The cocktail of stress hormones.


Stress is a condition that we do know now it can be harmful for our body to function properly. Countless researches have shown the biological effects this so called “disease” can cause tour bodies. Especially in the fertility area, this condition is a major cause of infertility in males and females. During the medical consultation we always hear the word: “stress”. It can be stress because of the job, lifestyle, family problems, pressure in the relationship, etc. There are many causes.

What we specialists in the fertility field know is that stress is a major contributor for infertility, and when patients do not overcome the fact they need to reduce it, then their chances of conceive successfully and carry a healthy pregnancy are lower than the average.

I have been writing a lot about stress and different ways to manage it. Yoga and meditation can be a great way to start; there is also hypnosis for stress management, mindfulness therapies, and even just taking some time off everything (not just work) can work wonders.

Every time you are under stress think: “this feelings and emotions are not healthy for me and my body, and perhaps there is nothing I can do about all these problems, I should let them go and deal with whatever I can right now. The rest will resolve eventually”. It is a very difficult statement, but is the best one to find peace and understand that we do not have full control of all the circumstances in life.


Everyone wishes to be happy, yet very few persons make the necessary effort to adopt a course of action that leads to happiness. Most people, while idly wishing for the strength and ability to climb the peak of happiness, instead keep rolling down the hill of life. Lacking imagination, they do not foresee the result of their folly. It remains for some terrible nightmare of experience to awaken them to their error. But those whose enthusiasm for happiness survives the crash to the depths of sadness and disillusionment do wake up and begin to seek in earnest for the lasting joy that comes from inner soul-knowledge. – Paramahansa Yogananda.