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Organic Arnica Salve Arnica Gel

Arnica montana has been used medicinally since the years 1500. Is native from Europa and today grows in United States. Is great for muscle aches, joint pain, reduce inflammation, bruises and swelling, heal wounds and sprains.

When I started my first fertility procedure I was desperately looking for a cream to relieve the inflammation and bruises caused by so many hormone injections daily. I kept looking and unfortunately could not find anything that worked for my symptoms and did not interfere with my procedure or the outcome. I did not want to get any chemical cream containing many preservatives that could affect my procedure at all. I decided to create my own cream to use it for myself. It was so amazing the effects that I decided to make more creams for patients to try on themselves. Their feedback was really positive and I decided to create more of these creams for fertility patients. My secret formula is 100% organic and safe to be used in patients undergoing fertility procedures. I have been told it reliefs edemas and lower back and pelvic pains when applied after the egg retrieval.

As medical specialist in reproductive medicine and also embryologist I can guarantee this cream is very safe and can be used prior, during and after the fertility procedure.

The arnica gel and arnica oil can be safely applied to the skin on any affected or painful area. The cream should never be applied to cuts, rashes or open wounds, because it can irritate the skin.

The Organic Arnica Salve will be available in January 2016.


Arnica and Lavender Salve

Arnica and Lavender Cream Salve

Lavender is one of the best remedies for burns, stings, cuts, and irritated skin, thanks to its antibacterial properties. It is also a beautiful and pleasant scent and soothing herb. it calms anxiety, tension, insomnia, headaches, and acts as a mood booster.I recommend to use the arnica lavender salve for patients having stress and anxiety, as it contains pure essence lavender oil that will soon alleviate the symptoms. Is also a great circulatory stimulant, immune stimulant, and useful for mood swings associated with mood imbalance sometimes caused by the use of hormones when the patient undergoes controlled hormonal stimulation to prepare for the egg retrieval.It also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial, and skin regenerative properties.

This arnica salve can also be used in pimples and breakouts, as well as the arnica properties itself.

Arnica and Eucalyptus Salve

Arnica and Eucalyptus Cream Salve

Eucalyptus have wonderful properties. The aromatherapy fragrance that provides is great for creating peace and concentration. it can also act as a potent antiseptic because contains citronellol, citronellal and 1,8 cineole that makes a potent antibacterial agent. It relieves respiratory symptoms like blocked nose, a cold or difficulty breathing. Treats skin infections, combats pain as a potent analgesic, increases blood flow by reducing inflammation (great for migraines, joint pains, headaches. Stimulates the immune system by helping the immune cells to produce their own protective mechanism.I recommend the use of arnica eucalyptus salve for patients feeling tension and pains, as it contains pure essence eucalyptus oil that will soon alleviate the symptoms.

This arnica salve can also be used in pimples and breakouts, as well as the arnica properties itself.

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