Sessions need to be scheduled in advance though our calendar system. In case you are unable to use our calendar please contact our team to [email protected], and allow up to a week for a response with the allocated time. 

Sessions are offered in both English and Spanish.

In-person or/and Skype sessions are available. Please read the options below.



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Single fertility consultations and sessions are available, and a 5 session’s package.

There are phone/Skype single 20 mins consultation, and 45 mins consultations. The short 20 mins is a brief interview to talk about the case and the most recommended therapy to be used in your case. The 60 mins includes a list of questions the patient can make in order to get guidance and advice regarding the upcoming, current or past fertility procedure. Please note that any legal or medical advice is given.

A 5 session package is usually recommended:

  • 2 x 45 mins sessions prior the fertility procedure. One session used to discuss questions and doubts, and the complete procedure. A second session to do distance Reiki, Meditation and/or Hypnosis in preparation for the egg retrieval.
  • 2 x 45 mins sessions during the procedure. One to discuss the outcomes during the ovarian stimulation, the egg retrieval, the fertilisation and embryo quality. A second session to do distance Reiki, Meditation and/or Hypnosis prior the embryo transfer (pain relief hypnosis is recommended).
  • 1 x 45 mins session after the fertility procedure, to discuss the possible results, the overall fertility procedure, expectations and stress management. We might close with a Cellular Command hypnosis session if necessary.
    Note that sometimes extra sessions are needed in order to do extra Reiki sessions, Hypnotherapy, Past-life regressions or meditation.

Due to the busy agenda, the time agreed might not be changed. If the Skype conference is allocated for 8:00 am GMT (45 min consultation), and the patient connects at 8:30 GMT, then it will have 15 minutes remaining of the consultation and it will need to book another time to compensate the time lost.

For in person consultations:
Dr. Coleman can make travel arrangements according to the patient’s needs. It is necessary to send an email first at [email protected] and let us know in advance about the dates and duration of the stay. She can travel to any country in the World.

Feel free to contact us with your request.

We can organise group sessions. Please email us with the number of patients interested in participating, if you need any specific topic to be discussed, and the length of the sessions.

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Reiki sessions are provided to any patient with any need (Please refer to the Reiki article for more details of how Reiki energy works).

The sessions have 45 min duration.

The session will start by a 10 min consultation to talk about the issues that need to be addressed followed by a Reiki session.

Distance Reiki is also offered, and has the same benefits than in-person Reiki. The crystal grid will be arranged and charged with energy for each patient.


Wellbeing sessions



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Hypnosis sessions are performed in person or over the phone. It is necessary to allocate a quiet time during the session, without disturbances or disruptions in order to get the benefits of relaxation and concentration this method requires.


Hypnosis Sessions


Dr. Coleman’s testimony:
“A few years ago, I was approached by patients asking me for guidance prior their fertility treatment. They did not received from their physician the right information regarding what the procedure involved, and recommendations for what to do next. The information the physician provided was short and not very easy to understand. Because of this escenario they needed to find more information in order to understand what was happening, and to clarify their fears and expectations.Even though some fertility clinics today offer fertility counselling, this option didn’t appear to be of benefit for patients as they ended up with more doubts.
I came across cases like these several times, and because of my experience on the field I decided to create a system of sessions that provided knowledge and stress relieve prior, during and after the fertility procedure and treatment.
This system completely changes the way patients will experience their reproductive challenge. It will provide ways of understanding what is happening, and to accept whatever result they will have. It will be easier to increase the knowledge of every step involved in the procedure, which will be clarified and made simple.
Fertility patients get lots of information in a very short period of time, most of it very technical and difficult to understand.
I am here to help. And my goal it is to make your body, mind and soul connected in order to face whatever will happen during your fertility quest.
The importance of my system, whatever session you choose, it is to provide you with guidance and strength during the path you are facing. I am now offering this system for patients with any other disease, because I have seen it working.  Because of the knowledge I have in the field of medicine, and now in the mind and body-energy connection, I understand what is happening and in most cases how to fix it and/or alleviate it. In order to achieve success I will just need you to have an open mind”.

Important Online Scheduling Tips…
1. First, you will be asked to choose your service & then provider (Fertility Online).
2. You will automatically be taken to Dr. Lucy’s first available session time.
3. Days that are black and bold on the calendar are OPEN for appointments. Days that are red and light gray are full / booked.
4. Choose a day that works for you & the available times will come up to the right of the calendar in blue. Click on the time you would like to book.
5. If you are new to the system, you will need to create a new profile.
6. Under “Additional Information,” please indicate whether you are a (1) new or returning client, (2) whether you would like to receive the Fertility Online’s Newsletter, (3) who you were referred by (if applicable).
7. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your booking. There is a link on that e-mail to re-schedule or cancel your appointment. You will also receive a reminder e-mail two days before your appointment.
8. Fertility Online reserves the right to change an appointment time if necessary.


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