About us

Fertility Online consists on a online service of fertility experts, under the guidance of Dr. Lucy Coleman, specialist in reproductive medicine and fertility, to offer 60 mins Q&A fertility consultations to fertility patients.

Let us introduce you to Dr. Coleman and her impressive career:

I am a Medical Doctor (MD), specialist in High Complexity Human Reproduction, Fertility and Embryology.

I am the scientific director of Fertiaguerrevere Fertility in Caracas – Venezuela, and have a broad experience working in the field from trainings in several areas in the world where I mastered my technique in the clinical and embryology fields.

The job that I currently do and keep me the most occupied, it is to consult with patients all over the world regarding fertility and any other diseases they have been going through.

My main focus is the clinical-mind-body circuit that works in unison. The main cause of disease, often called the root, is usually found when this circuit is properly analysed.

Apart from working on the clinical and laboratory fields, I also work in the mind and energy fields to get a combination of elements that can be correctly fixed and long-lasting.

Just have a look at some of my interesting articles to get an idea of the type of work I currently do.

Recently, I have started working with Cancer patients, and the results are encouraging.

I have studies and training in Human Reproduction at Oxford Fertility Unit and Oxford University, Bristol University, and The Bridge Centre in London, United Kingdom.

Also trained in India, China, United Kingdom, and United States.

I am now working in collaboration with the Embryology Master at Oxford University in the subject of Ovarian Rejuvenation using Rich Blood Plasma. The results we have got are really encouraging.

I have created several non-profit organisations in reproductive medicine like the egg donation program, the sperm donation program and Oncoferti to assist oncology patient with the preservation of their fertility.

I am a member of UNICEF Child Rights Advocate, and usually host donation programs to collect funds for low resources children in Venezuela.

I am the Scientific Director of Fertiaguerrevere Fertility and CEO of Allu Cryobanks International, a cryobank that has sold thousands of sperm samples around the world.

I graduated as Hypnotherapist at the PATH foundation in Houston, and I am the creator of the Hypnocell® program www.hypnocell.com

My mind-body training included workshops with Dr. Brian Weiss in past-life regression at Omega Institute (New York), and with Doug Hayward as a yoga teacher from the Yoga Alliance 200 USA.

I am the author of several books in fertility, mind-body, and even science fiction, and you can check my author’s page here on Amazon.

My memberships:

Member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Member of the Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

Member of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) – UK

Founder of the Egg Donation Programme, the Sperm Donation programme, The Surrogacy Programme, and the Egg Freezing Programme in Fertiaguerrevere Fertility Clinic (Venezuela).


I also run a YouTube channel with interesting content about my several fields of study: https:www.youtube.com/LucyColeman    

Check my FB Page:


Check my ongoing podcast:


“The knowledge shared in this blog I hope can provide you with guidance regarding what to do and how to do it. There is a path for Love, Light, Knowledge and Wisdom. We can find it together if you let me guide you to it”.

I love spending time with family and friends, love dogs, enjoy photography, playing the piano, and reading great books.

“Like you I went through infertility, and know exactly how difficult and frustrating it can be. Let me guide you through your path, and share my tips and changes I made to be successful on achieving a healthy pregnancy”.



I had no idea of how this system worked until I met with Dr. Coleman on a conference call. She changed my life and my ideas about my upcoming fertility treatment.

Grecia G.

I was recommended to use this service with a friend, and the doctor was very understanding and explained every detail of my procedure because my doctor never had time to explain.

Yanget P.

I liked the way Dr. Coleman explained things to me so clearly. She was understanding and helped me to prepare for my treatment.

Victoria M.

I didn’t want to see any doctor because I was ashamed that the problem was me. I didn’t think other men could have the same and Dr. Coleman explained so much to me that she also referred me to a very nice doctor in my city.

Brett C.

I have no words to thank Dr. Coleman and her team for the support and help through my whole procedure. They were superb!

Ana T.

If I was to give my feedback in two works I will say Try This! This team is the best and they will really answer all your doubts. It is not just about medicine, it is also about yourself.

Nathan M.

My wife and I loved the way they treated us. This team is amazing and they guided us through the whole procedure explaining everything in detail.

Margaret and Taylor G.

I was very scared about everything happening with my fertility treatment, when I met Dr. Coleman and her team they were so patient and understanding that I ended up understanding everything!

Vick V.



Lucy is a great professional.  She was able to help me reach a deeper level of calmness and raised my level of consciousness.  It was a welcomed experience.

Bob G.


I met with Dr Lucy Coleman on several occasions for hypnosis.  Each session was amazing.  She made it so easy for me to relax and go into hypnosis.  She designed hypnosis sessions for me that were extremely beneficial.  I found her to be a very compassionate, caring  and genuine person.

Rebecca Rae


I decided to contact an appointment after a friend recommended me to talk to Dr. Lucy. From the beginning her team was so receptive and interested on my issue they gave me the appointment during a week she was fully booked. I really needed to talk to her before making my decision about going through another crazy IVF procedure. By the way I already had 6 of them. It was exhausting and I lost faith. She gave me these list of 9 things to do “before” my treatment, and even recommended me to wait a bit longer until I finish my assignment. I went for it, and 12 months later here I am with my beautiful baby Lily. Honestly I never though about the things she related to my problems, but now I realise there was so much to know. Glad I did it. Thanks.

Gloria Schartz


Talking to someone who at the moment it doesn’t seem to be your doctor, because she is warm, approachable and nice to talk to, it was really good for me before having IVF. I had soooooooo many questions and she answered them all!!!! I am pleased for everything.

Alexandra Williams


Let’s be honest, I thought any fertility doctor was going to understand what was happening to me. They all said I was fine and I was having unexplained infertility. I did everything they said: diets, hormones, walking, everything, but nothing happened. I went online and found this interesting blog and decided to make an appointment, a bit hesitant about having to go through my whole story again, perhaps getting the same “unexplained infertility” comment. I though I knew the whole conversation from previous experiences. This was not the case. She explained everything to me on a very understandable way, with every detail, and gave me reassurance, guidance and security. I made 8 appointment in total and am very pleased with the results. Many many thanks forever Dr. Coleman.

Gracielle Lee


A very good explanation about my problems. I believe everyone should go to that blog and get an appointment before making fertility decisions.

Tania Peters


As a couple we were having real problems o conceive for years. We changed fertility clinics so many times I was starting to loose faith. Dr. Coleman explained everything to us and guided us to the right place with the right people. And I feel confident now.

Juan Rosales


She is great. She explains everything in detail, and offers you guidance not only with clinical matters, but also with spiritual ones. Many thanks and I will keep having my appointments until I get the results I want with my baby.

Caroline Flemming