friendHow difficult is it being humans?

It should not be so hard. It has been wonderful to live here having a body after all.

I once met a remarkable person, who was ill with terminal lung cancer. He was young still and at the beginning he refused the idea of leaving this world being so young and not having the chance to accomplish his goals during this lifetime. He was devastated by the news. But then, a spectacular change occurred on him, he started being happy and grateful for each day. He lived each of his 90 last days on earth happy. He was determined to make them memorable and amazing. And he succeeded. Those last days with him were some of the most amazing days of my life.

We though humans most times do not value how amazing it is to live every day, and the many advantages of having a healthy vessel to do so, as it is our human bodies. He said: “When I come back I will definitely have a better and healthier body”. I did not understand it by then, now I do. When he returns he will live happier and healthier, because he valued the little time that lifetime gave him, and I got the chance to share special moments with him. We danced, laughed, played, talk for hours. He was during his little and short time on earth one of my best friends.

I admire life for what it is, a gift. Life is not a right as many think. It is a gift the universe gives us to grow and learn. This planet earth it is a good place to learn because it is full of negativity and inhumanity. Humans forgot how to be human.

We are reproducing and bringing new generations who will need us, and their generation will need them. For that, it is important to acknowledge there is a change that has to be made on earth. That change begins with us, evolving humans.humans

When I see embryos forming and the perfection of their cells, it is difficult to imagine their DNA already has all the information of their whole life, their whole existence it has been programmed already into their genes, and it depends on them, their choices, lifestyle, to live a good life. Their human body it has already being prepared, their souls on the other hand needs to grow, because that is the whole purpose of their visit to earth.


It is not difficult to picture this idea. Pictured it makes things a lot easier. To look after our bodies, eat healthier, do more exercise, change our bad habits, avoid negativity and stress, care more about other humans in a compassionate way, and prepare to be open to growth and knowledge. Those are simple qualities required for our contribution during this lifetime. Our appreciation for every day, and the gifts of being capable of using the natural resources our mother nature has provided are vital in the development of the required abilities for being part of this changing system. A system that promises huge future changes. If you were able to appreciate and learn from future coming generations as I do, I am sure you will be more open to what I am letting you know now.
Just try to picture it. Humans, perfect humans, perfect generations of humans coming every day with huge capabilities of learning and the knowledge to accept the needed changes in this world. They will have the task to accomplish the growth and learning system that humans need to change inhumanity and indifference to the life they have been given.


Our design it is not to follow rules and obey as robots do. There is not programming for our brains and the way we are looking to learn. There should not be a set of regulations in the way we are looking to accomplish our goals and dreams. We are free to decide the way we will live, and that should be respected. There are boundaries for respect and tolerance. Growth is a dynamic process that requires evolution and knowledge. Our differences in being humans are marvelous and should be used as an advantage of learning diversity from other humans and the rest of our species. Love, compassion, understanding, caring, tolerance, respect, knowledge. Do not allow anyone to take your freedom of thinking or believes, and treat others believes and thoughts with respect.

War is a really waste of time. Nothing good comes from that.

Peace and love are the main ingredients for our growth, and for our future generations. We are in charge of those future generations, it will be our responsibility to make the world a better place or complete this massive destruction we are causing.