shrinkage, DNA alteration. The secondary effects can take years to manifest, and perhaps the disease will not even be linked to the stress itself. Thanks to research, is possible to understand the way stress affects our bodies. It has been given more respect and consideration for doctors’s recommendations to patients.

5. Frustration: Too many people in this physical world are frustrated. Some have felt frustration before and overcome it. Others are working to face it. This conditions makes people blind. They are not capable to see the big picture of life and the purpose, to live the experience. As I mentioned before, the life we came to live it was chosen for ourselves. If we are living a given situation is because is meant to be lived. The experience is to live it, and the purpose is to face it. Frustration can be a primordial component for anything in our bodies, the same as stress does. They can be related and present both at the same time. Frustration leads to anxiety and anger. It is necessary to work on those and the reasons related to the start of the feeling itself.

6. Anger: It is related to long term chronic diseases. Infertility can be one of them.

7. Ego: It lives inside each of us. It is the devil of our physical world. Some religions related the ego with satan itself, and its presence can cause devastation and chaos. There are several ways to work in our egos. Spiritual growth is recommended one.


Positive things to work with:

1. Consciousness: It has been studied and related to quantum fields. Unfortunately there are no scientific basis for this statement, as some scientists today are looking for ways to connect the pieces with patients with near-death experiences and no brain activity, relating details about their journeys and the experiences they had with beings from another dimensions. I have read a lot about it and know there is a line between the physical and non-physical world that might have some answers. Other respected scientists who have been studying atoms and matter for a long time, are now looking into the anti-matter and its relationship with this non-physical universe. We do not know yet. However, once something solid comes to light and lead to the conclusion of an afterlife and parallel universes with anti-matter and alien beings, it will be easier to understand the importance of combining logic with spirituality.

2. Respect for the Universe and its creations: being grateful for what we have in the present, had in the past and will have in the future. The immensity of the Universe still unmeasurable today. We have been discovering planets, solar systems, stars, which were before kind of science fiction. Today science has made possible to discover we might not be the only ones in the universe. If humans had the potential to suspect there are other beings in the universe, it might not be a matter of science fiction anymore if science makes it possible in the future.

3. Respect for our selfs: Our selfs exist because we needed to exist, in a way that our soul can connect to something inside us. It is like the cable connector from our souls present somewhere in our universe with our physical body present in the material place of the universe. It has a purpose. And the respect for that purpose and mission in life are very important. Once that connection is broken or disturbed for some reason, it will fight to establish the connection again and look for ways to show us the path again. If the message is not acknowledged the consequences can be catastrophic and affect everything in our self, because we are deviating from the purpose, from the mission in this lifetime.

4. Respect for others: As our should connect with us through our selfs, the same happens with the rest of souls, they all have a different purpose for coming into this lifetime. It is mandatory to appreciate their purpose and do not interfere with it. If we decide to interfiere that will affect their destiny and mission in this lifetime. As a consequence it will also affect us and create disturbances in the energy necessary for our cells to work properly.


Having explained this, it is important to work in our selfs and use the knowledge to respect the strange way the universe works. It might still a mystery today, but is starting to give us some explanations working with ourselves and others. Finding guidance and learning from people who achieved success of working within themselves. Non-biological causes might even be a bigger percentage of the cause of several diseases in the human body. For that, there is nothing to loose at working on a more spiritual level, rather than just focus on the biological causes and not getting the expected results.

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