Safe zone





Once I met a man who was an excellent person, he exceeded everybody’s expectation of being clever, human, humble, terribly handsome and rich. It was the perfect combination. For me it was peculiar to find him alone and with no many friends around in his life. The day I met him we clicked immediately. We started going out to places and enjoyed meals, and making study groups that consisted only in the two of us. We used to laugh at every possible joke, do shopping together, chat endlessly over the phone and hear a lot of Tony Braxton. I remember me going to study at his home at 2 in the morning and screaming his name while he though I was crazy for making such scandal on his neighbourhood ( he was very reserved and liked his own space), and had all the patience in the world to explain whatever subject I was stuck with. He helped me to understand complex things about molecular biology, physics and statistics, and was my support stone during my personal issues. Our time together was special and I knew I was his only true friend. Because I understood and accepted him as he was. He was gay.

His world was very lonely and I often wondered how a person so great and lovely could be alone. He was sad and no very happy with society, because he received constant criticism about being homosexual.

I’ve had homosexual friends before. I was raised in a family circle were prejudice, racism, religious beliefs and race were not impediments to treat others with respect and consideration. My parents were always very focused in teaching me that nobody has the power to judge others. For that reason, and because I believed it myself, I could not help but wondering -When and why societies dictated homosexuality was something considered to be bad?

There is so much intolerance, rage, jealousy and anger in the world for people considered to be “different or peculiar”.

I shared special moments with all my homosexual friends. I specially have a lot of admiration to my clever, intelligent and successful friend I mentioned. They taught me about another perspective of life. They suffer when society points at them and tries to diminish their opportunities or achievements because of their sexual orientation. It is not fair.

When people criticize someone because this person is different to others for their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, etc.; it means they need to look into themselves first and find the reason they are afraid of change. Why is that such a big deal if the world needs us to be together right now? Have we learned anything from the lessons of our past?

I encourage you today to have an open mind. To accept people for what they are and to see inside of their souls, instead of looking the outside appearance. There are marvelous humans inside those physical bodies and you are missing it.

My beloved friend today is a singer star. I am very proud of him and his many accomplishments. He has a stable relationship with his boyfriend. And the best, our friendship keeps growing stronger than ever. He told me: “We found each other in the dark and instant light blossomed with us”.

Homosexuality is not an impediment for people to become parents. They can be as good parents as heterosexuals are. Several serious studies focused in following-up with homosexual families agreed to that. These are hard times for the world and the many wars we have lived. These are times to have an open mind and accept we all are different, it is permitted to be different, it is actually good to be different. There is no harm on it.


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